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Video: David Ortiz, Kevin Gregg Fight in Red Sox-Orioles Brawl

David Ortiz, Kevin Gregg (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The fireworks after Monday’s July 4th game reappeared Friday night at Fenway. Orioles pitcher Kevin Gregg threw inside twice at David Ortiz, prompting benches to clear in the eighth inning. After the situation calmed down, Ortiz hit a lazy fly ball and slowly moved out of the batter’s box. Gregg barked at Ortiz, who yelled back and charged the mound.

No one landed any punches, but things got a bit testy on the mound as both benches and bullpens cleared again. Orioles players like Gregg and Nick Markakis felt it was “bush league” of Ortiz to swing at a 3-0 pitch and show up their pitcher (by slowly trotting out of the box) with a seven-run lead in the eighth.

Sox players, meanwhile, speculated that the Orioles were probably a bit frustrated after they got blown out for the second straight night, losing 10-3.

Watch video below:

“I think you show them that we’re not backing down,” Gregg said after the game. “We’re not scared of them—them and their $180 million payroll. We don’t care.”

What did you think of the fight?

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9 comments for “Video: David Ortiz, Kevin Gregg Fight in Red Sox-Orioles Brawl”

  1. I thought the fight was totally bush league. I love Big Papi, but I think he should have been ejected for charging the mound. A batter has no business leaving the batter’s box or baselines and running around on the grass, and MLB should change its rules to make that an automatic ejection (and automatic out).

    Posted by Alan | July 9, 2011, 7:23 am
  2. @Alan

    So you’re condoning that it’s okay for pitchers to throw at batters, or brush them back? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “For every action, there’s an opposite but equal reaction.” If the pitcher can’t handle it, then he shouldn’t be locating his pitches that far inside. The pitcher should’ve been ejected too, because there was no need for it when his team, which is below .500, is getting pounded by 7-runs in the 8th inning. To me, that’s bush league. Don’t get me wrong, I hate both teams, but it’s just my opinion.


    Posted by Zack | July 9, 2011, 10:03 pm
  3. No one is right in this situation. They should both be ashamed. This is not what baseball is. They both looked like fools not landing any punches either. If you are gonna fight at least make it a good fight. Im glad I am a Phillies Fan.

    Posted by Colin | July 10, 2011, 3:54 am
  4. Big papi should have knocked him out. The pitcher had no reason to do tht to him. Gregg is just a sore loser. Big papi should have gone all king kong and knock gregg straight out.

    Posted by Jeff | July 10, 2011, 9:54 am
  5. They both are in the wrong. I don’t really blame Ortiz for charging because Gregg needed to have his ass handed to him for playing like that. What a little bitch. Gregg definitely should be ejected! Ortiz too, obviously.

    Posted by Bob | July 10, 2011, 11:17 am
  6. I think that this is apart of the game. A pitcher throws inside to get a power hitter thinking trying to get into his head, but also the pitcher needs to realize that when doing this he may get his ass handed to him. All the great pitchers did this:Nolan Ryan,Roger Clemens,Tom Glavine just to name a few. If it was me I would of threw it high inside make him get a little dirty, he is a ball player not GOD

    Posted by Gary | July 11, 2011, 10:28 pm
  7. I’m just wondering why both clubs felt like they had to get involved. After all, it was just between Ortiz and Gregg. And yes, this is something that has been going on since the beginnings of the game. The pitcher starts to test the batter by trying to brush him back. Finally he gets the kind of response that he got from Ortiz that night, which has happened before, but not with the entirety of both teams joining in, unless they were trying to break up the fracas. However, such was definitely not the case here. Everyone was just looking for a “boys’ night out” here. If they all hadn’t joined in, maybe Ortiz and Gregg would have only been ejected and not suspended like they were.

    Posted by Jeff | July 14, 2011, 6:26 pm
  8. Lucky Ortiz missed that hook, Gregg would’ve had a concussion…

    Posted by Tuan | July 14, 2011, 7:42 pm
  9. Big Papi is a beast

    Posted by Dizzy | July 18, 2011, 10:01 am

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