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Live Blog: Boston University Basketball vs. La Salle at Agganis Arena

FINAL: La Salle 84, BU 81

9:07pm – THANKS ALL! Anthony signing off, see you saturday!

9:05pm – La Salle takes this one, 84-81. Partin leads 5 double figure BU scores with 20. Guillandeux had 21 for La Salle. BU plays at Harvard this saturday. BU drops to 4-6 on the season.

9:04pm – Holland fires a three. off target. La Salle escapes with a three point win. 84-81. TERRIBLE guys. 4th loss by 3points or less this season.

9:04pm – Pettis hits the first free throw. BIG. Pettis makes both.

9:02pm – DJ Irving draws the foul on the drive! He goes to the line for two big shots. 10.3 secs left. Irving drains the first shot…2nd one is short! BU fouls La Salle’s Earl Pettis. 7.8 sec left.

9:01pm – He misses the first! 16.9 sec left. He hits the 2nd.

9:00pm – 17.9 sec left, Guillandeux is fouled immediately. 81-80 La Salle by 1, and he goes to the line

9:0opm – Holland picks up the loose ball and dunks, BU down by 1 point!! Timeout on the floor.

8:59pm – BU puts the ball in play, time ticking.. Holland drives and misses. La Salle tips the ball out

8:58pm – He gets the friendly roll on the first….2nd one is good. Three point game, 81-78. Do we shoot a three or go for the quick 2? 33.8sec left

8:57pm – Watch the home run pass guys, La Salle is fouled. Guillandeux back to the line with 33.8 sec left, he just missed two.

8:56pm – Timeout on the floor by BU! PLAY tough D guys, what do we do now guys? 79-78 La Salle. 39.1 seconds left… do we foul or do we play out the possession?? hmm. I SAY FOUL!

8:55pm – La Salle misses both free throws. Irving hits a three!!! big shot!! 39 seconds to play! 1 point game here at Agganis!

8:54pm – Lead is 4pts for La Salle. Daryl Partin called for travelling in the lane. Too much, and La Salle has the ball

8:53pm – Tipped out rebound by BU, and a missed three by Holland. DAMN!!!! cmon guys, missed break.

8:52pm – What a shot by Daryl Partin! He goes to the line again for a chance to cut the lead to 2pts. GREAT PLAY!

8:52pm – Partin is short on the 2nd free throw, BU gets the ball back on the loose ball. 5pt game, let’s execute!

8:51pm – Partin drives and is fouled. 78-72 with 1:13 to play

8:50pm – Great play Partin! a steal for BU and an easy bucket. Foul on BU. Williams to the line and he makes both

8:49pm – Durren hits the free throw, 6pt lead for La Salle, 1:57 to play. Get a bucket guys. Holland loses the ball and La Salle looks to run

8:48pm – La Salle milks the clock…Durren hits a driving layup and a foul on DJ. Terriers down 5 now

8:47pm – Pettis makes both ft’s 73-70 La Salle leads. Holland too strong with the three and La Salle has the ball

8:45pm – DONT MOVE GUYS! great game here, La Salle 71 BU 70. This is a true nail biter down the stretch

8:44pm – Terriers up by 1, under 4min to play. Weingarten bowls his way through the lane and scores. 71-70 BU trails. Partin misses a three, Morris throws away the rebound. La Salle misses on the lay up and a nice block by Partin! Pettis however is fouled and goes to the line, 2:44 left

8:43pm -4:15 left to play, La Salle with the ball, Durren misses a shot and BU pushes. DJ Irving loses the ball, Partin gets the ball back and dunks it! BU up by 1

8:42pm – La Salle throws it away down low. Terriers with a chance to take the lead. Holland is tied up underneath and La Salle gets the ball back

8:41pm – BIG BREAK for BU. can we take advantage of this and pull this game out? stay tuned! Holland makes 1/2 free throws. 69-68, BU trails, 4:48 left

8:41pm – John Holland drives and Murray fouls out of the game! Questionable call! WOW. Holland goes to the line for two. the crowd cheers SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!

8:40pm – Jake ties the game with both shots. Tied at 67. Murray back in the game, and he dunks it again!

8:39pm – Agganis will host 6 games this year. Important possession for the Terriers now, O’Brien draws a foul on La Salle

8:38pm – Missed ft on the 1 in 1, BU with the rebound and Chambers calls time with 5:41 left to play. 67-65 La Salle leads

8:37pm – DJ Irving with a steal, but Partin misses again. Durren is fouled by BU, free throws coming up.

