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What Could Have Been? Corey Brewer Nearly Chose Celtics

Instead of signing with the Western Conference Champion Dallas Mavericks, Corey Brewer considered signing on with the Celtics, leaving Boston with the question "what if?"

Although he has only appeared in a total of five playoff games for the Dallas Mavericks, Corey Brewer would have been a big piece in the Celtics rotation, had he signed in Boston. It was also a real possibility and came down to how many years each team was willing to give him. Dallas gave him two years and Boston was only willing to give him the rest of this season. I’m not sure why Danny Ainge didn’t offer him next season considering that he just turned 25 in March and has sh0wn he can contribute on any team.

“I seriously considered the Celtics, a lot,” said Brewer, who is making his first career NBA Finals appearance with Dallas. “And eventually I thought I was going to go to Boston. But then at the last minute we struck a nice deal with Dallas and we felt like this was the best situation for us.”

Brewer has a reputation as being a solid defender and can provide ample offense off the bench, so he would’ve fit in perfect for the Celtics. Since a lot of teams don’t use a deep bench in the playoffs, it’s hard to say how much he would’ve actually played in the postseason if he signed in Boston (see Troy Murphy and Carlos Arroyo).

Brewer did end up with the better situation this season and could be a big piece for what the Mavericks want to do in the future. Dallas needed the small forward with Caron Butler unable to play throughout the playoffs due to a knee injury. Even with Butler’s absence, it’s surprising that the Mavericks have opted not to play the former Florida Gator as much.

Last season was his best in the NBA, as he averaged 13.0 points, 3.4 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.4 steals while starting all 82 games. With a deep bench this season, the Mavericks couldn’t find time to play the fourth-year guard. He has been stuck behind DeShawn Stevenson, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion and Peja Stojakovic at both the guard and forward positions. At 6’9″, Brewer is able to play both shooting guard and small forward but has played more at the the guard position throughout his career.

Had he signed with the Celtics, he could’ve been slotted in at the guard spot alongside Delonte West at the point. He could’ve also played small forward for the smaller lineup with West and Arroyo in the backcourt and Jeff Green and Glen Davis in the frontcourt. Either way, he would’ve been a bigger spark off the bench than Sasha Pavlovic or the streaky Von Wafer.

With his height and long arms, he is able to defend players like LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony better than someone like West or Pavlovic could. Since the C’s didn’t offer him a good contract he walked and walked onto a NBA Finals team. Not a bad choice for a guy who won the NCAA National Championship with Florida twice.

So, if the Celtics had signed Brewer, would the team have made it to the Finals? Maybe not. Would the Celtics have been better? Yes, of course, and it would’ve given the team an option for the future.

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