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Leaked Emails Could Put Shaq And Tiger Woods In the Same Love Boat

Is Shaq the new Tiger? (Picture Courtesy of

For those of us who have unfortunately wasted precious moments of our lives that we’ll never get back watching VH1’s reality show Basketball Wives, we know that apparently it’s difficult for NBA stars to keep their mammoth mitts to themselves. The show’s creator and star, Shaunie O’Neal, is the ex-wife of retired NBA great and future Hall-of-Famer Shaquille O’Neal.

It’s no secret that Shaq and Shaunie separated for a reason, but now thanks to the Miami New Times releasing its third batch of leaked messages from Shaquille O’Neal’s email account, we may be getting a clear look as to what that reason was. In the newest round of emails the former NBA great sounds awfully worried as he goes back and forth with agent Robert Parrish.

Anthony C. Hall, Shaq’s costar in Blue Chips, had forwarded an email that he had received from a woman named Christina. Then a TMZ reporter named Eric asked her to give him the story about her and Shaq for $3,500.

Once O’Neal caught wind of TMZ’s offer to Christina, needless to say, he was none too pleased. His displeasure is evident in his email exchange with Parrish. All spelling and grammatical errors are from those writing the emails (I’ll assume it’s tough to type with giant hands):

Shaq: Tmz is offering people money, read below

Parrish: We can’t stop them from offering money. Every pic every story is for sale. We will have Dennis [Roach, Shaq’s attorney] send the a letter. We got to be careful we don’t want TMZ reporting that Shaq and his people are trying to start us from reporting “news”. We know its bs but the will use anything to promote their site. They would love to have a “riff” with Shaq. Who is Christina we need to talk to her.Chief and I are having breakfast with you in the morning.

Shaq: They kno the emails are stolen, that’s why they contacting , people. Thet are harassing, those emails are stolen

Parrish: I got a contact now with TMZ I’m talking with

Shaq: The point is we dnt want them do what they r doing to tiger, they got him wit steroids and all dat [expletive]

Parrish: We are working hard on this. Although the stuff is stolen TMZ n the other website marketing themselves as gossip entertainment not credible new reporting ie CNN, I’m with you on this we are going to see how good our contact is

Shaq: Ok but in the meantime o boy needs to b put in jail, we have way to many law enforcement connections to let a criminal try to get over on mine o mine, we dnt need any distraction was we deal with our harvard guy, shoe line guy, retaraunt guy, real estate guy, and everything we are planning to do for the after basketball life. I promised u I would stay outta trouble, I kept my word, but cannot control somebody dtealing and selling emails. Come on now protect me from this.
I lost my family because of this guy, come on now

Parrish: Got it he will be stopped n pay for this

The alleged relationship between O’Neal and Christina supposedly occurred while Shaq was living in Scottsdale Arizona. This makes it seem as though TMZ is attempting to find proof of Shaq’s infidelity in a Tiger Woods-like scandal, just as O’Neal referenced in his emails.

As one of the most popular personalities in sports over the last decade, O’Neal hasn’t had any trouble finding gigs in his post NBA life, but it wasn’t long ago that we did in fact witness the demise of Tiger Woods. Woods was an equally popular figure in the world of sports and his scandal changed his image forever. Couple these emails with the lawsuit filed by Robert Ross against Shaq for allegedly developing a plot to kidnap him over a sex tape he had that Shaq was in with a mistress and the road to Tiger status doesn’t seem to far away.

Currently the emails haven’t had too much affect on Shaq’s job search and current relationship with a former VH1 reality star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, but if this goes any further, he may have an issue that could leave even his humungous hands full.

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