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Why I Hate the Montreal Canadiens

Milan Lucic lands a right hook   (Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

The regular season is over and our Boston Bruins proved that they can hang with the big boys in the conference, finishing with the #3 seed.  Now it’s time for the playoffs, and their first opponent…the Montreal Canadiens.

I am a proud American and love my country.  I am forever thankful to my forefathers in fighting to keep my rights to freedom safe from any other foreign power and making sure I am able to live in safety.

But when it comes to hockey, I HATE the colors red, white, and blue.

Those colors represent those dirty Montreal Canadiens and everything about them disgusts me.

The Bruins vs. Canadiens rivalry can be argued as one of the best rivalries in sports. No two teams have met more in the NHL (over 600 times) than the Bruins and Canadiens, and the hatred started almost as soon as the Bruins were formed in 1924.

Seven times the Bruins have faced the Canadiens for the Stanley Cup and all seven times the Bruins have come up short.  Seven banners that should be hanging high above the ice at the TD Garden are displayed at the Bell Centre instead.

These “Original Six” teams are now in the same division and must go through each other to reach the Cup now.  After having the Bruins have the upper hand in the ‘90s, the Canadiens have stolen three out of the four playoff series this decade.  Who can forget the 2004 series in which the Bruins blew a 3-1 series lead?

Not I, certainly not I.

Of course, my hatred isn’t fueled by just the scoreboard…

Zdeno Chara’s (Boston) hit on Max Pacioretty (Montreal), which left  Pacioretty with a broken vertebrae, was a perfectly LEGAL hit, yet thousands of Canadiens fans (who claim to be the gurus of hockey) were in outrage of no discipline being forced down on Chara from the league.  Fans were so angry over this that they called their local authorities in an attempt to file charges against Chara.

Seriously, I can’t make that up.

What’s funny is, I remember Canadiens’ Defensement Hal Gill hitting Jon Sim into a turnbuckle in the very same fashion as Chara’s hit, and the Fans CHEERED.  How dare someone do such a thing to a Montreal Canadiens’ player though?  (Video Here)

I have an idea; how about Montreal stops crying about their player and actually fixes the real problem? Their stanchion is unlike any other in arenas.  It’s clearly unsafe and needs to be addressed.  They won’t, though, because they think the Bell Centre is the Coliseum of hockey. Once again, they are thinking they are above everyone else.

Of course, this isn’t the only overreaction from those hypocritical Montreal fans.

March 13, 1955, in a fight with the Bruins’ Hal Laycoe, the Canadiens’ Maurice Richard punched a linesman who was restraining him.  The league suspended Richard for the rest of the season and through the playoffs for the punch.  Fans were so outraged by the suspension, they rioted in the streets two days later.

You know what they say, Montreal Canadiens fan overreactions come in threes. What’s going to happen, not if but when,  we beat them this series? The ice wasn’t the right temperature?

Finally, I hate the Montreal Canadiens because my father hates the Canadiens, and his father hates them, and his father’s father hates them.  It’s a Boston sports tradition that will be passed down from Bruins fan to Bruins fan. It’s the one thing all Bruins fans can have in common, the one thing that makes us a big family.

Thursday at 7:00pm, a new chapter in the Bruins vs. Canadiens rivalry begins and it has never been more intense.  Boston will forget about what happened in the past and focus on the present. It’s playoff hockey, one team will win, and the other goes home.  I dont know which sports bar I will be at , but I do know that I WILL be watching history.

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37 comments for “Why I Hate the Montreal Canadiens”

  1. Good article sir. I agree with you 100% on it all. As much as I would love to see Boston with the series in Boston, I think it would be a better smack in the face to see the Habs beat in their own city.

    Posted by Abubbica | April 14, 2011, 12:40 pm
  2. Makes me proud to be from Boston. This is the year, we’re bringin home the cup boys!

    Posted by Brendan Gardiner | April 14, 2011, 1:52 pm
  3. The U.S. Is fighting in 3 mid-east countries, soon to be more, and people are concerned about sports playoffs and Charlie Sheen. Stay asleep sheeple.

    Posted by chip | April 14, 2011, 2:26 pm
  4. @ Chip
    Yes, while we may be fighting wars all over, people dont come to the SPORTS of BOSTON website to speak about the war.
    We come here to read well written articles about the sports we use to get away from all the talk of war, bad politics and other events that constrict our thoughts.
    Sports is our way of getting away from the real world to enjoy ourselves no matter what is going on.
    Basically, you are an idiot, and are on the wrong website to get into political matters.

    Posted by Abubbica | April 14, 2011, 2:41 pm
  5. Couldnt have said anything better my self. Bruins FTW
    And @ Chip.
    Abubbica Wins.

