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The BCS Top 25 (Week 12): Oregon Back in Top 5

Oregon ran circles around Stanford last week. (AP Photo)

1. LSU
How vast is the talent gap between Alabama and Western Kentucky? Did LSU even have to try this week? Whoever scheduled that game is brilliant. The Tigers absolutely needed some rest after the massive clash two weeks ago.

2. Oklahoma State
As much as I would love for losses by the top teams to create enough BCS chaos to topple the system, at this point in the season LSU and OSU are pretty definitively the top teams in the country.

I absolutely want them to play in the BCS Championship. It will be a fantastic matchup – offense vs. defense, SEC vs. Big 12, semi-irrational fiery coach vs. semi-irrational laid-back coach.

3. Alabama
I watched Roll Tide/War Eagle a few days ago, and the Iron Bowl is more ridiculous than I realized. I’ve never been to Alabama, but if I go I will have to declare a side before I cross the border. I’m leaning toward Auburn. Any opinions for or against this would be greatly appreciated.

4. Oregon
I’d like the discussion of them having a rematch with LSU to stop. They had their chance – isn’t that what the college football regular season is supposed to be about? How can it have so much value if one school can lose to another school and then play them in the BCS Championship? That sends an incredibly mixed message.

5. Oklahoma
Let’s not forget about Oklahoma. They’ve looked great for most of the year, only have one loss, and have a good chance to move up the rankings with this week’s game against Baylor and Bedlam in a few weeks.

6. Arkansas
7. Clemson
8. Virginia Tech
9. Stanford
10. Boise State
Since there’s a good chance both will be left out of BCS bowls, I’d like to see Stanford and Boise State play in a bowl. They are both very strong teams masterfully run by brilliant veteran quarterbacks.

11. Houston
12. South Carolina
13. Kansas State
14. Georgia
15. Michigan State
Four teams that didn’t make the most of the chances they were given, one team that is doing everything it can. The odds are now very good for Houston to make it to a BCS bowl.

16. Nebraska
17. Wisconsin
18. Michigan
19. TCU
20. Southern Miss
The Big Ten has been bouncing around here for the last few weeks, and I’m glad that the four schools are now ranked next to each other (with Penn State three spots back). It’s very fitting, as is the fact that two non-AQs are sandwiched in between the Big Ten schools.

21. Penn State
22. Baylor
23. Texas
24. Auburn
25. Florida State
It’s a strange season when Baylor is consistently better than Texas. That is all.

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2 comments for “The BCS Top 25 (Week 12): Oregon Back in Top 5”

  1. Re: Cheering for Auburn

    Auburn is the “wanna be school ” Their coaches have said they have been cheating for years , same for their players and they are the worst cheap shot artists in the conference . So go ahead and cheer for the team most hated in the conference (SEC).
    But Alabama is like most places , you find good and bad . But its a lot friendlier than i found Boston. Its like most places and people, if you insult them , they will insult you back. I’ve worked in the Boston metro area , now in Texas, and i find most places are what you make of them . But you probably will have the attitude of my wife’s niece , “Boston is just better than any other place , because we aren’t bigoted like everyone else.”
    Roll Tide. ( Not that you would understand what that means.) P.s The show you referenced was b.s.
    Oh , you will need to work on your accent so people will be able to understand you. such as there is an R in car and park.

    Posted by Neil | November 16, 2011, 1:00 pm
  2. War Eagle!

    Posted by Dan Spritz | November 16, 2011, 6:25 pm

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