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2011 MLB Regular Season Expert Picks

Can Boston's restocked team finally win another World Series? (crochetbest.com)

Sports Illustrated thinks Boston will go all the way. But what does Sports of Boston think? That’s what we’re here to find out, as the annual Pick ‘Em has arrived with the new season. And the Red Sox are a popular pick with us as well. In fact, they’re the only unanimous pick to even make the playoffs. And yes, that includes Philadelphia.

After winning last year, Mike C is making more noise with some unconventional picks, going with the Rays and Athletics, and going against the Phillies and Yankees. He looked like a shaman last year, so let’s not laugh until October.

Meanwhile, the Royals were the only team unanimously chosen to finish amongst the worst three teams in MLB. Losing Greinke will do that. The Indians and Pirates are also getting plenty of votes of shame, so keep an eye on them.

From last year, you may remember that one point is awarded for correctly picking a team to make the playoffs, or two points if that correct pick is for a division winner. Three, two and one points are awarded for specifically guessing the first, second and third seeds in each league respectively. Guessing the best team of 2011 also nets two points, and any ties are broken by guessing the worst team, then 2nd worst, then 3rd worst then the worst three in any order. Then just in case, let’s say worst winning percentage of the combined three.

So without further ado, check below to see how us here at SoB think the 2011 season will shape up:

American League National League Best Tiebreaker
Name #1 #2 #3 #W #1 #2 #3 #W Record Worst Team 2nd Worst Team 3rd Worst Team
Brian Yankees Rangers White Sox Red Sox Phillies Giants Brewers Rockies Phillies Royals Astros Pirates
John Red Sox Twins Rangers Yankees Phillies Giants Reds Braves Phillies Royals Diamondbacks Pirates
KC Red Sox Twins Rangers Yankees Phillies Giants Reds Braves Phillies Pirates Indians Royals
Mike C Rays Tigers Athletics Red Sox Braves Giants Reds Rockies Rays Indians Mets Royals
Pete Red Sox Angels Twins Yankees Giants Phillies Brewers Marlins Red Sox Royals Pirates Indians

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