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Don’t Call Me A Mailbag: Kim Kardashian’s Divorce, UFC, & Champions, Oh My!

Mail Time!

Welcome to the second installment of what I’m tentatively calling “Don’t Call Me A Mailbag.” For a better understanding of what this is, check out the first one. This week we talk about a Kardashian divorce, Bruins struggles, UFC, and more!

In addition to the Yahoo! Answers questions, you will also be able to submit your own questions or topics via email to [email protected] or through Twitter @TonyXypteras.

And away we go…

Yahoo! Answers User “Pride” Asks “How old were you when you realized you were not going to be an NBA player?”

I love this question and this topic. For myself, I think I realized it when I was around 10. However, a part of me still thought that If I had practiced every day I could make it. This thought probably ended around 13.

Basketball is rough. There are about 400 NBA players out there. I’d say about 395 of them are over 6 f eet tall. Talk about a barrier of entry… it’s one of the few jobs that take more than just ‘hard work.’ NBA players are gifted athletes. Gifted.

Yahoo! Answers User “Jonny T” Asks “Why do people think Nick Diaz is a threat to the top tier fighters in the UFC? I’m a big Nick Diaz fan but the guys fought no one worth mentioning in the past 3 years and no wrestlers. Does anyone actually believe he’s going to have his way with the likes of Penn, Fitch, Koscheck, Condit, Ellenberger or GSP? I think everyone of them out wrestles him and will be strong enough on the ground to avoid getting submitted”

I would have agreed with you before Saturday night. I didn’t think Penn looked great, but he’s still BJ Penn. A win over “The Prodigy” has to count for something, and apparently it was enough to earn him a shot at the title. For as long as Georges St-Pierre has been the champion, his actual fights haven’t been great. I don’t think people realize he hasn’t finished anyone since 2009. His strategy has been to control the fight and win by decision. To his credit, it has worked because his cardio is so good, but Diaz’ cardio is just as good if not better.

The competition Diaz has faced over the past few years hasn’t been spectacular, but he’s on a pretty incredible 11 fight win streak ( and has finished 9 of them ). Call me crazy, but I think Diaz wins this fight. Should the Patriots start Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett next week to get their offense going?

FIREMAN ED // Anthony J. Causi

Yahoo! Answers User “Fireman Awesome” Asks “Should the Patriots start Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett next week to get their offense going? I think Tom Brady is getting close to the end of his career.”

And this is the downside of using Yahoo! Answers. Fireman Ed? Is that you?

Sunday was bad. Bad bad bad. The defense simply could not get off the field. The offensive line was getting murdered. Brady wasn’t nearly as accurate as he needed to be. The running game was nonexistent. For once Bill Belichick’s famous “We need to be better at all three phases” quote is true. They need to do everything better.

The Steelers game reminded me of the Patriots past two playoff games against the Jets and the Ravens. When things get tough against a big bad defensive team we collapse. This team is soft.

Yahoo! Answers User “Abby Normal” Asks “Kardashian Divorce Pool Poll: Did anyone pick 72 days? Seems like America’s Sweetheart, Kim Kardashian, is filing for divorce a mere 72 days into her publicity-ridden wedding. Did you or anyone you know pick 72 in the Divorce Pool?”

I never bought this marriage. Not for a second. A Kardashian dating Reggie Bush? Ok. A Kardashian marrying Lamar Odom? Sure, I’ll buy that.

But a Kardashian Marrying Kris Humphries? Nope. It never passed the smell test. I think she finally realized he wasn’t Blake Griffin.

Yahoo! Answers User “Starcoma” Asks “What are your final thoughts on the 2011 World Series?”

My final thought looking back is “I can’t believe I actually cared about this.” So Kudos to the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers for actually making me watch the World Series after the Red Sox collapse. I thought I needed to separate myself from baseball for a few months. The endless Sox news and talk on the radio (While necessary and newsworthy) really burnt me out on baseball.

The World Series was fantastic though. It wasn’t always perfect baseball, but it was highly entertaining. Congratulations St. Louis. Enjoy it, because with Tony La Russa gone and Albert Pujols likely gone, it could be a while.

Yahoo! Answers User “Sfdasf” Asks Do Boston bruins fans realize its a new season and no one has the cup anymore?

I think the fans realize it. I’m not sure the team does though. It’s actually kind of strange. Everyone on the team is saying the right things. The coach is doing what he can with the lines to get guys going, but they just aren’t responding. I don’t really know what to make of it all. The David Krejci trade talk has already started, but I don’t think that is the answer either. I’d give them another week or so to get going before I do something that drastic. This team is obviously much better than they are playing right now

Yahoo! Answers User “Josh” Asks “Any other hockey fans agree the NBA lockout is the best thing that ever happened?”

It’s obviously not the ‘best’ thing that has ever happened, but I get what you’re saying and you’re right. I love hockey, but I would take basketball back in a second if it meant less hockey coverage.

Hockey is benefiting from the NBA lockout, though. No question about it. The question is will that benefit still count for anything once the basketball season finally starts? I’m leaning towards no, but we’ll have to wait and see.

That will do it for this week. Feel free to answer or respond to these topics in the comment section below, or send in your own questions to [email protected] or via twitter @TonyXypteras.

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