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The Price is Wrong Montreal! Bruins Top Habs to Finally Win a Game 7

Bruins win game 7   (Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game 7.

These two words can change millions of lives across the globe. Two teams that carry the hearts of millions of fans on their back, face off against each other and only one can move on. This is what hockey is all about: the do or die moments where one small piece of circular rubber can change history.

If you walked towards the TD Garden Thursday night, you would have sensed that something great was about to happen. Once inside the building, the electricity was felt by every fan both Bruin and Canadien fan alike. Game 7 was going to be epic for one team, and heartbreaking for the other. The “Lets Go Bruins” chant rang louder than ever before because fans knew this is where history would happen.

Finally, the puck was dropped.

First Period

The Bruins controlled the tempo early on and cashed in on great scoring chances. Johnny Boychuck lifted the fans out of their seats at the 3:31 mark in the first period with the game’s first goal. Less than two minutes later, the ageless wonder Mark Recchi lit the lamp to give the Bruins a 2-0 lead.

Yannick Weber of the Canadiens scored about halfway through the period to cut the Bruins lead to one, a lead they held until the end of the first period.

Second Period

The second period went exactly as Montreal planned. The Habs defense played flawlessly and didn’t give the Bruins a chance at good quality scoring chances.

Tomas Plekanec then scored a shorthanded goal 5:50 into the period to tie the game at 2-2. The second period came to a close and once again, Bruins fans couldn’t help but remember a much similar 3-0 lead lost to the Flyers one year ago.

Third Period

The third period brought on the cowardly play by the Habs that we are so accustomed to seeing. This time however, the refs weren’t buying it. Roman Hamrlik was checked into the boards by Andrew Ference and stayed down on the ice to attempt to draw a penalty. Chris Kelly picked up the loose puck and deposited it into the net promptly to give the B’s a 3-2 lead.

Thank you Roman, maybe you can take diving lessons from P.K. Subban.

Unfortunately, P.K. Subban scored the game-tying, power play, goal with less than two minutes left in the game to tie it at 3.

The high-sticking penalty on Patrice Bergeron, upon instant replay, revealed that once again, the Bruins were the victims of the diving act the Habs play. James Wisniewski, while controlling the puck, saw Bergeron’s stick riding a little high towards his shoulders and immediately, through his head back and held his face to draw the high sticking penalty. At no point did Bergerons stick come into contact with Wisniewski’s face.


Regardless, the scoreboard remained tied at 3-3 and overtime was about to unfold.

Now I’m no priest, but the hockey gods must have been watching the game. Nathan Horton’s deflected shot snuck behind Carey Price’s body and in just under six minutes into the overtime period. As Boston’s spirits were lifting, Montreal fans were left to facepalm.

In just seven playoff games, Nathan Horton has scored two game-winning goals that have resulted in Bruins wins and Canadiens losses. Its safe to say that Horton has earned the “B” on his chest and and all of Boston hopes he can continue his hot hand into the Philadelphia series next week.

Final Thoughts

Montreal played a great series but it just wasn’t enough. Carey Price was phenomenal in net and will be a force to be reckoned with eventually. He just couldn’t get the job done when it counted. Maybe it was his mustache . That thing should have been shaved off from the beginning. Just saying…

Just a reminder, Montreal had a 2-0 series lead going back HOME and surrendering it must be killing not only the team, but the fans as well (honestly, I don’t care).

I may be extremely radical when it comes to the Habs, but my love for the Bruins fuels me to hate them. Sure, beating the Yankees is a great feeling, but New York has plenty of other professional sports teams they can shift their focus to. Montreal only has one team, and that one team will be playing golf, curling, cricket, or whatever Montrealers play in the offseason. I’m sure their fans will drink their crappy Molson Beer to try and fill the void in their hearts the Canadiens ripped out of them.

I will sleep soundly tonight knowing that the Montreal Canadiens fans will be tossing and turning in their beds.
Alas, we must move on to the Flyers, but honestly, I’m not worried about them either. We were 3-0-1 against them in the regular season and are riding high off our victory over evil Wednesday night.

On a closing note, I would like to thank the Montreal Canadiens for giving a much needed momentum boost to our Bruins. We will take that energy and heart into our series with Philadelphia and play even better. You are more than welcome to watch our Bruins, the more the merrier. At least this will make you feel better.

P.S. Where was Max Pacioretty on Twitter after the game? Don’t worry, I got one for him:

“@MaxPacioretty Your Hab’s defense broke in half in overtime just like your body did from Chara’s hit. Hmmmm, too soon?”

P.S.S Ham Cubes aren’t Bacon. So can we all stop pretending? Enough of the Canadian bacon routine.

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7 comments for “The Price is Wrong Montreal! Bruins Top Habs to Finally Win a Game 7”

  1. Don’t count on it buddy! Nobody here in Montreal is losing sleep over this. We are extremely proud of our team. In the end, they deserved a better fate, they outplayed and outskated the Boston Goons. They never gave up…all this with 5 of their key players injured.

