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College Football Heisman Standings: Week 8

Houston's Case Keenum has been one of the most productive QBs in NCAA history. (Photo on

The college football season is past the half way point and I think we have gotten to the point where three players have separated themselves from the pack. Two of them are household names, while the third was a former WVU commit who almost got benched before the season even started.

1. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

Last Week: 16-21, 169 yards, 2 TD’s
Season: 145-202, 1,888 yards, 20 TD’s, 3 INT’s

Andrew Luck had a very quite performance this week against Washington. It’s not that he had a bad game, Stanford hung 65 points on the 25th ranked Huskies. Rather it was Stanford’s running game that powered them. Stanford rushed for 446 yards, leaving Luck to sit back and enjoy the ride.

It would take a lot for Luck to not win the Heisman at this point. With that said Stanford has to travel to USC, who is coming off a road win at Notre Dame. I actually believe that Stanford could lose this game if Luck is not on his A game.

If Luck and Stanford can get by USC that would mean the only thing standing in the way of Luck and a Heisman would be Oregon on Nov. 12.

2. Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama

Last Week: 17 carries, 77 yards, 2 TD’s
Season: 149 carries, 989 yards, 17 TD’s

Richardson like Luck had a quite game. Like Stanford though Alabama won big, 37-6 over Tennessee. If Richardson wants to win the Heisman he will need to rush for more than 77 yards. Richardson could win the Heisman even if Luck and Stanford run the table. In order to do that though he will need to have big games from here on out.

He can start his final push Nov. 5 against LSU. If Richardson goes over 100 yards and Alabama wins then Richardson will be No. 1 on my Heisman ballot. I think his magic numbers to win the Heisman are 1,600 yards and 30 TDs.

3. Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson

Last Week: 27-46, 367 yards, 5 TD’s
Season: 172-278, 2379 yards, 24 TD’s, 3 INT’s

Remember when Tajh Boyd was all set to go play for West Virginia, than Geno Smith committed and Boyd decommitted? Remember when coming out of spring ball people were wondering if Boyd would even start this season?

Well look who is having the last laugh now.

Boyd is putting up incredible numbers under first year coordinator Chad Morris. I may be the only person outside of Death Valley to actually believe this, but Boyd can win the Heisman. He probably should win the Heisman.

Clemson’s schedule from here on out is much easier than Stanford and Alabama. Their schedule is set up for them to run the table and possibly play in the National Championship. If that happens and Boyd continues to put up eye-popping numbers then he could and maybe should hoist the trophy.

4. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State

Last Week: 23-29, 281 yards, 3 TD’s, 1 INT
Season: 174-228, 2010 yards, 24 TD’s, 5 INT’s

Poor Kellen Moore, he is college football’s Martin Scorsese. No matter how great the game or season Moore will always finish runner-up.

The problem once again for Moore is the level of competition Boise State plays. Colorado State and Air Force is not exactly LSU and Alabama. I believe Moore could throw for 4,500 yards and 45 touchdowns and still finish third in the Heisman voting. That’s just a testament to how bad the Mountain West is.

5. Case Keenum, QB, Houston

Last Week: 24-28, 376 yards, 6 TD’s
Season: 194-266, 2685 yards, 23 TD’s, 2 INT’s

Case Keenum is first in passing yards, second in touchdown passes, third in quarterback rating and Houston is undefeated. So where is the love?

Keenum gets no love for two reasons. One is that he plays for Houston who plays in Conference USA, a conference that makes the Mountain West look like the Big Ten. The second reason is that he comes from a system that throws the ball 50 times a game.

I like most people have ignored Keenum for much of the season, but no more. His numbers jump off the page and he is going to post huge numbers because of the level of competition.

He won’t win the Heisman, but he will be in the final voting.

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  1. i think the sports world really need to look at what case keenum has done for college football. no other quarterback has done this. every team cant play each other do to scheduleing. sports writers need to looks at the statistics and really acknowlege what the houston quarterback has done.houston is a program that is on the rise.

    Posted by eric p | October 30, 2011, 12:05 pm

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