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The AP Top 25 (Week 6): Wisconsin Jumps into the Top 5

Nebraska could not keep up with Wisconsin's quarterback Russell Wilson. (AP Photo)

1. LSU (40)
I was legitimately disappointed that LSU couldn’t hold on to the shutout this week. Kentucky never had a chance against them. Assuming they keep winning, the Tigers’ matchup with Alabama looks like it will be the game of the season. LSU doesn’t have an easy schedule in the interim though, with games with home games with Florida and Auburn sandwiched around a visit to Tennessee that already looks like a trap game.

2. Alabama (12)
With a decisive 38-10 win in The Swamp, it’s tough to argue that Alabama didn’t deserve to jump Oklahoma this week. They haven’t been as dominant as LSU this season, but they’ve still been plenty dominant. They have a much easier road to their matchup with the Tigers, playing Vanderbilt, Ole Miss and Tennessee.

3. Oklahoma (7)
Wait… Oklahoma beat Ball State 62-6? There’s definitely an argument to keep Oklahoma in the No. 2 spot. Voters, what’s the hurry to have SEC schools jump in the rankings each week? They’re eventually going to play each other, why can’t we just let that happen?

4. Wisconsin
WHAT A WIN. The Badgers absolutely dominated a really good Nebraska squad, propelling themselves into the BCS Championship picture and propelling Russell Wilson into Heisman consideration. The only ranked opponent left on their schedule is Illinois (way to go Big Ten!), although they will probably play a ranked Michigan squad in the Big Ten Championship. All things considered, they have a soft road to an undefeated season. Even if that happens though, they’ll need some help. Assuming they also win out, the LSU-Alabama and Oklahoma-Oklahoma State winners will be ranked higher than an undefeated Wisconsin team at the end of the season. The Badgers need one of those teams to lose another game.

5. Boise State (1)
Ho-hum. Another blowout no one saw. There’s already nothing left to say about this team. Every week they outclass a lesser team and get no attention for it. Kellen Moore had the worst game of his career and this game still wasn’t close.

6. Oklahoma State
7. Stanford
8. Clemson
9. Oregon
10. Arkansas
Clemson can’t keep this up, can they? They’ve had a habit in recent season (in basketball too) of starting strong and looking incredibly dangerous. Then, they totally blow it and limp to the finish line. Their wins this season have been convincing, but is there anyone who really believes in them at this point?

11. Texas
12. Michigan
13. Georgia Tech
14. Nebraska
15. Auburn
With the exception of Nebraska, these schools all seem like they’re playing over their heads. Thankfully, that market will correct itself in the next few weeks. Texas (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State) and Auburn (Arkansas, Florida, LSU) have tough schedules, while this is the time of year where Michigan’s reliance on Denard Robinson and Georgia Tech’s reliance on the triple option start to be less effective.

16. West Virginia
17. Florida
18. South Carolina
19. Illinois
20. Kansas State
This quintet is a quiet bastion of BCS hope. The SEC East winner will come from this quintet, the Big East Champion will come from this quintet, and the Big Ten Champion (if they beat Wisconsin) could come from this quintet. Kansas State also comes from this quintet, but they aren’t going to top that conference. Let’s be realistic.

21. Virginia Tech
22. Arizona State
23. Florida State
24. Texas A&M
25. Baylor
This segment needs to be devoted to Robert Griffin III, because I failed to mention him last week. Even with his “disappointing” performance this week, he has 20 incompletions and 18 touchdown passes this season. Also, he runs a 4.3 40. That is all.

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