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Live Blog: Boston University Basketball Looks to Rebound Against Nevada in Consolation Bracket of NIT Season Tip-Off

FINAL: BU beats Nevada 66-57

Read the live blog below…

LIVE 2nd Half Blogging!

6:21pm – Can we close out this game in the 2nd half? We will find out shortly after the break!

6:26pm – these commercials are terrible… Kelly’s roast beef and SOBE.. haha

6:27pm – Holland leads all scorers with 18pts.. Conner and Hunt share the lead for Nevada with 5 apeice

6:27pm – Radio broadcast provided by AM1510, WWZN Boston, MA

6:31pm – Hmm.. internet is failing… wtf cmon dont cut out now!

6:33pm – still no signal…

6:34pm – We’re back! awaiting 2nd half to start shortly. Teams about ready to come out

6:35pm – BU outscored the Pack 21-9 over the 2nd ten minutes of the half

6:36pm – Nevada is winning the turnover battle 10-4 and the own the rebounding advantage as well 28-17

6:37pm – DJ Irving blows by everyone to open the half! wow! 10 point Terrier lead as the radio cuts out again… WTF!

6:37pm – Nevada misses a couple of easy opportunities underneath. Holland clears the glass.. Hazel lays it in on the other end! Assist by Irving! and a foul!

6:38pm – The BU lead has grown to 12… Nevada controls and is on the break.  Malik Story drains a long trey from near the NIT logo. 38-27 BU leads

6:40pm – Sorry for the delays… the radio broadcast is cutting in and out

6:40pm – BU has possession, Holland misses the elbow jumper and Nevada clears the glass and Story scores after gathering a loose ball

6:41pm – 16:47 left, O’Brien with a nice long pass to Hazel for the easy layup. Nevada is caught off guard, 11 point BU lead

6:42pm – Story turns it over as he steps on the sideline..BU with the ball and O’Brien joins the long distance party! A long triple! 43-29 BU leads big

6:42pm – We have hit the 15:35 mark, and BU leads 43-29. TV timeout on the floor… we will be back!

6:44pm – 7 assists last night TOTAL for BU… we already have 4 assists in this half!

6:44pm – Terriers turn it over on a bad pass from Holland… Nevada can’t convert and Griffin brings the ball up

6:45pm – Partin still scoreless two tough games in a row… O’Brien deflects the ball out of bounds

6:46pm – Can BU close this one out? Nevada hanging by a lifeline

6:46pm – Dom Morris strips Hunt from behind! Great play! Partin turns it over again and his woes continue…

6:47pm – Morris again! Foul on the putback by Travis Robinson, 14:13 left to play. Deonte Burton heads to the line

6:47pm – The first WAC team BU played was against Hawaii in 1994…

6:48pm – Hunt rebounds the Burton miss and has a chance for a three point play. rebound guys… rebound! Chambers isn’t happy..

6:48pm – 43-32 BU leads. Nevada presses, but O’Brien makes them pay with a three! SWISH!

6:49pm – BU by 14 again… Nevada looks to be in trouble but Kevin Panzer hits a J to trim the lead to 12

6:49pm – O’Brien misses a corner 2, and Nevada owns the glass. Partin commits a foul on Malik Story as the shot clock winds down

6:50pm – BU with a steal! and then Hazel misses underneath.. O’Brien called for a cheapy foul

6:50pm – 11:49 left in half number 2, BU leads 46-34. O’Brien leaves with 3 fouls

6:52pm – Much better shooting today for BU, 7-14 on 3’s and 40% overall. still not where we want to be though!

6:52pm – 15 freshmen and 8 transfer players combined between these two teams!

6:53pm – Malik Story hits a left side three.. he is heating up this half. the lead is down to 9… just the 2nd triple for Nevada today

6:54pm – Hazel loses control underneath, but Mike Terry recovers and gets to the line

6:55pm – Terry in search of his first collegiate point! and he gets it with the free throw. 47-37 BU

6:55pm – Story misses the three and it is deflected out by Mike Terry, Nevada retains possession

6:55pm – Devonte Elliot with a nice drive and bucket.. Holland answers on the other end with a sweet jumper

6:56pm – Internet difficulties once again…

6:56pm – Under the 10 min mark, 52-41 BU. radio brodacast has disappeared…

6:57pm – Back and forth we go… a Holland 3, back to back buckets from Nevada as BU fails to get back on D.

