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2011 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: World Series

With the World Series upon us, the two titans of the baseball world are ready to battle it out for baseball's ultimate grand prize. ("Mario Superstar Baseball," Nintendo GameCube)

The World Series is finally here, and it’s down to the Rangers and Cardinals. Can the Cardinals win another World Series? Can the Rangers finally win their first? That’s what we’re here to predict.

After both teams put up impressive performances throughout the postseason, it’s a pretty even split as to who will win. If it’s the Rangers, the MVP is still up in the air, but if it’s the Cardinals, Albert Pujols is the clear option. It’s also looking to be a lengthy series either way, at least six games.

For the final round, we’ll be adding an extra scoring category to keep everyone guessing. And that would be predicting how many home runs both teams will combine for in the final game of the World Series, whichever number game that may be. And in the event of any ties, we’ll also try to guess the combined batting average of David Freese and Nelson Cruz, LCS MVPs. The closest above or below gets the nod. And for the final round, all points are doubled!!!

That means that picking the winner of the series is worth four points, how many games it will last is worth two points, who the MVP will be is worth two points and the combined HR total of the teams in the final game is worth two points if guessed to within one, or four points if guessed exactly right.

So check below for the picks, and be sure to come back after the World Series for the final standings.

Cardinals vs Rangers Tiebreaker Total
Name Winner Series Length MVP Total HRs Cruz/Freese AVG Points
Edward Rangers 6 Ian Kinsler 3 .480 6
John Rangers 7 Josh Hamilton 3 .284 7
Josh C Rangers 6 Mike Napoli 1 .590 7
Josh S Cardinals 6 Albert Pujols 4 .333 6
KC Cardinals 6 Albert Pujols 3 .367 6
Kristine Cardinals 7 Albert Pujols 3 .612 8
Mike C Rangers 6 Ian Kinsler 2 .285 7

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