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2011 MLB Playoffs Expert Picks: World Series Results

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The World Series is now over, which means it’s time to present the results of the SoB/SoNY Pick ‘Em. St. Louis won the series in seven thrilling games, with David Freese getting the rare nod of LCS and World Series MVP, something nobody saw coming. Despite the power of both teams, only one home run was hit in the deciding Game 7, which thew most of us off. David Freese and Nelson Cruz, the LCS MVPs, combined to go 13/48, good for a .271 average, something that also caught most of us off guard.

The least surprising part of the final round was the Cardinals being the winner, though it was still only three of seven who picked that correctly. That was helpful to those who picked St. Louis correctly, including the winner of the 2011 MLB Playoffs Pick ‘Em, Kristine. It’s the first time a New Yorker has won a Pick ‘Em, thanks in no small part to picking St. Louis. Correctly guessing a seven-game series helped seal it away, too.

So there you have it. It was a close contest during every round, so be sure to check below for the final standings, results of the final round and to relive the whole competition from beginning to end. And tune in next year for the 2012 edition.

Rank Name Points
#1 Kristine 14
#2 Josh C 11
#3 Josh S 10
#4 KC 10
#5 John 9
#6 Mike C 9
#7 Taylor 7
#8 Edward 6
#9 Brian K 5
#9 Zach 5
Cardinals vs Rangers Tiebreaker Total
Name Winner Series Length MVP Total HRs Cruz/Freese AVG Points
Edward Rangers 6 Ian Kinsler 3 .480 6
John Rangers 7 Josh Hamilton 3 .284 9
Josh C Rangers 6 Mike Napoli 1 .590 11
Josh S Cardinals 6 Albert Pujols -4- .333 10
KC Cardinals 6 Albert Pujols 3 .367 10
Kristine Cardinals 7 Albert Pujols 3 .612 14
Mike C Rangers 6 Ian Kinsler 2 .285 9

Table Legend

  • Four-point picks are boldfaced.
  • Two-point picks are italicized.
  • Zero-point picks are crossed out.

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