8:36pm – Terriers are back on their heels, La Salle by 2. Partin rims out a three, La Salle tracks down the rebound

8:36pm – Murray inside again dunks the ball! Holland way off with a three pointer, La Salle all of a sudden clicking on all cylinders. 6 unanswered as Guillandeux is fouled and goes to the line

8:35pm – Murray back in the game and scores inside. Immediate impact. 2 point lead for the Terriers. O’Brien mishandles and La Salle pushes up the court

8:35pm – Morris hits both free throws, lead is 4 for BU. 65-61, 7:50 to play

8:34pm – BU is 11-35 overall against PA schools, with 10 wins vs Drexel

8:32pm – BU has scored a season hi 12 three pointers, last year they had a high of 16 against Binghamton. Guillandeux answers with a nice jumper. Morris misses underneath and is fouled, BU leads 63-61 with under 8min to play. Timeout on the floor

8:30pm – La Salle calls timeout with 8:27 left, Holland, Morris and Partin all are in double figures

8:29pm – La Salle blocks O’Brien underneath! On the runout, Weingarten turns it over again! 3 in a row for La Salle. Holland drills another three!!! 12pts for John all on three point bombs

8:29pm – O’Brien misses a wide open three, big shot opportunity there. 2nd straight turnover for La Salle and they commit an offensive foul. BU ball once again

8:28pm – DJ Irving makes both free throws, 60-59 BU leads. Hi scoring game. Williams drives for La Salle and travels in the paint

8:27pm – Holland with another 3! Third of the game for John. Will he catch Corey Lowe? Pettis scores on the other end, 59-58 La Salle leads with under 10min to play

8:26pm – Over 10min to play and both teams will be shooting from here on out

8:25pm – Williams makes both ft’s for a 2pt lead. La Salle throws it away and BU gets the ball back down by 2. 10 turnovers for La Salle, 15 for BU

8:25pm – Matt Griffin commits an intentional foul on the fast break. Not a good play. 2 shots and the ball for La Salle

8:24pm – John has 203 three pointers in his career, 2nd place on the BU list. Corey Lowe has the most threes in BU history. Game is tied at 55, with 11min to go

8:22pm – Weingarten scores on a pass from Guillandeux. Game tied at 52. Holland hits another three, assist by DJ Irving! drive and dish. Williams scores underneath and is fouled. He will go to the line with 11:03 left. BU 55 La Salle 54

8:21pm – 5 fouls on both sides, with over 12min to play. Lots of cheapy fouls away from the ball on both sides

8:20pm – Offensive foul on La Salle and BU looks to extend the lead. Holland misses another three and Jake commits a silly over the back foul, his 3rd

8:19pm – Guillandeux commits a foul, but La Salle steals a pass. Up and down we go, both teams can’t hit on the fast break. Holland finally connects on a three! He trailed the break and Partin dished off to John for the basket. 52-50 BU

8:18pm – La Salle with their first lead since 2-0 early. Missed ft, La Salle leads 50-49

8:17pm – La Salle with a chance to take the lead, but they come up empty. BU ball 49-48 with 14:26 left. Partin turns the ball over and Explorers looking to run. Durren hits the wild layin and is fouled!

8:16pm – Durren travels on the La Salle trip, BU looking to extend their lead. Holland misses a three and back comes La Salle, Durren banks in a runner. 1pt game

8:16pm – Dom Morris hits another three! Career high for Dom with 13, BU up 49-46

8:15pm – Holland is still scoreless, he needs to get on the board ASAP. John averages over 17ppg!

8:13pm – La Salle walkon Steve Weingarten makes a three to tie the game. Holland misses and La Salle looks to take the lead. Guillandeux showboats too much and loses the ball out of bounds. 15:37 left and game is tied at 46

8:12pm – La Salle misses a wide open 3. Scramble for the loose ball and arrow goes to BU. Morris commits an illegal foul and turns the ball back over

8:10pm – Hazel makes 1/2 ft’s, Guillandeux scores again! He has 14pts. DP creates his own shot and finishes in the lane. 3 point lead for BU

8:09pm – Murray to the bench. O’Brien misses a fallaway, Hazel gets the rebound and a foul again on La Salle

8:09pm – BU on the runout and Terry misses, Durren back the other way and an easy transition bucket. Murray picks up another foul! What the hell is he thinking??

8:08pm – Hazel hits the jumper, but before the shot a foul! Third foul on Aaric Murray. No basket, BU retains the ball. Griffin nails the step in 3, first fg of the game for Matt

8:07pm – Aaric Murray with an alley-oop jam to answer! La Salle with the steal and the quick answer. 1 point game, 40-39

8:06pm – BU starts the half with the ball and the three point lead. Partin dishes to Hazel for the layup! Great way to start

8:05pm – 2nd half about to start! Terriers need to keep up the good D and not let the big guy Aaric Murry get started. Holland needs to come alive!

