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The BCS Top 25 (Week 13): SEC West Domination

The SEC West has the Top 3 teams in the nation, including Arkansas at No. 3. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

1. LSU
On “Let’s give Alabama a second chance at the BCS Championship Saturday,” LSU stayed strong. I think they’re kinda decent. If anyone’s going to beat them it will be Arkansas, but at the moment I’m having trouble seeing it happen.

2. Alabama
Bold statement time: an SEC West school will compete in the BCS Championship. This is why they pay me the big internet dollars. No one gives you hard-hitting analysis like I do.

3. Arkansas
I’ve been bemoaning the Razorbacks’ difficult situation all season, but they do essentially control their own destiny at this point. Imagine if they beat LSU this week. The top three teams in the country will switch order but remain the same group.

They will all be 1-1 against each other and undefeated against the rest of the world. That situation would favor Alabama because of tiebreaker stuff, but shouldn’t there be a better way to settle that situation?

One of those teams would get left out of the BCS Championship picture because of a marginally weaker resume than a team they beat head-to-head. Blow the system up.

4. Oklahoma State
Oh well. At least they have a good chance to win Bedlam.

5. Virginia Tech
No, I will not take Virginia Tech seriously. Their solitary loss was a sound drubbing by Clemson, and their only marquee win was over Georgia Tech. Nothing about this team is particularly impressive, especially compared to the five teams behind them.

6. Stanford
7. Boise State
8. Houston
9. Oklahoma
10. Oregon
SO MUCH OFFENSE. Five of the country’s top seven scoring offenses reside in this quintet. What does that mean? Defense is more important, obviously. Interestingly, the top offenses are almost all clustered right after the top three. The other two teams in the top seven are Oklahoma State and Wisconsin (they had bad luck in both losses and should be ranked higher). Virginia Tech, however, is ranked 51st. The ACC is terrible.

11. Kansas State
12. South Carolina
13. Georgia
14. Michigan State
15. Michigan
The SEC West has the top three teams in the country. The SEC East has No. 12 and 13. That sounds about right.

16. Wisconsin
17. Clemson
18. Baylor
19. Penn State
20. TCU
This week Clemson gave us a classic Clemsoning. They lost 37-13 to NC State, a team that lost the previous week to the abomination that is this year’s Boston College Eagles. Clemson lasted as a viable national contender much longer than seemed reasonable, but now that they’ve had a bad loss, they’re where they truly deserve to be. I don’t think they have any chance to win the ACC Championship.

21. Nebraska
22. Notre Dame
23. Georgia Tech
24. Auburn
25. Texas
What an uninspired quintet. Nebraska’s quarterback can’t throw, Notre Dame has been having trouble justifying its relevance for decades, Georgia Tech runs the silly triple option, Auburn is reloading, and Texas is doing the same. Excepting the Iron Bowl, why would I want to watch any of these teams play any games?

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