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The BCS Top 25 (Week 8): Cowboys Sitting at No. 4.

QB Brandon Weeden has his Oklahoma State in the BCS Top 5. (The Oklahoman/Nate Billings)

Quick note: with the release of the BCS rankings this week, the Top 25 wrap-up will be based on those rankings from here on out.

The biggest change will be my shift from complaining about stupid voters to complaining about flawed algorithms. Let’s get to it.

1. LSU
Big surprise here. They continued their dominance, and I have run out of superlatives to describe them. My superlative bin is empty. I’ve used them all.

2. Alabama
Alabama is also dominant. How great is the game between these two teams going to be on Nov. 5? A night game in Tuscaloosa between the top two teams in the country? It could be transcendent.

3. Oklahoma
Don’t forget the Sooners. No matter who wins LSU-Alabama, they also win. Well, assuming they beat Oklahoma State. This team is so good that their 30-point win seemed like a legitimate disappointment.

4. Oklahoma State
Isn’t the BCS great? Its top four teams are playing each other, setting up two pseudo national semifinals. Oh wait, that was all luck. The BCS is still terrible.

5. Boise State
They won by 50. Again. Sadly, their weak schedule will cause them to slowly slip further and further from BCS Championship contention. They should offer to play all of their games on the road.

Not only will it help their strength of schedule, but that is a strong power move, “We’re so good, we don’t need home field advantage.” I’m only 15 percent kidding, by the way.

6. Wisconsin
7. Clemson
8. Stanford
9. Arkansas
10. Oregon
It is very possible that three of these teams will win out and will not be close to the BCS Championship. How is that fair? Give them a chance to get there. Let’s have a playoff.

11. Kansas State
12. Virginia Tech
13. Nebraska
14. South Carolina
15. West Virginia
In past years, Kansas State would have a relatively easy path to the Big 12 North title, which would have given them a puncher’s chance at winning the Big 12.

Sure, they would have had to deal with Nebraska, but the Cornhuskers are beatable this year. Instead, the Wildcats will have to play the Oklahoma schools, Texas and Texas A&M.

At best they can hope for a third place finish, which will send them to some useless bowl. This may be a more meritocratic solution, but it’s a tough break for the Little Apple.

16. Michigan State
17. Texas A&M
18. Michigan
19. Houston
20. Auburn
Houston is the lowest ranked undefeated team. Sadly, even if they go undefeated they probably won’t have the profile to make a BCS bowl. The presence of fellow non-AQ Boise State doesn’t help either.

I had to glance at each conference’s standings to confirm that there are no unranked undefeated teams, and I was reminded that the Sun Belt exists. It is the only conference that has not been touched by conference expansion talks (Temple, strangely, keeps the MAC from inclusion on that list).

How do you think that makes them feel? If they collectively ceased playing football I don’t think anyone would notice.

21. Penn State
22. Georgia Tech
23. Illinois
24. Texas
25. Washington
Ah, market correction. This is where the first four schools in this quintet should have been all year. They are no more than fringe ranked teams. As for Washington, they’re… good?

They’ve not been particularly impressive, but they do have a nice record. Let’s see what they do against Stanford this week. That is all.

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