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Don’t Call Me A Mailbag: Stanley Cup Hangovers, Joe Paterno, Leg-Shaving Soccer Players

Mail Time

Welcome to the third installment of  “Don’t Call Me A Mailbag”. For a better understanding of what this is, check out the first one. This week we talk the Bruins getting back on track, Joe Paterno, the NBA lockout, and more!

In addition to the Yahoo! Answers questions, you will also be able to submit your own questions or topics via email to [email protected] or through Twitter @TonyXypteras.

And away we go…

While Perusing though this week’s Yahoo! Answers questions, I came across this little gem. I played soccer in high school, I consider myself a Revolution fan, and I still can’t tell if this entire exchange is real or not… You be the judge.

Yahoo! Answers user “Katarina” Asks “Why do guys have to shave their legs in soccer?”

At this point, I’m thinking “Alright, this is just a dumb question asked by a dumb person,” but take a look at the answers …

Yahoo! Answers user “Alex” responds “So when we get tackled it doesn’t hurt when our hair get pulled out. Yes it kills. Its like waxing your legs but for 90 minutes.”

I ALMOST buy this answer. I haven’t had this problem personally, but this next answer it just ridiculous..

Yahoo! Answers user “Becky:)” responds “I don’t think its actually required and I don’t think many do, but it would be for the same reason as competitive swimmers, to reduce resistance.”

TO REDUCE RESISTANCE?? This can’t be a real conversation. It just can’t.

Anyway, back to reality…

Yahoo! Answers user “Emily” Asks “Do you think they’re just experiencing “Stanley Cup hangover” and they will bounce back and make the playoffs, or did they somehow lose their chemistry?”

I’ve talked about this in previous columns, but it finally looks like the B’s are waking up. And how good has Tyler Seguin been? He has played at an elite level all year. There is still a lot of room for improvement though. That first line of Lucic-Krejci-Horton needs to be better.

But to answer the question more directly, I don’t think it has anything to do with chemistry. If anything, maybe they relied on Mark Recchi a bit to much for his leadership. This team is not built to be a high scoring regular season team. This is a grind-it-out hard working playoff team, and as long as we make the playoffs we have a chance.

Yahoo! Answers user “I LOVE HATERS!!” Asks “Do you think Brian Scalabrine is a lucky charm?”

The question is a little funny, but the answer is yes. Teams need Scalabrine’s. I don’t care what he does on the court because he has real intangibles in the locker room. If he was on Celtics last year we would have been better. I don’t know how much better, but better none the less. We fell apart towards the end of last season, and a guy like Scal has a funny way of making sure that doesn’t happen.

Yahoo! Answers user “Kyle Reeses” Asks “Giants defeat Patriots 24-20. What are your thoughts? Victor Cruz and Jake Ballard had tremendous games. And The Pats offense is exposed. They don’t have a receiver that can stretch the field like moss could.

I’m not as upset this week as I was last week. The fact that this offense didn’t score a single point in the first half in inexcusable, but it was a good football game that really just came down to who had the ball last. Sure, our terrible defense gifted them plenty of yards with the two pass interference calls, but the Giants made some big time plays as well.

The Patriots are a good football team, but when you have guys playing a level or two below where you expect them to (Devin McCourty, Albert Haynesworth, Chad Ochocinco, Shaun Ellis, Jerod Mayo, and the offensive line) we go from a good team to a slightly above average team. This team could miss the playoffs. Doesn’t that sound crazy? I cannot stress enough how important this Jets game is.

And I hate listening to this garbage about how the Patriots needs a ‘stretch the field’ receiver. Their offense doesn’t need a anything. This offense is way beyond championship level already. Have they struggled a bit lately? Absolutely. Is the defense the worst in the league? Yup. That’s the biggest issue here.

Yahoo! Answers user “Rick Wesley” Asks “What do you expect from Penn State (home against Wisconsin) this Saturday? I don’t justify what happened under any circumstances. But firing him the way they did was uncalled for. Let him leave with dignity!”


I just don’t understand the world view of some people. ‘Joe Pa’ is a disgrace. This whole story just makes me shake my head. I don’t care if Paterno told his boss, clearly that wasn’t good enough. Clearly that didn’t stop what was happening.

Stories like this make me realize how sheltered I am. It’s hard for me to even fathom how guys like Jerry Sandusky live with themselves.

Yahoo! Answers user “Starhawke Coma” Asks “What will you remember most about former Heavyweight champion “Smoken” Joe Frazier?”

‘Greatest Heavyweights’ for Sega Genesis. Smokin’ Joe was my go to fighter.

Listening to everyone talk about how incredible the Ali-Frazier fights were makes me wish Boxing was still a relevant sport today.

Yahoo! Answers user “Tommy” Asks “Who do you blame for the NBA lockout? Greedy Owners or Spoiled Players?”

I guess its time for my weekly lockout update. As of this moment (about 11pm Wednesday night) NBA and NBPA officials are meeting, and early reports from New York are pretty positive. I’m optimistic.

I’m hesitant to write something too specific because this thing could blow up at any minute. Hopefully we’ll know more soon. I need me some basketball.

That will do it for this week. Feel free to answer or respond to these topics in the comment section below, or send in your own questions to [email protected] or via twitter @TonyXypteras.

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