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Video: Nathan Horton Sprays Water Bottle On Lightning Fan

Nathan Horton (Photo from flickr)

Sometimes the pressure cooker that is the NHL playoffs is thrilling. It’s inarguable that the games are some of the best competition you’ll see in American sports.

And sometimes it turns grown, grisly men -some of the toughest athletes in the world- into petulant children.

Watch video (fast forward to 1:30, watch the bottom of the screen):

I’m a Bruins fan; but there really isn’t any defending this. Though I did laugh a little. Partly because the fans are so stunned, and partly because Horton does it with such premeditated intent.

It’s hard to blame Horton for acting so sorely after the loss, as his contributions in this post season have been enormous for the Bruins. Horton has 7 goals and 9 assists, including two in Wednesday’s Game 6. He’s also leading the Bruins with a +/- of 9.

Of course, David Krejci had a hat trick and was rewarded with a bottle to the head. Tough crowd.

In the end, the NHL decided not to punish Horton or Lightning fans for the incidents.

Still, the hosed fan doesn’t even win the award for “Most Harassed Person in St. Pete Times Forum”. That one goes to Andrew Ference.

Even a Lightning fan would choose a little water to the face over this creepy kiss from Steve Downie.


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One comment for “Video: Nathan Horton Sprays Water Bottle On Lightning Fan”

  1. I actually could care less if Horton sprayed some moronic fan that was sitting behind the bench taunting the players as they left the ice. I would imagine the guy had it coming to him and he wasn’t innocent.

    Posted by Goon | May 26, 2011, 10:39 pm

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