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The BCS Top 25 (Week 10): Houston, Case Keenum at No. 13

Case Keenum cooked Rice's secondary for nine touchdowns on Friday. (Getty Images)

1. LSU
2. Alabama
How perfectly has this matchup been set up this season? At the beginning of the season, the SEC West emerged as the country’s most difficult division. These two teams then almost immediately separated themselves from the rest of the country.

It was apparent early on that they were the class of the country, and we’ve seen nothing to change that view. They’ve dominated everyone they’ve played, and there’s been nary a competitive game on their schedule, despite a preponderance of competitive teams.

On top of that, they both have a bye week before this game? It’s like The Great BCS Computer In The Sky scripted this schedule itself.

3. Oklahoma State
Well, that was a resounding win over Baylor. Are they really the third best team in the country though? After LSU and Alabama, my mind doesn’t immediately go to Oklahoma State. I almost feel like, given the difference between LSU, Alabama, and everyone else, third place should be left vacant. I’m fine with Oklahoma State at No. 4.

4. Stanford
USC was Stanford’s first worthy opponent of the season, and the Cardinal needed three overtimes to beat them. That does not feel like the performance of a future National Champion.

5. Boise State
No game this week, not that anyone noticed. (This is the part of the season where I grow bitter about Boise States dwindling chance to go the BCS Championship).

6. Oklahoma
7. Arkansas
8. Oregon
9. South Carolina
10. Nebraska
All of the potential spoilers are in this quintet. I’ve already gone on record saying Oklahoma will beat Oklahoma State, and given their renewed focus in obliterating Kansas State this weekend, I feel even more confident in making that prediction. Arkansas still has LSU on the schedule, and their only loss so far is to Alabama.

Oregon is probably going to be the team that takes Stanford down, because that’s the way college football works. South Carolina looks like it is going to win the SEC East, where they will have a chance against whichever dominant team emerges from the SEC West.

Nebraska, meanwhile, is trying to spoil the nationwide progression of the forward pass. I mean, have you seen Taylor Martinez!?

11. Clemson
12. Virginia Tech
13. Houston
14. Kansas State
15. Michigan
(What, did you want me to discuss Clemson squandering potential? That’s the most clichéd college football topic I can think of).

16. Penn State
17. Michigan State
18. Georgia
19. Arizona State
20. Wisconsin
Looks like the Big Ten Quintet shifted down five spots this week. That conference is exceptionally decent. Fantastically good. Amazingly above average. Spectacularly semi-effective.

21. Texas
22. Auburn
23. Georgia Tech
24. West Virginia
25. Southern Miss
Looks likes USM is this week’s, “Oh, I guess they’re good” team. Their presence could have a profound effect on this year’s BCS race. Let’s assume they win out and that Houston does the same, both reasonable possibilities.

That would pit them against each other in the Conference USA Championship.

At that point, four wins from now, their positions in the rankings should be considerably higher. Given Houston’s jump from No. 17 last week to No. 13 this week, a significant improvement is all but assured, especially given the inevitability of teams in front of them losing. So, for the sake or argument let’s say Houston is No. 8 and USM is No. 15 when they play in the C-USA title game.

What would a win there do for Houston? Would they jump into the top 5? Would they leapfrog Boise State, whose best bet is to hope Georgia keeps winning? Would that be enough to push them into the National Championship?

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