7:52pm – We will be back for 2nd half action. Holland still scoreless, Partin has 11 & Dom Morris 10 pts to pace BU

7:51pm – Guillandeux nails a triple at the buzzer!! Bad break for BU. We head to the half with BU leading 38-35

7:50pm – La Salle misses and Griffin gets the loose ball and is fouled. He goes to the line for a 1 in 1 situation. Griffin has not missed from the line this season! Last possession for La Salle

7:48pm – BU is playing the last 4min of this half very similar to how they played the last 4min of the half against Bucknell. Missed shots, silly turnovers and fouls. DJ Irving ends the drought and scores! 36-32 BU with 32 seconds left in the half

7:48pm – La Salle closes and the BU lead is 2. It was 12 at one point. Holland drives to the basket and commits an offensive foul. The struggles continue.

7:47pm – Pelage is still hurt with an ankle sprain.  A couple silly turnovers for both teams, and Morris commits his 2nd personal. 2 more ft’s for Pettis

7:46pm – Dom Morris travels on the aggressive drive. 6 turnovers for BU. Where is Holland? He is still scoreless

7:45pm – BU calls timeout with 2:45 left. Score is 34-30, 46% fg shooting for BU. La Salle is at 36% for the game

7:44pm – Matt’s dad played for La Salle, he had 10pts and 10 rebs. Pettis makes 1/2. O’Brien promptly misses a three. Pettis hits a free throw line jumper and the lead has dwindled to 4. Offense has disappeared!

7:44pm – BRING ON THE 7 footer!!! haha

7:43pm – La Salle steals the BU pass, and control possession. The lead is 7, Pettis isolates and draws a BU shooting foul.

7:42pm – 8 team fouls on both teams, La Salle is at the line for 2. BU is hosting a food drive this winter! More details later!

7:4opm – Aaric Murray still on the bench with 2 fouls. Guillandeux with a right baseline fallaway, nice shot! Lead is 9. Partin steps into a 3 and BU commits a loose ball foul. 1 in 1 coming up for La Salle after the break. 3:22 left, BU 34 La Salle 25

7:39pm – La Salle with 2 ft’s to cut the lead to 9. La Salle playing full court man to man. Dom Morris gets behind the D for the easy lay in!

7:38pm – Partin is the 1st player in double figures with 11. 32-21 BU ahead. Partin commits a loose ball reach in foul and he has 2 for the game

7:37pm – BU commits another turnover and La Salle can’t convert. A hard collision on the court, and a foul is called on La Salle. Partin to the line for 1 in 1

7:36pm – La Salle with a steal as DJ turns it over. BU gets back on D and causes a tie up. Guillandeux calms the crowd and drills a corner 3, 30-21 BU ahead with 5:44 left.

7:35pm – Hazel commits a foul inside, Dom Morris returns. La Salle airballs a three, but it deflects off DJ Irving and remains on this side

7:34pm – BU on fire! 12 point lead after Partin hits a big corner three, the Terriers 6th 3pointer of the game

7:33pm – Things going wrong for La Salle, the big guy Murray has committed his 2nd foul with 7min to play! BU ball!

7:33pm – This is the first time BU has controlled the game tempo. cmon guys keep it up!

7:32pm – Dom Morris! another three! 25-18, Terriers ahead. Partin controls the miss and slashes down the lane! GREAT move Daryl! Timeout La Salle!

7:31pm – Where is Travis Robinson? Malik Thomas? How about the 7″1 Matt Piotrowski???

7:31pm – I wish i could still come to BU games =(

7:29pm – Chambers wishes he could sub on the fly! Aaric Murray jams one inside, he glares at the scoreless John Holland. Hazel is fouled inside as we go to the break, 7:59 left, BU 22 La Salle 18

7:28pm – BU is subbing like their hockey team, 2 or 3 at a time. Jake airballs a three! did that one slip?

7:27pm – Dom Morris steps back and hits is 3rd three pointer of the season. Jerrell Williams answers immediately inside. O’Brien back on the other side nails his 2nd three of the game, 22-16 BU leads

7:26pm – BU struggling with the half court offense, O’Brien misses underneath. La Salle on the other end fights and gets an easy putback, 7-0 run by the Explorers

7:25pm – Partin’s 3 is off and La Salle controls, they score inside the paint to trim the lead to 4

7:24pm – Griffin is aggressive and tries to get inside, he is rejected again but BU retains possession. Foul on La Salle inside

7:23pm – Two attempts for La Salle and they come up empty, Morris controls the rebound and BU works the offense

7:23pm – The last time BU faced La Salle was in 1997 at Arizona State. BU won that game by 12

7:21pm – 11:58 left, Holland travels underneath as his struggles continue. BU 16 La Salle 10

7:20pm – Aaric Murray owns the paint! He is 10th in the nation in blocks and he rejects another BU attempt. Morris misses the jumper, Mike Terry picks up the loose ball and nails it! First college basket for Mike!!! Pettis drills a 3 to answer, 16-10 BU leads with 12:17 left

7:19pm – La Salle can’t buy a bucket! DJ Irving breaks his 2+ game scoring slump with a corner 3! 14-7 BU leads

7:18pm – Another steal by BU! Holland misses the open three though, need to convert guys.

