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Live Blog: Carl Crawford Press Conference


Welcome to SoB’s live blog of the Carl Crawford press conference, taking place today, Saturday December 11, 2010, live at Fenway Park at 10:00am EST. It’s being broadcast on NESN, and streamed online here, so be sure to tune into the conference by some means and watch the next big bat officially come on board and discuss how the Yankees will be destroyed.

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9:33 27 minutes to go until the press conference. So what’s everyone doing until then? It Saturday morning, so cartoons are an option, yes?

9:34 We’ve got “Sonic X” on WLVI. Dr. Eggman is up to something. Remember when he was called Robotnik?

9:38 Crawford will add a lot of power and speed to the Sox’ lineup: Crawford, A-Gon, Youk, sometimes Papi…


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9:44 Be sure to check out all of SoB’s Carl Crawford coverage.

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9:48 Don’t feel left out either, my loyal subjects, er, I mean audience, please feel free to comment on this page as pre-conference and conference coverage move along.

9:49 For example, now that Crawford is on board, does this make Ellsbury expendable, considering his injury? If not, how will Crawford and Ellsbury’s speed work into the lineup>

9:50 How will Crawford fit into the long-term Red Sox plans over the next seven years? If cap space becomes an issue (especially once A-Gon gets an extension), who will be the first to go?

9:51 How does Boston’s lineup compare to that of the New York Baseball Yankees? And for that matter, how does the pitching staff compare? Cliff Lee awaits…

9:52 Eight minutes left…

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9:55 Crawford is the highest paid player whose never hit 20 home runs in a season.

9:56 The live streaming is now up, awaiting the start of the conference.

9:57 It’s currently 39 degrees at Fenway Park, and sunny too…

9:59 Almost time….

9:59 That “Team Personnel Only” sign is quickly the star of the show…

10:00 You can tune into NESN now; coverage has begun…

10:01 By the way, if you’re feeling hungry when this is over, head on down to the Stop & Shop on Harvard St, go to the chips aisle, and pick up some Youk’s Beef Jerky hanging around the middle of the aisle. It may or may not still be 75% off from $4.99.

10:03 A special edition of “Hot Stove Live” will be on NESN immediately following the press conference.

10:03 Carl Crawford is making his way up, Theo Epstein is leading Carl Crawford up to the podium.

10:04 It’s underway, with Theo’s commentary.

10:05 Theo’s usual thankings… and the presentation of the jersey and cap.

10:05 Victor Martinez may be gone, but Crawford resembles him a little.

10:06 A quick photo op.

10:06 Question to Crawford; will he have to make any adjustments in Fenway?

10:06 Crawford’s excited

10:06 How much was Crawford excited to stay in the AL (East)?

10:07 Very much so.

10:07 What made Crawford want to join Boston?

10:08 Theo made Crawford feel wanted, like he could make a difference.

10:08 Theo asked about the timeline of the Crawford deal.

10:08 Much research and scouting was done all year, discussed internally in the offseason, Theo and co. flew to Houston and made the pitch, a fairly quick negotiation was made with Crawford at the Winter Meetings, and there you are.

10:09 Carl: Do you really not want to hit leadoff, and where in the lineup do you want to hit?

10:10 Anywhere, really. Whatever lineup Terry Francona makes is fine.

10:10 Are you ready for sellouts?

10:11 Definitely. It keeps you going. That’s one of the things that attracted Crawford.

10:11 How difficult is it to leave a team you grew up with and played with for so long?

10:11 As you grow older, things have to go certain ways, and you go with the flow.

10:12 How do you envision the potential of this lineup?

10:12 It’s a great lineup. Power, speed.

10:13 How do you envision your game going forward?

10:13 Improvement with the Green Monster.

10:13 Are you losing your voice from fielding so may phone call? (lol) Have you spoken to Ortiz and others?

10:14 Haha, yeah.

10:14 When did the Red Sox come on your radar (as opposed to the Angels)?

10:14 When Theo came to Houston. Crawford’s 6-year-old son is a closeted Boston fan.

10:15 How do you approach the game?

10:15 Intense. Keeps his body in shape. Encourages the guys around him to do likewise.

10:16 Any offers from the Yankees and Angels?

10:16 Not so much the Yankees, but the Angels did, but Boston was the best fit?

10:16 What’ll it be like running with Ellsbury?

10:16 He doesn’t have to worry about balls in the gap in left, because Crawford can get that.

10:17 How important was it to know Pedroia and Youkilis have a good work ethic too?

10:17 It’s something special, when you visualize fitting into that, it makes it even better.

10:17 Theo: how have you addressed the lineup’s needs.

10:18 We’ve got two of the best players under 30, but the bullpen still needs work.

10:18 Carl: What’s it like playing in left in Boston, and what about Boston’s left fielder history?

10:19 He’s still going to look for new things to discover. The other guys are historical names, and Carl hopes to join them.

10:20 How about Boston’s postseason preparation?

10:20 Before the season starts, you prepare for the World Series, and it could happen.

10:20 Theo: what are the rest of your offseason goals?

10:20 The bullpen (trades, free agents).

10:21 How ’bout Jason Varitek?

10:21 We’re thrilled to have ‘Tek back. The fan recognition at the end of last season doesn’t have to be a goodbye.

10:22 Have you been able to talk with Mike Cameron about his role?

10:23 Shortly after the Crawford deal. Cameron was excited to play whatever role he needs to.

10:24 … And that’s it for the questions, everyone. It sounds like everyone is very happy to have Carl Crawford on board, and so am I. I always did prefer him to Werth.

10:25 So be sure to stay tuned to NESN for a very special “Hot Stove Live.”

10:25 Speaking of which, Terry Francona, what about Carl Crawford’s dynamic?

10:26 Now that he’s in Boston, go ahead and get on base and run.

10:26 How much has he progressed and grown?

10:26 A lot. Six years in the majors, he can hit homers, make contact with two strikes, he’s an elite player.

10:27 With Fenway’s nooks and crannies, is speed important?

10:27 Whatever works; just be yourself?

10:27 Do the other outfielders move to the right more?

10:28 When Ellsbury was moved over to left last season, Crawford was the example.

10:28 Is all the left handed hitters a concern.

10:28 No. Adrian Gonzalez can hit lefties well.

10:29 Are Mike Cameron and Jed Lowrie important now?

10:29 Yes.

10:29 Team chemistry?

10:29 We’ll work hard to make everyone gel together.

10:30 … So basically, Terry Francona will introduce as many righties as possible to break up the string of left handers. Lowrie, Cameron, ‘Tek, plenty of options.

10:31 Well, it looks like that’s it for the press conference and the Terry Francona interview.

10:32 So there you have it. Carl Crawford is on the Red Sox. Enjoy his presence in April, and so long, America. SoB, signing off for now.

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  1. Crawford’s voice was so weird. He was either choked up or had a cold, or worse…he actually sounds like that normally

    Posted by KC Downey | December 11, 2010, 11:25 am
  2. Im soo psyched!!! A-Gon and Crawford!!! awesome!!!

    Posted by Lokesh | December 12, 2010, 11:35 am

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