    DUH Winning

    Posted by Bubblesaur | April 14, 2011, 4:30 pm
  6. Derek, truly you have Tiger’s Blood running through your veins to write such a poignant article.

    My family was never into hockey. However, as I started to watch and become more and more involved, it was almost instinctive to HATE the Canadiens.

    They can’t expect to treat the Bell Centre as a Coliseum without some of their players shedding some blood. I hope Chara nearly cripples another.

    Posted by Bill Gaffey | April 14, 2011, 4:49 pm
  7. chip: get owned!

    Posted by Paco | April 14, 2011, 6:36 pm
  8. I like sports a little more because of your collection of articles. I’m not a huge sports fan but your articles are enjoyable even to me. @ chip maybe you should be commenting on CNN or Fox News. Things like sports, music, film, etc make the reality we live in a little more manageable.

    Posted by Mike C. | April 14, 2011, 7:11 pm
  9. Bruins will never win the stanley cup, they just suck

    Posted by Flapper | April 14, 2011, 7:52 pm
  10. The Canadiens thinking that they’re above everyone else? Well, they have won 25% of all Stanley Cups…The Habs predate even the NHL. Hate them if you want, but it’s about history!

    Posted by GT | April 14, 2011, 10:03 pm
  11. Back in the day when the habs won most of their cups, teams had exclusive rights to players withing 50 miles of their city, so while the bruins were taking kids from plymouth community college, the habs were getting high quality picks based solely on their geogaphic location. In other words, luck.

    Posted by derek slicis | April 14, 2011, 11:35 pm
  12. and like u said before, since the canadiens predate the NHL, the population around Montreal was playig hockey more than the rest of the world, thus resulting in better players. Im not saying the Canadiens didnt have great teams, but they obviously had the advantage in the early going.

    Posted by Derek Slicis | April 14, 2011, 11:55 pm
  13. When you say American, do you mean United-Staters??? I really think Boston’s fans hate canadiens way more than Habs fan hates Bruins… Of course the hockey is all about Canada and Canadiens. Did you knew they changed the date of the presidential debate for the upcoming election because it was to happen at the same time as the fist game of the series vs Boston..

    Posted by ALex | April 15, 2011, 1:12 pm
  14. Canadians may love hockey too much. There’s no excuse for flooding 911 with calls to do something about a non-emergency situation well after it happened and is already well under control and didn’t require any supplemental discipline. Who knows how much damage was caused to people actually in need of emergency and medical attention?

    Posted by John | April 15, 2011, 11:04 pm
  15. Im from Canada and have been a bruins fan for 35 years. Trust me, habs fans hate boston and their fans every bit as much as we hate them. This rivalry has been going on forever and boston is enemy #1 in montreal. The fighting and insults being slung on facebook is quite entertaining. Half of Canada is cheering for Boston because they hate the habs. I cant be friends with a habs fan and im 40 years old. It s true i just cant do it. Begging you Boston-kick the sh&t out of them!

    Posted by dave | April 16, 2011, 12:00 am
  16. Bruins are Jinxed !!!….should look into hiring a sorcelery or whitch…maybe do some incantations….Find an old Italian lady who chant a ‘contro-malocchio’

    Posted by Cha | April 16, 2011, 11:43 pm
  17. “What’s going to happen, not if but when, we beat them this series? The ice wasn’t the right temperature?”

    Habs are leading the series 2-0. Even poor ice conditions couldn’t help the bruins at this point…pathetic! GO HABS GO!

    Posted by Joe | April 17, 2011, 3:05 am
  18. @Derek
    I agree, having a good basin of hockey players is all about luck, it has nothing to do with interest for the sport and training hard…good point (sigh). GO HABS GO

    Posted by Joe | April 17, 2011, 3:16 am
  19. @ joe
    Im saying the rule that was implemented made it so easy for the Habs to be good and stay good. For them, it was lucky.

    But Bruins play better on the road, and Chara decided to drink some Aquafina, so the series isnt nearly over yet.

    Philidelphia taught me that last year…

    Posted by Derek Slicis | April 17, 2011, 10:41 am
  20. You should seriously read some hockey history. Boston is one of the dirtiest team in the NHL, and don’t say u aren’t cuz we know very well what claude julien did during those last few minutes of the 8-6 game vs Montreal this year. Seems to me like you’re jealous and honestly, keep wasting ur energy on hating us, cuz we have better things to do. Now excuse us, but we have to go set and decorate our 25 Stanley Cups for the exibition. Have fun watching your team lose!

    Posted by Habs31 | April 22, 2011, 1:19 pm
  21. Im sorry for your team in their 8-6 loss in Boston. Im sorry your habs not only lost on the scoreboard but tried to win fights on the ice instead… and still lossed ( and bled a little too). Last time i checked, you can simply skate away from a fight but your Canadiens thought they could roll with Boychuck, Cambell, Thorton, and McQuaid and clearly could not. Im sorry that your team had a 2-0 series advantage going home to Montreal and managed to blow it. And im sorry you will have to witness your whiny, always diving, excuse of a hockey team lose at home in game 6. Your tears fuel my writing. Keep the comments coming.

