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Manning Compares Himself to Brady: Why is No. 12 Hated?

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots  (

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback (and possibly human being) in the history of our Earth. His worldly passing skills, and pretty boy smile put him in a class of his own. He’s a natural winner who brings home Super Bowl Championships like no one’s business. Oh, but apparently Eli Manning disagrees so of course that can’t be true.

On Tuesday, Manning said the following:

“I consider myself in that class.”

And this:

“Tom Brady is a great quarterback, he’s a great player and what you’ve seen with him is he’s gotten better every year. He started off winning championships and I think he’s a better quarterback now than what he was, in all honesty, when he was winning those championships.”

Excuse me? Sorry dude, but you can’t even hold Tom Brady’s jockstrap. Don’t go around making outlandish statements when you’re only going to have hurt feelings later on.

Eli Manning’s Status in the NFL

I just can’t take Eli Manning seriously. I know I should, considering the Giants beat the Patriots in a Superbowl that I’ve tried to erase from my memory. But, didn’t that have to do with David Tyree making an awesome catch, more than Manning being an adequate quarterback? In my mind, Eli will always be Peyton’s snotty little brother who feels like he’s entitled to having everything handed to him. He’s kind of like Draco Malfoy. After he throws a pick, I bet he says, “My father will hear about this!”(Photo Courtesy of Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

All biases aside, Brady and Lil’ Manning are not comparable in any way, shape, or form. Tom Brady’s stats decimate Lil’ Manning’s. Brady wears three rings to Eli’s one. And in all honesty, if you had to pick a quarterback to build a team around, who would you choose? Brady, Peyton, Brees, Rodgers….how far down on the list is Eli?

What’s with the Hate?

This all points to a larger notion at play. Why did Eli Manning feel the need to take a shot at him? While Tom Brady is admired as a genuine sweet heart in New England, it seems as if everyone else can’t stand the guy.

Personally, I can’t fathom this. Brady is a winner, has devilishly good looks, and a super model wife. His sense of style puts Ryan Seacrest to shame. In interviews he’s articulate and composes himself with the utmost poise. He’s the only grown man who can get away with wearing UGGs. What’s not to like about the guy?

I can’t help but think that if Tom Brady’s life meteorically crashed like Britney Spears or Tiger Woods, people would be happy.

Brady vs. Manning: A Popularity Contest

Of course we come full circle to the Brady vs. Manning (the good one) debate. Peyton pisses me off. He seems like a selfish showboater and he sucks at acting. When Brady is speaking at a post-game press conference he looks like he’s ready to go to a magazine shoot. Peyton is all sweaty and gross and it freaks me out.

Yet, Peyton seems to get all the love. For years and years Brady has been undeservedly shafted when the two are compared. Antonio Cromartie said this and Rex Ryan can’t go two minutes without spewing an insult about him (I swear this is a Helga Pataki complex like in Hey Arnold!).

Cromartie and Ryan are from the Jets so it’s more understandable, but what about Eli and the rest of the country? They can make fun of the guy for going down a water slide? Post nude pics of his kid? If someone made fun of Peyton, there would be riots so large the military would be forced to intervene.

If I had to guess, the metrosexual Tom Brady appears a little too slick, which turns people off. Peyton, on the other hand, appears like an ordinary American guy people can relate to. It’s not necessarily fair, but it is what it is.

Beat the Best

The fact is people take shots at the best due to jealousy and feelings of inferiority. But Brady clearly gets the brunt of this, (though I doubt he cares in the slightest) while Peyton is all but immune. Eli had to have realized how idiotic he would sound saying this. If he had tried to compare himself to his superior (but still lame) brother it would have appeared more playful and good natured rather than bitter and full of envy. 

Brady gets insulted by everyone in the league before game day. After he rips defenses to shreds with his bare hands and demoralizes opposing teams to the point where they can’t show their faces in public, things start to get real quiet.

I can’t say the same about Eli Manning.

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