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If the Playoffs Started Today – NBA Week 11

Spurs vs Heat: Week 11's prediction for the NBA Finals

Another week down, and the Celtics have another losing streak going, dropping behind Miami’s Big Three. The Cavaliers are the worst team in the NBA without you-know-who. Orlando is still going strong. And while the West’s eight are fairly well-entrenched, the East still has a couple of spots up for grabs, so let’s look at what would happen if the playoffs started as of Tuesday, January 11, before the day’s games:


#1 San Antonio Spurs vs #8 Portland Trail Blazers

The Spurs have 31 wins, and are the first to get 20 at home. Portland may be 12-4 at home, but they don’t have much going for them right now. San Antonio all the way.

#2 Dallas Mavericks vs #7 Denver Nuggets

Denver is 5-12 on the road, and has lost their last three. Dallas has slipped back 4.5 games behind San Antonio, but they’re still doing better than a Denver team broiled in trade controversy.

#3 Los Angeles Lakers vs #6 New Orleans Hornets

After another round of internal struggles, the Lakers have won four straight. Especially with New Orleans’ road problems, they’ll have issues with a Lakers team that always makes deep playoff runs.

#4 Oklahoma City Thunder vs #5 Utah Jazz

Both teams are 25-13, with Oklahoma City getting the edge based on a 6-1 division record. Utah did get that one win against them, but Oklahoma does have a slightly better home record. And their home crowd, now that they’re doing well for themselves in the deep West, won’t let them lose that easily.


#1 Miami Heat vs #8 Philadelphia 76ers

Is there really any doubt that Miami will sweep Philadelphia?

#2 Boston Celtics vs #7 Indiana Pacers

Indiana may have lost their first two games against Boston, but the Celtics have been having issues. It’s really tough for the Celtics to play for 48 minutes, and they do have a tendency to make playoff series more interesting than they should. Boston still should win, but in an uncomfortably long series.

#3 Chicago Bulls vs #6 New York Knicks

The Knicks are hanging in there, but Chicago just keeps getting better and better. And they’re the only team in the NBA yet to lose within their division. New York did hand Chicago the first of their three home losses, but Chicago’s not the same team as then, no longer trying to feel out their niche.

#4 Orlando Magic vs #5 Atlanta Hawks

Orlando has a nine-game winning streak going right now. Atlanta has won four in a row, but Orlando may be on a roll too big for Atlanta to stop. Neither team can seem to score seemingly at will against the other, so it’ll be close, but in a longer series, Orlando should edge ahead.

What Might Change Next Week:

  • #8 Philadelphia has games against the Pacers, Bucks and Bobcats, which could shake up the standings.
  • The Thunder’s tough schedule opens up the door for the Jazz to take over.

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