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The AP Top 25: Week 4, Boise State’s Smooth, Clemson Hot

Kellen Moore has Boise State sitting pretty at No. 4 in the nation. (Associated Press/Rick Osentoski)

1. Oklahoma (37)
With the win over Florida State, Oklahoma took three first place votes each from Alabama and LSU. They also looked like a team that could win the BCS Championship. Great analyst that I am, I believe they are a really good football team.

2. LSU (14)
After their win over Mississippi State definitively proved that they are probably one of the best gulf coast schools this year, LSU once again jumped Alabama. These two have leaped each other every week, with the team who beat a higher ranked opponent taking the No. 2 spot each time. This week might put that trend to the test though, with LSU playing No. 16 West Virginia and Alabama playing No. 14 Arkansas.

If both teams win and Alabama jumps LSU, I might need to track one of these voters down. For an interview of course.

3. Alabama (7)
LSU has looked better than Alabama this season, but the Crimson Tide has still looked dominant. Alabama is outscoring its opponents 116-18 this season, which includes a win at then-ranked Penn State.

4. Boise State (2)
40-15 over Toledo? Business as usual. Kellen Moore completing 79 percent of his passes this year? Also business as usual. I champion America’s Team every week because of this devastating efficiency. Don’t let their isolation among the potatoes or lack of BCS conference affiliation sway you. They are really good.

5. Stanford
Is Stanford too boring to be taken seriously as a BCS contender?

They have a stud quarterback, only one truly difficult game this season against Oregon, and they will inevitably leap Boise State and the LSU/Alabama loser. They have a relatively easy path to the BCS Championship, and it’s hard to imagine Luck making many mistakes on the way. Don’t let them sneak up on you.

6. Wisconsin
7. Oklahoma State
8. Texas A&M
9. Nebraska
10. Oregon
This group hasn’t been shaken up too much this season, but that’s about to change. In the next two weeks, Wisconsin plays Nebraska and Oklahoma State play Texas A&M. Whatever happens, expect Oregon to reap the benefits of having their big loss come early.

11. Florida State
12. South Carolina
13. Virginia Tech
14. Arkansas
15. Florida
With the rate things are going, the ACC and SEC might merge in 15 years to create a gargantuan amalgamation of schools in the eastern time zone (except for you A&M). That would put all of these schools in the same conference. As it is, these schools seem to have an aversion to each other. The ACC schools don’t play each other, and the only two matchups between the SEC schools don’t happen until November. They should take a lesson from the above clump.

16. West Virginia
17. Baylor
18. South Florida
19. Texas
20. TCU
At least as it pertains to conference realignment, this might as well be the Winners and Losers clump. Texas is obviously a winner, with the massive income from the Longhorn Network and their impending move to the Pac-12 (Pac-16?). West Virginia is also a winner, with every rumor pointing to them as the eastern counterbalance to the SEC’s addition of Texas A&M.

Baylor, as we’ve covered in the past, is a loser. They are going to be left out in the cold.

TCU and South Florida are in a slightly less worrisome position. Even though they are allied with the Big East, which might collapse as a football entity, they will be intriguing additions for the remaining conferences. There will almost certainly be interest from the Big Ten (TCU), SEC (both), and ACC (USF).

21. Clemson
22. Michigan
23. USC
24. Illinois
25. Georgia Tech
Speaking of winners, this weekend was a success for the ACC. Even though their best school was soundly defeated in the weekend’s marquee game, Clemson upset of Auburn and Georgia Tech’s continued solid play launched them into the rankings. This gives the ACC four ranked schools, and allows them to claim that they are in fact a legitimate FBS conference. Even more, in a shockingly swift move, they officially brought Pittsburgh and Syracuse into the mix for future seasons.

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