7:18pm – Aaric Murray turns it over again! Partin on the run out and scores! 11-7 BU leads

7:17pm – Holland misses an alley oop dunk and commits a foul! cmon guys, easy buckets..

7:16pm – Partin misses a three. we need to work ft’s guys. we are under 50% the last 2 games combined

7:15pm – 15:25 left in the first half, BU 9 La Salle 7

7:14pm – Another missed shot by La Salle and BU drives the full length of the court and Partin lays it up and in! He misses the ft but BU leads 9-4, La Salle quickly answers with a three from Earl Pettis

7:13pm – Irving and Durren battle inside, Durren plays good D and forces a block. Jake O’Brien hits a 3 from the top of the key! 7-4 BU

7:12pm – Dom Morris with his first basket of the game! Nice pass by Irving and the scoreboard is working again woooo

7:11pm – Partin turns it over again on a pass inside. Griffin is called for a foul, Terriers sub 3/5 players immediately. Holland is in!

7:10pm – The explorers steal a pass in the paint, and then airballs on the fast break, Terry is blocked in the corner and La Salle pushes the tempo

7:10pm – La Salle with the early lead 4-2. The score on the board isnt working but we will play on!

7:09pm – Guillandeux scores on O’Brien inside on a baseline drive… play is stopped now because of a game clock malfunction

7:08pm – Partin misses a three, Jerell Williams clears

7:08pm – OMG mom finds her apple headphones. wow. and La Salle travels and turns it over

7:07pm – Aaric Murray scores inside on the first basket of the game, but O’Brien answers on the other side easily underneath

7:06pm – BU will look to control the tempo this game and have added Mike Terry Jr. We are 0-6 against the A-10 this year. LETS TURN IT AROUND. Agganis has been rough to BU and (9-15) overall at this gym

7:05pm – BU needs to pay attention to Aaric Murray today or else he will dominate! BU lineup – Matt Griffin, Mike Terry Jr (1st college start), Daryl Partin, Jake O’Brien, Patrick Hazel

7:04pm – All three of La Salle opponents have come against Big 12 teams, most recently Ok State in 2OT’s

7:03pm – John Holland will be coming off the bench this game… hmmm… last year he came off the bench on five different games, he has been in a shooting funk all year

7:02pm – This is the 3rd home game of the season for BU, and the first at Agganis Arena! we need an offensive spark this game!

7:01pm – National Anthem on… hmm i wonder how many people are at this game? 500? 1000?

7:00pm – we need a pregame show… finally radio is on! sit tight folks!

6:58pm – They are arguing about budget cuts and healthcare coverages. WHO CARES, IT’S TIME FOR BU BBALL!!

6:57pm – I wonder why WWZN sports radio took out the BU pregame show, and all we have now are debates about politics. What the heck?!

6:55pm – Irving has struggled as of late, being shutout in the scoring column his past two games. His first college game ever was his best against NU, where he had 14pts, 5ast, 5reb

6:54pm – Great weather out West today! none of this single digit east coast nonsense. 5min from tipoff! Matt Griffin has replaced freshman DJ Irving in the starting 5.

6:51pm – Had a job interview at Apple yesterday… it was weird! hopefully i get an offer!! I got my car fixed today too! brakes and all, only $275! great deal!

6:50pm – 10min away from tipoff! BU will need to shoot the ball well, control the turnover battle, and not allow La Salle to crash the boards repeatedly in order to win this game

6:48pm – The key to tonights game will be stopping standout sophomore Aaric Murray. The young La Salle big man is averaging 17.1 pts and 9.5rpg. The absence of Jeff Pelage due to a high ankle sprain will pose problems for the BU frontcourt

6:47pm – Scoring has been a problem for BU this year, contrary to some of the teams that have taken the floor the past couple of years. Last year, we had five different players average double figure scoring, but this year only John Holland and Jake O’Brien are eclipsing the double digit mark

6:46pm – This is the 2nd out of 4 different Atlantic 10 teams that BU will face this year. The Terriers have already beat George Washington University in the opening round of the NIT season tip off

6:45pm – BU looks to rebound from two straight losses, as the young, inexperienced Terrier Team has struggled shooting the ball from the floor. They have dropped their past two contests, being blown out at Kentucky’s Rupp Arena and also losing a nailbiter at Bucknell

6:44pm – Live From Danville, CA, live blogging courtesy of Sports of Boston and Anthony Infante! The (4-5) Boston University Terriers will take on the (5-3) La Salle Explorers in Boston, MA at Agganis Arena. Tip off is set for 7pm EST.

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