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Don’t Call Me a Mailbag: Skip Bayless, Dana White, & Peyton Manning


Welcome to the fourth installment of what I’m tentatively calling “Don’t Call Me A Mailbag.” For a better understanding of what this is, check out the first one. This week we talk about Dana White, Skip Bayless, and the NBA Lockout.

In addition to the Yahoo! Answers questions, you will also be able to submit your own questions or topics via email to [email protected] or through Twitter @TonyXypteras.

And away we go…

Yahoo! Answers User “David – Tortured Mets and Giants Fan” Asks “Is anyone else sick of this Penn State story? Ok, yes, it’s a horrible and disgusting thing that happened. But, this has been all I’ve heard about for the past week. And I’m tired of it. If you turn on any news or sports channel, chances are, they’ll be talking about it nearly the entire show. And, whenever I come on here, 75% of the questions are asking about Joe Pa, or anything related to that story. I know it’s a big thing, but it’s been blown out of proportion.

Yes, I am sick of this story (literally). But is it being blown out of proportion? I don’t think so. It deserves all of the press it’s getting. Think about it, isn’t this scandal just about the worst possible thing that can happen? Just horrible and disgusting, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Yahoo! Answers User “Justice for All” Asks “How ugly is the new Marlins logo? The Miami Marlins (formerly the Florida Marlins) logo just looks hideous. IMO. The colors do not match. It looks more like an amusement park logo than a baseball teams logo. I like the Marlin in the old logo. How about making it more look like a pro sports team, rather than making it look like six flags.”

As long as this is the real logo, I don’t hate it. It looks like Miami to me. Maybe you just don’t like Miami? It could be worse.

Is Skip Bayless to the most ignorant/biased sports analyst of all time?’

I guess here is another edition of ‘things I don’t hate.’ Skip is fine. I actually applaud him for how harshly he will criticize some athletes. So many ESPN guys are afraid to single out players because they know that there is a good chance they will either have to interview them or work with them in the future. His relentless Lebron James hate is fantastic. His relentless Tebow love is a little less fantastic.

Is he ignorant and biased? Yea, but if you know that going in, he’s fine.

Yahoo! Answers User “Dan” Asks “Is Dana White as big a jerk as he comes off?”

I read this a lot and I just don’t get it. I’m a big MMA fan, the kind that rarely misses a fight, and I have come to appreciate how Dana runs the UFC. Maybe this has clouded my judgment a little, but look at guys like David Stern, Bud Selig, or Gary Bettman… compared to them Dana is a saint.

Stern, Selig, and Bettman are better at masking there jerk-ness while Dana White keeps it real. He’s not afraid to change his mind on particular fights or call out judges if they come up with a bad decision. Could you imagine what would happen if Selig criticized his umpires? It would never happen. No accountability. I understand that the UFC Judges aren’t employed by White, but still, he lets you inside the business like no other commissioner or CEO.

Yahoo! Answers User “King” Asks “How much do you think I should charge someone for losing my ball? We were playing football and then he kicked my ball over, now it’s lost. It is a premier league ball (season 07/08) the blue one. I bought it from sports direct for 9.25 pounds and it’s 3 years old. However the quality is still the same even though i been playing with it for 3 years. And can you find a link to buy that ball for under £10 anywhere So how much do you think I should charge him?

This is great. I didn’t know we were allowed to charge people for lost balls. I can’t even tell you how many basketball of mine have been stolen or lost at the Y. Maybe this is just a European thing, but I’d love to see us adopt this rule.

Yahoo! Answers User “Baller98” Asks “Is it now clear that Peyton Manning is the most valuable player in all sports? The Colts are 0-10 through Week 10. They were 6-3 last season. Is there any other player in any sport that has or had this big an impact on their team’s performance? Is Manning that important to the team or are the Colts backup QB’s just complete garbage? Have the Colts lost other key players that are making them this bad?”

Sure, if you want to call him the most valuable player in all of sports I won’t disagree with you. I do think its more of knock on the Colts then praise for Manning though.

If they get Andrew Luck … I don’t even know what to say. What do you do at that point? Are they really going to trade Peyton Manning? This is going to get pretty interesting.

That will do it for this week. Feel free to answer or respond to these topics in the comment section below, or send in your own questions to [email protected] or via twitter @TonyXypteras.

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