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The Tragedy of Team Colors

Marlins Logo

By no means do I consider myself a fashion guru, but when I saw the Miami Marlins’ new uniforms, I thought it was a joke. Last time I checked the unofficial rules, baseball teams are only allowed two team colors (not including white). Yet for some strange reason, I was okay with it. But because no one ever has or will watch the Marlins, let’s focus on the uniforms that are actually seen by other human beings. Unfortunately, they’re just dreadful. Where did things go wrong?

Oh Say Can You See

Patriotism is a wonderful thing. There is no better way than to express your love for America than wearing red, white, and blue. But when so many teams decide to do this, it becomes nearly impossible to tell which team is which. Not to mention red and blue just aren’t the most exciting of colors. Ten teams fall into this category (Braves, Red Sox, Cubs, Indians, Angels, Twins, Phillies, Cardinals, Rangers, Nationals). That’s one third of the league and a not so great way to sell merchandise.

Then consider teams that use only a basic red or blue color with a boring secondary color (Diamondbacks, Reds, Tigers, Royals, Dodgers, Brewers, Mets, Yankees, Padres, Mariners, Rays, Blue Jays). That’s another twelve teams which bring us to a grand total of 22 red or blue teams.  Congratulations to the Orioles, White Sox, Rockies, Marlins, Astros, A’s, Pirates, and Giants. You may play irrelevant games, but at least you do it in style.

Red, white, and blue are popular in many sports teams’ uniforms, but it’s gone too far in baseball. How can fans love their team’s colors when everyone else is wearing the same ones? Every team in baseball with no history and/or fan base needs to change. Are other colors really that bad? I admit I could be biased as a Red Sox fan– I don’t have to wear ridiculously colored apparel. But nevertheless, we live in a society that embraces the idea of diversity. MLB needs to spread its wings and break away from red and blue.

Final note on the color conundrum: What is Texas’ main color? Sometimes they wear red hats and sometimes they wear blue hats. Too many teams abuse this and it’s not allowed. Make up your mind.

The Future

It appears that in the major sports leagues, teams are moving away from uncommon colors (Americans really hate them some teal) and coming back to the crayon box colors. It’s been said that it’s classy looking, but it just looks boring. Maybe it’s a cyclical thing and once every professional sports team on the continent is wearing red and blue, they’ll realize it’s time for a change.

While not everyone will be a fan of the new threads, I do think we can appreciate this step in a new direction. The black hats, use of half the colors known to man, abstract rendering of a fish–all together it’s unlike anything we’ve seen. Baseball uniforms are all nearly identical. Unlike any of the other major sports, they’re dull and possibly induce sleep. Any new changes are welcome. Hopefully more teams will follow suit and take a step into the future.

Because as of right now, MLB team colors are a reflection of the league itself–boring.

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Josh Segal is a professional shock artist and trash talker. He also occasionally writes opinion pieces about the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and their respective leagues at large. Segal is currently a junior at Kenyon College where he plans to double major in drama and political science. Apparently he also writes his own biographies in the third person.

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  1. i enjoy the nicer bright red colors

    Posted by Camsterdehamster | November 18, 2011, 6:44 pm

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