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The AP Top 25 (Week 7): Kansas State Sneaks Up Rankings

Don't look now, but after a win over Missouri Saturday, Kansas State is No. 17. (AP Photo/Jeff Tuttle) (AP Photo/Jeff Tuttle)

1. LSU (40)
How dare they give up points to the then-17th ranked Florida Gators. I was once again disappointed that they did not get the shutout. With that said, they seem like they’re playing with more than 11 defenders. Their defense is awesome, and I mean that in the most literal sense.

2. Alabama (10)
There you go! That’s how you shut a team down! It was Vanderbilt, but still.

3. Oklahoma (8)
No team was more elated than the Sooners this week. They absolutely obliterated their highly-ranked arch rivals. More importantly, this game is in Dallas every year. Even though the Cotton Bowl is roughly equidistant from Austin and Norman, doesn’t it seem unfair that they play this game in Texas every year?

4. Wisconsin
Wisconsin was idle this week, so not much interesting happened this week. How does that different from most weekends in Wisconsin? It doesn’t. Badger slam!

5. Boise State (1)
Apologies for that previous joke. Moving on, I know Boise State is elite because they won by 50 this week and I was not surprised. Has Kellen Moore booked his tickets to the Heisman presentation yet? He won’t win, but he’s a lock to be a finalist.

6. Oklahoma State
7. Stanford
8. Clemson
9. Oregon
10. Arkansas
This quintet is where the trio of conceivable of BCS Champions ends. Along with the schools in the Top 5, Oklahoma State and Stanford are schools that are playing at a championship level. It’s highly unlikely that either them will make it to the BCS Championship. Stanford in particular has a terribly soft schedule that won’t do an undefeated season much justice. Oklahoma State has a more reasonable chance to make it, but they’d still need a number of things to go right, not the least of which is a win against Oklahoma. The point is, if Stanford somehow wins the BCS Championship, I will accept them as a legitimate champion. If, on the other hand, Clemson somehow wins, I will justify it as some sort of once-in-a-generation breakdown of order.

11. Michigan
12. Georgia Tech
13. West Virginia
14. Nebraska
15. South Carolina
There is one viable quarterback in this quintet. How is that possible? Denard Robinson is mostly runner, Georgia Tech has a general disdain for quarterbacks, Taylor Martinez seems like he just learned (poorly) how to throw a football, and Connor Shaw has barely played at all for South Carolina. This quintet does the exact opposite of what LSU did to Geno Smith.

16. Illinois
17. Kansas State
18. Arizona State
19. Virginia Tech
20. Baylor
Oh hey Kansas State, I didn’t see you there. I mean that literally, I was not aware you were any good until this week. It looks like you’re 5-0, including wins over Baylor and The U. I guess we have to take you seriously, but I’m very worried about the end of your schedule. Oklahoma-Oklahoma State-Texas A&M-Texas in consecutive weeks? That’s tough. For now though, enjoy being undefeated. It won’t last.

21. Texas A&M
22. Texas
23. Michigan State
24. Auburn
25. Houston
This quintet is dominated by schools from Texas, and Baylor is the next-highest ranked school. What does that say about the current state of football in Texas? Since this is the first week without a ranked Florida school since 1982, has there been a fundamental shift in recruiting? Is there more talent from other states or are talented players simply playing less for home-state schools? That is all.

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