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New York Post: Derek Jeter in a Red Sox Uniform!?

The New York Post imagines what Derek Jeter would look like in a Red Sox uniform. (Front page image courtesy NY Post)

As Derek Jeter and agent Casey Close’s talks with the Yankees inch closer and closer toward contempt, it’s nice to see that the New York media is having some fun at their favorite son’s expense.

The Yankees have reportedly offered Jeter a three-year deal worth $45 million, a pretty good payday for a middle infielder who hit .270 last season. The problem is, Jeter isn’t any middle infielder – he’s the face and deity of their franchise and wants to be paid as such. Jeter will turn 37 next season and his production is nowhere near what it used to be, but to let him go would be a public-relations nightmare.

Or would it?

Yankees GM Brian Cashman is now urging Jeter to test the market and see what sticks. While that gesture alone would be enough for Jeter to consider leaving, he probably knows $45 million is far beyond anything he’d receive elsewhere. See, Jeter isn’t worth nearly as much off the field to any team outside of Manhattan. Sure he’d wrangle plenty of endorsements, but he’d never achieve the rarefied status that is all but cemented in Gotham. Many experts figure him to be worth $20 million, little more.

Now, where do the Red Sox fit into all of this? Besides the graphic on the New York Post’s cover, probably nowhere. If Jeter’s actual value is close to $20 million, it’s hard to imagine the Red Sox giving any 37-year-old that kind of money when they were willing to let a starting, switch-hitting, middle-of-the-order catcher walk away over money. Also, the New York Times‘ Nate Silver notes that, “fans in Pittsburgh or San Francisco or Boston feel no particular loyalty to Jeter, and while he would surely still be a good ambassador for those clubs, he might not generate many more season ticket sales for them above and beyond what any other decent shortstop would.”

In a town where we’ve watched the Patriots succeed by putting business over relationships, it’s hard to imagine or support the local nine making a passion play for their most hated rival. But if one thing can be certain about the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, it’s that anything is possible.

Stay tuned…

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3 comments for “New York Post: Derek Jeter in a Red Sox Uniform!?”

  1. The Yankees really baffle me sometimes. They’re willing to throw any amount of money at any player, sometimes one who has barely proven himself. They have the highest team salary in baseball, and they’re comfortable with it, yet they won’t pay the face of their franchise for the past 15 years what he wants. I respect Jeter as much as I hate the Yankees, so I hope someone pays him what he’s worth. I know what he’s asking for is a little high….but come on, it’s the Yankees. When was that ever a problem, especially for a loyal player? Glad to live in Boston.

    Posted by Nick | November 25, 2010, 12:16 pm
  2. […] The Red Sox Should Pursue Derek Jeter" }); GA_googleFillSlot("200×200"); This past week, the New York Post published a photo of Derek Jeter in a Red Sox uniform after Yankees GM Brian Cashman told Jeter to see if he can find a better deal than the three-year, […]

    Posted by Why The Red Sox Should Pursue Derek Jeter | Sports of Boston | November 27, 2010, 7:16 pm
  3. Nick, you obviously live in Boston with this kind of foolish thinking. Why should the Yankees pay Jeter “what he wants” after he just finished one of the most lucrative contracts in baseball history? The Yankees paid him $189 MILLION over the last 10 years. That’s LOTTERY money and you just want them to hand over another $100 million like it’s nothing? Tell you what, how about the Red Sux match whatever offer Jeter gets and give it to Vartek? He’s been a loyal player and the face of the franchise, though he’s not classy like Jeter. But pay HIM what he’s worth.
    The fact is, the three-year, $45 milion offer from the Yankees is MORE than Jeter is worth at this point. It’s a generous offer. But Jeter wats A-Rod money, which is insane. It’s also insane that Jeter wants a raise at 37 after the worst season of his career. Jeter is off-base on this one. No team is going to come close to the Yankees offer, so why should they add on another $20 million or more? Jeter has already made about $200 million in salary from the Yankees. Him being in Pinstripes adds endorsement money in the millions. So why screw that up? If he wanted another big-money deal, he should have signed for less than 10 years on hs last contract, rather than letting it expire at an age where he likely would be in decline.
    So, let me know when you want to offer Varitek $15 million a year and then we can talk about Jeter’s deal. Until then, let’s talk about Beckett’s extension. How do you like them apples?

    Posted by NYCTim | November 27, 2010, 10:53 pm

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