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Sports Media Musings: Why Has The Joe Corvo Assault in Boston Been Largely Ignored?

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The local media’s adulation of Boston Bruins management’s acquisition of defense-man Joe Corvo is certainly palpable. There has been an abundance of talk about his laser shot from the point, and his adroit stick handling abilities; however, throughout the clamoring, the “omniscient” media seems to be glazing over Corvo’s criminal history. A history – mind you – that stemmed right here in the hub.

My editor’s asked me why I thought this story was being swept under the rug.

When I know a pertinent issue is being ignored by media-types, I typically will bring the topic to the surface. The Corvo case is no different, especially considering the following point:

The treatment of Wil Cordero and the Jason Kidd domestic assault cases was venomous here in Boston.

Cordero was arrested in 1997 for domestic abuse, and later apprehended again after violating his restraining order. TheGlobe further sullied Cordero’s name when it published details from Cordero’s assault case in 1993, which included allegations of abuse occurring during his wife’s pregnancy. The ensuing season the Fenway faithful let Cordero know his transgressions were not un-noticed.

During the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals, Celtics fans infamously treated Jason Kidd and his wife – who was in attendance – to “Wife beater” chants, causing a media-firestorm.

And, believe me, both instances required acknowledgement, analysis, and reaction…However, if that’s the case, why is the new Bruin getting a free pass? Maybe it’s because, after a long Stanley Cup Final run, people’s interest is no longer piqued by black & gold banter. Or, maybe it’s because, after an eminent two-month stretch, the Bruins have become the toast of the town, and no member of the media wants to spoil their new serene position in Boston’s sports lure.

Craving a recent example?

The Randy Moss soap opera was taxing. The intriguing presser, conducted by Moss following the Patriots first game of last season’s campaign, was endearing for media-types and fans alike. The inappropriate behaviour emanating from the mercurial wide receiver caused infamous allure, but this attention revolved around a monetary agenda. And the local media, justifiably so, castigated Moss for the soliloquy.

So, again, I ask why is Corvo – a guy who hit a woman – being given the hall pass? The argument that Corvo was young and naive is lazy, and more importantly wrong. Case in point, Corvo was 26 the night he got slammered (in November 2002) and decided to attack a woman in Boston. Eighteen is old enough to know better.

Chalking the mistake up to youth, when Corvo was 8 years older than 18, doesn’t hold water.

Moreover, the attention given to his impact on the ice has been accentuated to a point of nauseum. Doesn’t it almost feel disingenuous? (The folklore of this guy’s shot is comparable to the “Knuckle Puck” in Mighty Ducks 2).

Now he is back – a changed man, he claims – and I’m still wondering why no one (From Haggerty to Bob Ryan) notices what we’ve chosen to notice in the past.

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3 comments for “Sports Media Musings: Why Has The Joe Corvo Assault in Boston Been Largely Ignored?”

  1. Why has this been “ignored”. Um, I don’t know – maybe because it happened nearly a DECADE ago.

    Posted by Bob | August 26, 2011, 12:15 pm
  2. Because he went through counseling and anger management.More importantly because he hasn’t had anything similar happen in almost 10 Years.

    People make mistakes. People have problems. When those people take the initiative, or are forced to take the initiative and overcome these issues… they deserve to be forgiven.

    Plus he’s playing good.

    Posted by Jesse Dampolo | October 22, 2011, 2:17 am
  3. I’d let him knock me around.

    Posted by Robin | January 17, 2012, 2:19 pm

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