6:58pm – Matt Griffin ends the short run with a bucket to extend the lead back to 9

6:59pm – radio is back on! 54-45, Nevada down 9 with the ball

7:00pm – 8:09 left to play, Deonte Burton misses a desperation three as the shot clock expires. A scuffle underneath, and Nevada can’t tip it in! Terriers are losing the battle on the glass

7:01pm – DJ Irving recovers the loose ball and is fouled as he drives to the hoop

7:01pm – 7:10 left in this game, Terriers lead 54-45

7:02pm – Been in this coffee shop for 4hrs now! i wonder if they are mad yet…

7:03pm – BU faces defending IVY league champion Cornell this Saturday… but no live blogging as I will be snowboarding in tahoe! Freshies, wahoo!

7:04pm – BU will play Kentucky after Cornell at Rupp Arena, wow!

7:05pm – DJ makes the first free throw… 2nd one coming

7:05pm – Great defensive play by Holland, a theft! BU controls the ball with 6:45 left

7:05pm – Matt Griffin three rims out… has not shot well since his perfect game against Marist

7:06pm – Burress gets his first points of the game in the paint. the lead is 8

7:06pm – Holland’s three misses… Terriers struggling to score from outside

7:07pm – BU turning up the defensive intensity… they force another bad pass and a foul on Nevada

7:07pm – Holland to the line, where he has struggled today… just 5-8.

7:07pm – BIG SHOT for Nevada… a triple from Deonte Burton. Coach quickly calls 30sec time

7:08pm – Radio goes out… blah, worst timing ever!

7:09pm – two point put back by Jake O’Brien, 59-50 Terriers. Kevin Panzer hits a big three! Four for them this half

7:10pm – Offensive foul called on Daryl Partin.. Nevada ball down 6! it’s crunch time here in GW.. 3:39 left in this half

7:11pm – Blow this game Terriers and we might have to close the book on this season…

7:11pm – stomach grumbling… ok i need some lunch! but not till this game’s done!

7:12pm – HOLD ON BU DAMMIT. Nevada ball with 3:39 remaining

7:13pm – Nevada has wittled the once 14pt BU lead to 6…

7:14pm – Panzer for 3! no good this time… BU gathers possession and they need a big hoop…and Holland gets it!

7:15pm – Story answers on the other side, to keep the lead at 6. Travis Robinson tries to draw a charge.. bad move! Chambers calls time to talk to the freshman

7:16pm – Holland misses the J and Nevada controls the board, Partin with a nice block underneath as time ticks under 2min to play

7:17pm – Partin gets a block underneath! Panzer retrieves and promptly turns it over! DJ Irving brings the ball up and takes it to the hoop! NO GOOD!

7:18pm – Holland pulls down the board and BU calls time. 1:30 to play

7:18pm – Partin inbounds, Holland drives, and misses the J but great tip out by Hazel! Big OFF board. DJ Irving slashes to the hoop and is fouled! He can put this game further out of reach with 2 ft’s

7:19pm – Irving rims out the first… cmon!!! gets the roll on the 2nd. 1:03 left, 7point lead for BU

7:20pm – Jordan Burris turns it over on a bad pass in the paint! Nevada is running of time and chances

7:20pm – Timeout on the floor.. control the ball BU and make some ft’s to ice this one! 53 seconds left

7:21pm – more radio difficulties…

7:21pm – still no broadcast.. BU at the line for 2shots after the Deonte Burton foul

7:22pm – Game can be iced right now.. 63-55 Terriers lead

7:23pm – Holland makes em both, but then commits a silly foul!

7:24pm – Nevada with a couple of ft’s… DJ Irving is fouled on the next possession and hits both his charity shots. 16 seconds to play 66-57, BU on top

7:25pm – Game is in it’s closing seconds with 5.6 sec left, this game is all wrapped up. Terriers are back to .500 at 3-3

7:26pm – Terriers knock off the Wolfpack 66-57. Holland leads all scorers with 28.

7:27pm – Tune in on Saturday for BU vs Cornell! Good night folks! Happy thanksgiving!!!