    Posted by Derek Slicis | April 22, 2011, 1:34 pm
  22. Haters gonna hate.

    Posted by Derek Slicis | April 22, 2011, 2:03 pm
  23. I defend your right to say whatever you want. Even if your opinions are blatantly wrong. What offends me though is your total lack of understanding in any of the things you are talking about. Between you and me, it’s apparent that you yourself have never played any serious level of competitive hockey, if you’ve ever played at all. Which is not a problem, but why are you pretending to know what a legal hit is? It’s really more of a fact then a question for you. Just because you goggled some things about hockey and the MTL-Boston rivalry doesn’t mean you understand anything about the greatest game in sports. Also champ, it might surprise you to know how many Bruins are Canadian born players, and Montreal has one of the highest percentage of American player in the league. So turning this into an American vs. Canada thing is kind of pathetic. I wish it was the only thing wrong with your comments.

    Posted by Jeff Bone | April 22, 2011, 7:07 pm
  24. @ Jeff Bone

    Okay Listen here “Champ”,

    If you would be so kind to read my article before you made this silly little comment you would have noticed that I never called out Canada. Maybe if you graduated 4th grade you would know the difference between a “Canadien”( your hockey team name) and a “Canadian” ( people from Canada).

    To simply insult my intelligance about hockey and to try to embarrass me is funny as well. Nice try thanks for playing.

    My turn.

    Hmmm, this sport that you take so seriously, where in the rules does it say you can’t body check someone into the stanchion? Chara is a big man and Pacioretty isnt. Its unfortunate that Max got hurt but its a hockey play and simple physics. But you dont know anything about physics do you? You still dont know the difference between a Canadian and a “Canadien”

    I better stop however, because i dont want you contacting Canadian Authorties calling for my arrest for making you look Oh so Silly.

    Posted by Derek Slicis | April 22, 2011, 10:45 pm
  25. If someone could legitimately point out to me WHY the Chara hit was illegal, please let me know.

    The hit seemed fair and the other reason Chara got in trouble was purely because Max was so badly hurt.

    Had he gotten up like there was no issue, I bet good money there would have been no penalty.

    Posted by Bill | April 23, 2011, 12:23 am
  26. Lol. These Habs fans are really butthurt. I wonder how long it will be til they call 911 and say there was some cyber bullying going on.

    The Chara hit was nothing more than an accident. The only reason people got so upset about it is because the guy hit the corner of the glass. Something that everyone has wanted to get rid of but since Bell is the best sports arena of all time and has nothing wrong with it (Beside the people to attend it, the home team, the glass where Chara own3d that guy) nothing will happen there.
    Those Habs got so mad about the Chara hit, they Q_Q’ed all over the place. Not realizing that their team in the playoffs at home would pull some of the dirtiest moves ever.
    Suban is in fact a dirty player. He steals sticks, and over-exaggerates hits. Much like the rest of the Habs. One of the habs had the balls to jump right before a check and elbow one of our guys in the head. After all the ruckus they made about head hits, they go off and do one and see nothing wrong with it. Hypocrites. At least our team has enough balls to take care of ourselves. Habs tripped Kelley into the net and almost broke his face. What does it he do? He calls it a clean hit, throws on a new visor, and puts pucks into the net in sted of himself.
    Im glad that game 5 is in Boston, because the Refs that called the last 2 games don’t know anything. They just favored the Habs and didnt call ANY of the penalties. Even the announcers were getting upset. “The ref was looking directly at it, but somehow didn’t see anything wrong with it”
    I heard that statement at least 5-6 times during that game. But a Habs flops on the ground and its a tripping/hooking call.
    Habs are nothing more than a bunch of women who bitch about everything. You guys deserve your own reality show. Desperate Canadiens! There would be more drama on that show than at a high school the week before Prom.
    For once, I would like to see these so called Hockey fans take a step back, put all favorites aside, and rewatch game 3. Think about it with an open mind. Look at all the missed calls, and BS calls.

    Love Abubbica

    Posted by Abubbica | April 23, 2011, 9:16 am
  27. I give Boston credit for one thing and one thing only. The commercials are sweet:

    Without exception though your team is the most classless group of athletes the world has ever known. I bet you all high fived each other when Andrew Ference gave the middle finger to the crowd in Montreal. Its like a white trash convention when Boston comes to town. Knowing you’ll be crying in some sports bar when Montreal wins in game six will make the victory that much sweeter for me.

