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Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Make Kansas City Look Like Chief Wild Eagle

Rob Gronkowski didn't even flinch after coming down hard on his head on Monday night. (Photo By REUTERS)


* Brady looked grumpy again even after sniffing ammonia before kickoff (that doesn’t look good – NFL should put an end to that in public).
* Any mere mortal would have broke their neck if they took the same fall that Gronkowski did on his second touchdown.
* Trying to get Wes Welker a catch to keep his streak alive late in the game they got Matt Light hurt.
* Brady 0-fer when four seconds or more.
* I said it last weekend – Woodhead doesn’t open up properly on the flat to receive a pass costing the Patriots a touchdown.
* Is Logan Mankins leading NFL offensive lineman in penalties?
* Patriots have a plethora of good backs (not great but good) with Shane Vereen picking up some nice garbage yards.
* Do we need Tom Brady quarterback sneaking with 4:04 left in a blowout?
* Starting to see some drops and bad adjustments on routes by Aaron Hernandez.
* Ocho Cinco shut out again


* Julian Edelman better stop dropping his head on tackles or he could be with Mike Wright and Marc Savard.
* James Ihedigbo took a terrible Brandon Merriweather angle on the run by Thomas Jones.
* I know the ball changed direction but I still didn’t see the football hit a Chief on the onside kick.
* Giving up 334 yards and only three points has to be some kind of record.
* Jerod Mayo gets the quietest double digit tackles in NFL history.
* Andre Carter could make the Pro Bowl.


* Offensive Coordinator Bill Muir looks like one of the old guys on the Muppets in the balcony
* KC a desperate team and on the Patriots 35 – 4th and one and they punt?


* Mesko 50.8 average.
* Julian Edelman return can’t help Dustin Colquitt’s net.


* Does ESPN really need five guys for the pre-game show?
* I miss Hank Williams before the Monday night games – what did he say that was so brutal that he lost his job?
* It was 8:55 and there was still 11:40 left in the first quarter.
* Enough with the Lexus commercials with a bunch of yuppies coming down from their studio condos.
* Until he loses weight and apologizes to every hard working American, I don’t want to see $15mm Josh Beckett on commercials pushing goofy necklaces.
* How didn’t ESPN show the replay of the insane block by Kyle Love on the Arrington interception report?
* ESPN kept the streak alive of showing Mr. Kraft during a game on T.V.

6. I don’t have 10 items so I’m just gonna write something here to make sure you guys are reading every item.


BenJarvus Green-Ellis is boring but gets it down like:

* Don Nelson
* Don Chaney
* Marco Scutaro
* Harold Jackson
* Nick Essasky
* Jerry York
* Scott Wedman
* Bill Mueller
* Tim Goad
* Jeff Gray
* Ray Culp

8. Rob Gronkowski vs. Ben Coates

Best Years

* Ben Coates 1994 – 96 receptions / 1,174 yards / 7 touchdowns
* Gronkowski 2011 – 90 receptions / 1,288 yards / 16 touchdowns (current pace annualized)


* Big win in Montreal – nine in a row and in first place.
* Does Milan Lucic lead the NHL in giveaways in his own end?
* If you’re not forcing the goalie to move laterally please don’t go five hole Lucic.
* When I become Gary Bettman – Any fan that bangs the glass will be placed on the ice and Mike Curtis will be allowed a 10-yard run at them.


* Ross Ventrone needs a haircut.
* I love how quick quarterbacks come off the field and take off their helmet and have someone hand them a hat.
* Boring first half for Patriots fans after drinking for five hours.
* Like that the Patriots are making good halftime adjustments this year.

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