    In the end, they played more for the logo in front of their shirts, than the name in back of them. Can’t say the same thing about the Bruins. Your team is a bunch of individualists that your coach can’t seem to control. Another hit into the Stanchion? A high stick late in the 3rd? WTF?

    See, in the end, the city where you play and your fans do make a ton of difference. Bostonians just love the violent stuff…so your team just loves to show that on the ice, it’s good entertainment, like a Hollywood movie lacking any soul or script, but full of action.

    Well, you’re about to play another team that plays the same way. Who knows (or cares) what the result will be.

    But I can tell you this – They play real hockey in the Western Conference. Even if you beat the Flyers, any team in the West will destroy the Bruins in 5 games, just like the Habs would have done if they had Markov, Gorges and Pacioretty back.

    So you better enjoy this ride now, because next year, your 36 y/o goalie will be 37, while ours is just starting to mature now at 23 y/o, and oh yeah, we’ll have those injured guys back in the lineup too.

    Funny how sometimes the losing team gets all the admiration and respect from the hockey community.



    Posted by GT | April 28, 2011, 11:25 am
  2. Oh boy was I waiting for you GT, I was hoping you would come back to this wonderful site and not bathe in defeat like the rest of your fans. Truth is, you have been great and your fans should try and be like you.

    your right, our Goaltender is going to be 37. Its a good thing we have a 24 (going to be 25) year old, starting playoff goaltender, right behind him. I guess you must have forgotten about Tuukka Rask. Im pretty sure he faired well in his rookie season last year and will for many years to come.

    As for that high sticking penalty, I give that dive a 9.8. Sweden gives it a 9.9, England gives it a 9.9, and Canada gives it a 10. Stick didnt hit him in the face at all. Look it up.

    And lets go all the way back to my “Why I hate Montreal” article…

    I said that when ever your team loses, you will always find an excuse and cry about it. Well looky here. A sad Habs fan telling me his team would have won if they had their “5 key players back from injury”.

    Thank you GT for proving my statement.

    Finally, that little statement about your losing team gets all the admiration and respect from the hockey community. Last time I checked your own country doesnt even respect your team. Maybe it was that time you wanted to be your own country. How did that go?

    I hope to hear from you again GT. Maybe next year you will have some insults that wont get spun completely around like Carey Price in net. sums it up pretty nicely

    Posted by Derek Slicis | April 28, 2011, 11:50 am
  3. “Funny how sometimes the losing team gets all the admiration and respect from the hockey community”- GT

    What respect are you talking about? The respect that the hockey community gives to floppers? The high stick didn’t even touch him, but got the call anyway.
    The guy who skated into Ferrance AFTER the whistle was blown, and flopped on the ice, you think you have respect?
    After Subban held onto a stick, looked at the ref, and then Light-As-A-Feather-Stiff-As-A-Board flopped onto the ice to try and get a penalty.
    Sure, he may be a good player, be him self is a joke. This was his second year and he was rated #15 among the world of sports most HATED players.

    Also, if they skated and outplayed the Boston Goons, why did Montreal have to shave?

    And I do give you this, Price is a great goalie, and is only going to get better. Thomas might not have that much time left, but this season isn’t over for us. Why should we be talking about next year when we have more teams to play?
    You guys can talk about your next years team all you want, but Bruins need to focus on now. (Just rubbing it in your face because it makes me laugh a bit)

    And lastly, to be a bit more of a jerk…
    “May the best team win tomorrow!! “wink””-GT

    Yes sir, they sure did!

    Love always,

    Posted by Abubbica | April 28, 2011, 11:51 am
  4. Btw, GT. You are a good man. I enjoy going back and forth with you because you have a higher IQ than anyone else in your nation. But thats not saying much since your still a Habs fan! 😀
    Its all in good fun, and I can’t wait til next year to see Boston and Montreal go at it again.

    Posted by Abubbica | April 28, 2011, 11:53 am
  5. You must tell me the name of the acting school all the canadiens attend together up there. Retired habs players aswell as deceased ones would cringe at the way the current montreal team acts and dives to win games, integrity for the game and their franchise is something the coaching staff and some players know nothing about, I used to respect and cheer for the habs when the bruins would be knocked out of the playoffs but I CAN’T say the same now, and I find it sad and MOST DEFINATLY PATHETIC. Enjoy the rest of the playoffs though! 😉

    Posted by Drew J | April 28, 2011, 12:56 pm
  6. PK is an embaressment to his team and the nhl…BYE BYE DIVING BITCHES!!!

    Posted by Jay | April 28, 2011, 9:20 pm
  7. Wow – no biases evident on this blog …. Glad to see some mature, objective opinions are being expressed. How about one from someone who doesn’t like either team, but will certainly acknowledge it was a great series. Hold on Boston fans, you won’t like this … It simply came down to whoever got the last lucky bounce – in this case it was Horton’s shot off an ankle to win it. Despite all the tough talk Boston fans, that’s what it came down to. And Montreal fans, stop whining – you have no right to complain. You’ve had far more than your share of lucky bounces over the years. Now let’s all just move on.

    Posted by D Cous | May 2, 2011, 10:21 am

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