LIVE 1st Half Blogging!

5:22pm – Hello All! Anthony here, live blogging with the BU basketball team as they take on Nevada for the first time in the school’s history! We are at the campus of the George Washington University Colonials, tipoff set for 5:30EST

5:27pm – Techincal difficulties with the radio broadcast… we should be live shortly. This is the first meeting in history between both teams. Hampton defeated BU last night 51-50, in the first ever match-up between those two schools.

5:32pm – This is the Terriers 6th game in 12 days. The legs looked tired last night as we shot less than 25% from the field

5:33pm – We are set to tip off, Terriers have won the tip

5:34pm – The announcers need to do a better job with pre game notes… O’Brien, Holland, DJ Irving, Partin, and Hazel are the starters.

5:34pm – First shot by O’Brien is missed! DOH. make some shots guys

5:34pm – Nevada makes their first basket! DJ Irving with a nice steal though on their next possession and Holland scores!

5:35pm – Nevada easily breaks the pressure and scores on a fast break. Holland with back to back fg’s and we have a 7-5 BU lead

5:36pm – Partin pokes the ball away from the Nevada guard and dishes to O’Brien for a three! BU fails to get back on D and Nevada has an easy basket. Connor with another steal and nice play for the Pack

5:38pm – Sorry guys, techincal difficulties with wifi. Holland was at the line and sinks 1/2 ft’s. BU leads Nevada 11-9

5:39pm – ESPN gamecenter has failed to update…imagine how difficult this blogging can be!

5:40pm – Nevada is on a three game losing streak in the NIT, after beating Montana in their opener

5:40pm – Both teams have 1 and 2 point defeats so far, Matt Griffin in the game for DJ

5:41pm – O’Brien’s bank shot is short, Connor pushes up the court for Nevada. BU is in the 2-3 zone. Jim Boeheim anyone???

5:41pm – ARG, wireless internet is failing. FML, no gamecenter, no audio = NO BLOG! bah

5:42pm – Still awaiting radio broadcast…

5:42pm – Holland gets a rebound on a Nevada miss, and is tied up. Possession to Nevada

5:42pm – game is tied at 11, on a nice tip in from the wolfpack forward

5:43pm – No full court pressure being applied by Nevada, contrary to the Hampton gameplan

5:44pm – Hazel finds himself underneath with a beautiful pass from Holland, but he fails to score. Partin gets a steal and fails to convert as well!

5:44pm – Griffin gets called on a reaching foul underneath in the post… 2nd team foul on BU

5:45pm – Radio on + ESPN gamecast! wahoo!!

5:45pm – BU 11 Nevada 11, with 12:13 left to play. Nevada has their big lineup in with three tall frontcourt players

5:46pm – Airball from Johnny H. what is wrong with him this year? After a sweet start at NU and Marist, he has gone COLD

5:46pm – 1st foul on DJ attempting a steal from the Nevada guard.. ft’s for Nevada

5:48pm – Internet failing, radio cutting in and out. According to ESPN, score is 13-11 with 11:22 left. BU in a 4+ min scoring drought… ARG.

5:49pm – Terriers are 2-3 on the season and Nevada is 1-3 to start the year.. Nevada is on an 8-1 run after the Terriers opened up 10-5

5:49pm – Only one turnover for BU, but many missed easy shots, reminiscent of last night!

5:50pm – Dom Morris great hustle play to get the loose ball, but Travis Rob commits an offensive foul…25% fg for BU…

5:50pm – Nevada owns the glass 13-6, and have an easy put back underneath

5:51pm – Partin misses an open three! BU is 4-17 to open up this game

5:52pm – Pretty move by Malik Story, turns the corner on Dom Morris. He is a transfer from Indiana

5:52pm – DJ Irving hits a wide open three to answer the Story bucket, 17-14 Nevada leads

5:52pm – Bad foul on Malik Story… he has chalked up three of them, to the bench goes the forward

5:53pm – Holland checks in, and fumbles the ball on the baseline. Nevada ball

5:53pm – A wild scramble on the Nevada end, Mike Terry ends up with the ball.. Holland misses a layup on the fastbreak

5:54pm – The officials gather at the monitor with 8:35 to play. trying to determine who the ball went off on

5:56pm – Again we have technical difficulties… the radio is cutting in and out. O’Brien scores off an inbounds pass

5:56pm – The scoreboard is having issues again. GW please fix your technology!