    Posted by Jeff Bone | April 23, 2011, 4:01 pm
  28. Commercials are sweet. No question about it. And while Ference could have controlled his emotions a little bit better, You bet I high fived everyone at my local bar. You are foolish if you think that you and your other Habs fans wouldnt have done the same thing had Subban scored the goal and flipped the bird.

    If the Bruins have to act in such a manner to get passion in their play then im all for it. Their paychecks can handle the fines and it makes for some good television.

    Posted by Derek Slicis | April 23, 2011, 6:09 pm
  29. You better believe that I high fived everyone after the middle finger was put up.
    You also better believe that I high fived everyone after Chara hit the Pacioretty into the glass.
    You better believe that I high fived everyone when he did it to another player last game.
    You better believe it that I high fived everyone after Marchand scored the first goal, knowing what Mr.Pacioretty said over Twitter. Saying that this game is longer than his nose. Yes, hes got a big nose, and the game went into double over time, but class comes with not talking trash aswell. Subban is known for trash talking and being a complete jerk on the ice.
    Im just going to reinstate what I said above. I can’t wait to hear about all the 911 rape calls after the Bruins dominate the Habs in Montreal Tuesday.
    I hope you guys can enjoy the Bell center for one last time. After tuesday, you guys will have no more hockey, and a stadium torn up by butthurt fans
    Good Game.

    Posted by Abubbica | April 25, 2011, 9:59 am
  30. Look guys, I’m not sure what the debate is here. The Habs are the Habs. Like you guys mentioned, we are at the epicenter of Hockey. Montreal is a bigger city than Boston, yet we only have ONE pro sport in town. Hockey is who we basically are. We are serious fans…and our announcer and fans DO NOT yell “Whooo” when the Habs score. It’s a serious game to us.

    You Habs haters only wish they were as fortunate as montrealers, it’s only natural as you are devoted hockey fans, but don’t have the same pedigree as a hockey city. Montrealers who hate the Habs are usually people that go against everything coming their way…we call this group “the pessimists”.

    Why was the Chara hit illegal? Easy, Chara looked up, saw the stanchion and held Max’s head over the boards and gave him a final push to smack his head there. Did he mean to hurt him? Probably not. Just like Bertuzzi didn’t mean to hurt Moore. But he should still be responsible for his actions. A hit from behind into the boards is the same thing…ya can’t say “the boards got in the way”. The emotions got the best of Chara…I understand, I’ve played this sport for a very long time. It happens…but that’s what the referee and the league is their for. They really missed this one.

    I agree, people shouldn’t be calling 911.

    Posted by GT | April 25, 2011, 4:50 pm
  31. So you were saying that montreal fans are classy huh? Nice rubber chicken and cans on the ice. Reeeaaaal classy. Pretty much summed up exactly why I hate your team.

    Posted by derek slicis | April 26, 2011, 7:19 pm
  32. A search on this page with the word “classy” turns up 2 results. Both on your post. Not sure what you’re talking about.

    I suppose you’re trying to throw bricks while in a glass house, because you can now add that Lucic hit on the list of the “Class acts of the Bruins”…totally uncalled for.

    I liked that rubber chicken…it looked funny.

    Look dood, you’re allowed to hate the Habs, just like I hate the Flyers. Why? Because the Habs beat the Bruins most of the time, just like the Flyers beat the Habs most of the time.

    May the best team win tomorrow!! “wink”

    Posted by GT | April 26, 2011, 11:42 pm

    Posted by Derek Slicis | April 27, 2011, 11:57 pm
  34. I would first like to say that I am a Canadian. Secondly, Chara’s hit was legal but at the same time illigal. The reason is simple. 1) Chara’s hit on Max happened so fast and you know how fast can an accident arrives… but on the other end, Chara exagerated his hit by pulling his arms foward making it illigal due to the fact that Max head was heading straight to the that window poll…you know! But… I have to agree with Bruins fans on this one… calling the cops… WHAT! they must have gone crazy or somethin’… I mean come on I know you hate the team… but now its becoming very or should I say to personal… The problem with the fans in Montreal is that they are not fans of hockey but instead fans of the MTL Canadiens. True hockey fans wouldn’t dare to do such a thing

    Posted by Jay Black | April 29, 2011, 4:55 pm
  35. You need to get a life.
    Honestly, is that your lone goal in life? Hate us?
    Keep on hating man, but keep in mind two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Cheer for your team and we’ll cheer for ours. Degrading another team on an article that’ll be published for anyone to see, is whiny, classless and simply pathetic. Isn’t that why you hated us?

    Posted by Mtl4Life | November 13, 2011, 9:34 pm
  36. touche ^ Mtl4Life

    Posted by BruinsTimmy | December 10, 2011, 1:05 pm
  37. *clapclap* Boston Strong 🙂 love this.

    Posted by Josee | April 30, 2014, 1:34 pm

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