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NBA Lockout Rant: Sorting Out the Mess

Billy Hunter and David Stern have negotiated  their way into a lost NBA season. (Hunter: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images; Stern: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

What a mess this has become. Have two people ever deserved each other more than David Stern and Billy Hunter? First you have Stern who not only has no control over his owners, but he also has no idea how to sell an offer. Giving everyone the idea that his latest offer was an ‘Ultimatum’ destroyed any chance the players would accept it. And even if the players wanted to accept it the thought of them being ‘forced’ to is just too much for their egos to overcome.

Then you have Billy Hunter. Quite possibly the worst negotiator of all time. Not only does he negotiate to the point of getting a terrible offer from the NBA, he then proceeds to break up the union and put this in the hands of the court system, essentially blowing up an entire years worth of paychecks for his players.

Hey Billy, if you wanted to file a disclaimer against the NBA citing words Stern said back in 2007 maybe you should have filed it before we already lost a month of NBA basketball.

Neither man wants to look like the loser, and that is why I’m not watching basketball right now. What was once the NBA vs. NBPA is now Stern vs. Hunter, and when two old bitter men think they are more important than basketball is when I stop caring.

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