5:57pm – Nevada 17 BU 16, 7:58 left to play. UGH WE NEED VIDEO FEED…

5:59pm – mmm hungry.. what is on the menu for everyone’s thanksgiving dinner? Mom’s not home… yikes that means dad’s in charge! =X

5:59pm – Refs struggling with the scoreboard and game clock… Nevada ball with 28 secs on the shot clock

6:00pm – Wild shot by Evans from Nevada and he is charged with an offensive foul!

6:00pm – Holland is stuffed in the paint, another tie up, arrow is pointing at BU

6:01pm – Radio goes out again… wireless internet WTF!?

6:01pm – Nick Fazekas is the all time blocks leader for Nevada… remember him?

6:01pm – Dario Hunt drives, bangs in the paint with Partin/Griffin and scores. 19-16 Nevada leads

6:02pm – Holland is ice cold again and he can’t buy a basket… he is fouled for a 1 in 1 opportunity, and misses the first shot

6:03pm – Dom Morris with a nice shot block underneath, but Nevada is relentless on the glass! they gather a loose ball and score underneath.. BU down 5 now

6:03pm – Griffin too strong with an off balance jumper..Nevada airballs their attempt. Holland picks up a loose ball and emphatically jams it on the fast break! AND 1 opportunity for John!

6:04pm – 21-19 Nevada leads, BU needs to take care of the glass! Many chances inside for the Pack… Griffin with a nice hustle play and ties up the big man! Possession to Nevada

6:05pm – Yesterday Hampton was getting killed by BU on 2nd chance opportunities… today Nevada has 11 offensive boards and are dominating BU’s frontcourt tonight

6:06pm – Two ft’s by Devonte Elliot… O’Brien answers on the other end with a nice J

6:07pm – 23-21 Nevada, BU has the ball and Holland gives it away. Timeout on the court, 3:48 to play

6:09pm – Again the internet is down…

6:10pm – If we lose today similar to yesterday’s ending… I WILL BE PISSED. waste of 2 hrs!

6:10pm – Nevada is at the line courtesy of an O’Brien foul… they fail to convert the 1 in 1 and BU has possession

6:10pm – still no radio signal or ESPN gamecast..

6:11pm – WE ARE BACK! Holland hits a baseline three from Dom Morris… score is 26-23 BU

6:11pm – Evans misses a 3 for Nevada… Terriers firing on all cylinders! Morris underneath is fouled and will shoot 2

6:12pm – Holland leads all scores with 13. we are amidst a BU 7-0 run

6:13pm – Morris makes 1/2 ft’s for a 27-23 lead with 2min remaining

6:13pm – Irving picks up his 2nd silly foul… ft’s coming up for Nevada’s Deonte Burton

6:14pm – Holland cuts to the basket and misses a runner… Nevada tries to run but they are stopped by Dom Morris

6:14pm – 8 turnovers for Nevada, 3 for BU. Holland is fouled in the paint with 1:19 to play

6:15pm – Holland nails both ft’s… 29-23 lead. Nevada promptly throws it away! BU with the ball again

6:15pm – 6 point lead for the Terriers, Partin loses it on the the drive.. Nevada is fouled on the fastbreak charged to Matt Griffin

6:16pm – Connor is at the line… he bricks the first. Is there a lid on their basket?

6:17pm – 49 seconds left.. Partin leaves the game for Mike Terry. Chambers uses his timeout with 40.9 left to play

6:17pm – once again technical difficulties…

6:18pm – Holland drills a DEEP three! 32-24 lead, and Nevada uses their 30sec timeout, 12 seconds left

6:19pm – that was almost from the NIT sign! 18pts for John, largest lead by BU

6:20pm – Next game is home vs Cornell! The big red made it to the sweet 16 last year…

6:21pm – Malik Story misses a three, the ball is volley balled around and the buzzer sounds. BU 32 Nevada 24

6:21pm – No fg’s for Nevada over the last 6:01…. a 13-1 run to close the half for BU

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