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Dear Rex Ryan: A Letter About Tom Brady & The Playoffs

You’re right, Rex. Peyton Manning would have been watching your Wildcard playoff game this weekend.

Manning is probably a big Colts fan, I doubt he would miss their first playoff game. Oh, is that not what you meant? Right, if Peyton Manning were Tom Brady, who had a bye this week because his team went 14-2 and won the division, he would have definitely passed up date night with Gisele Bundchen to watch the game he’s going to watch repeatedly in this week’s film sessions. The rest of the Patriots were probably wondering where he was. I’m sure they were all sitting in a film room in Foxboro, silently studying your game and taking notes. It was just a Saturday night on a week off.

And it’s not because Manning didn’t have a date to see “Lombardi” on Broadway this Saturday night, it’s because everyone knows Manning is the better quarterback than Brady.

“There’s only one guy that belongs in that category and that’s Peyton Manning, and that’s all I was saying,” you said at Monday’s press conference.

And you just beat Manning – albeit for the first time in your career while he was playing on the weakest supporting Colts team he’s had in years. You still beat him. Hell, you beat Brady too, back on September 19, remember? And one game out of two isn’t bad.

Of course, you didn’t mean any disrespect to Tom Brady. He’s just gotten out of hand with his antics on the field. He had it coming. No Jets player would ever taunt an opponent like that.

“But again I understand how it’s going to be a slap, that I took a shot at Brady and all that,” you said. “He took a shot at me by his antics on the field. So, I understand that, that’s what it is. I don’t want him to score so I’m going to do whatever I can to keep him out of the end zone. He’s going to try to look at me and do what he always does and sprints off the field and all that. … He always points after he scores to everybody. Again, my job is to keep him out of the end zone.”

You were just standing up for Jets fans, who are sick and tired of watching Brady’s obscene on-field finger pointing. Doesn’t the NFL call excessive celebration anymore?

“[It’s] Brady being Brady, I don’t like seeing that – nobody does, no Jets fan likes to see that,” you said. “I know he can’t wait to do it. He’s not going to say anything publicly, but he does it.”

Why doesn’t the sports media get it, Rex? They’ve been blowing your comments out of proportion for months now. Especially since the playoffs started. All you did was call a game against the Colts a personal matter, then call your competition with Bill Belichick a personal matter, just like three weeks ago, when you called the foot fetish video issue “a personal matter.”

But I understand. It’s all part of your master strategy. This way, your players don’t have to worry about all the media attention because it’s all on you. Very sneaky, Rex, the media hasn’t caught on to you yet – not even Jane McManus of ESPN New York, Clark Judge of CBS Sports, or even Frank Tadych of

Keep it up.


New England Patriots fans.

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