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Don’t Call Me A Mailbag: Tim Tebow – Hero or Douche?

Mail Time

Welcome to the fifth installment of what I’m tentatively calling “Don’t Call Me A Mailbag.” For a better understanding of what this is, check out the first one. This week we talk about Tim Tebow (DUH!), Dan Henderson, and basketball … sweet, sweet basketball.

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And away we go…

Yahoo! Answers User “Michelle USA soccer ♥ Hope to Landon” Asks “In the honor of Thanksgiving, who are the NHL player(s) you are most thankful for?”

On this current Bruins team, Patrice Bergeron. He’s just my kind of hockey player.

His game perfectly portrays how this team was built to play. Excellent defender, excellent on the draw, and extremely good at winning those all important one-on-one battles. Not to mention he’s also just a great person. Very respectful and humble. How many guys would have spent their day with the Stanley Cup at a Childrens Hospital? Not many. And the fact that he is still willing and able to do the dirty work after almost having his career ended due to concussions … he’s a warrior.

Yahoo! Answers User “Mike J” Asks “Tim Tebow: Hero or Douche?”

I wouldn’t call him a hero, but I certainly don’t think he is a douche. I like Tebow. I don’t want to date him like, say, Skip Bayless or Mike Felger, but I like him! One of my biggest pet peeves is when people in the media criticize someone for how he answers questions. As long as he isn’t a fraud (and I don’t think Tebow is), he can talk about whatever he wants whenever he wants.

It has reached the point of ridiculousness, but that isn’t Tebow’s fault. He’s not the one forcing CBS to show him ‘Tebowing’ on the sidelines. He’s not the one forcing ESPN to talk about him non-stop. I’m sorry if you’re sick of hearing people talk about Tebow, but that isn’t his fault or his problem. Don’t take it out on him.

And I haven’t even talked about him on the field yet. As a thrower, he’s pretty bad. As a focal point of your offense, he is good enough. And as a leader, he is fantastic. I honestly believe he has made the defense better. He has made them care. People care about the Denver Broncos now!

When your quarterback is Kyle Orton, no one is going to watch you. When your quarterback is Tim Tebow, everyone is going to watch you. It’s not a direct improvement … Tim Tebow isn’t physically making the whole team play better, but because he is giving EVERYONE a reason to watch the team, and as a result everyone is forced to improve their play.

With all of this being said, I don’t know if it is sustainable, and that is the big question yet to be answered.

Yahoo! Answers User “I’m a man” Asks “Shogun vs. Dan Henderson, who you got?”

I’m a little late to the party on this one. I liked Henderson going in, and he did win via decision at UFC 139. I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about it, but I will say this; It was the best fight I have ever seen. If you are on the fence about the UFC as a whole, please watch it.

Yahoo! Answers User “Sauce” Asks “Allen Iverson to Boston?”

I am going to go on record here saying that I think it would work, and that I think it would never happen. KG would be able to keep him in line, but I don’t see Danny going after him.

Yahoo! Answers User “Bleed Purple” Asks “The NBA lockout is over, what are your thoughts?”

Hallelujah! I wish they would start a few days before Christmas, but I’ll take whatever I can get. Training Camp opens on December 9th … it couldn’t get here faster.

I have reached the point of insanity. I find myself legitimately excited about watching every single team.

Looking through some of the rosters yesterday, I found myself thinking “The Timberwolves are going to be a fun team this year.” THE TIMBERWOLVES! Viva La NBA!

Yahoo! Answers User “Mister Gutsy” Asks “If Roger Goodell decides to suspend Ndamukong Suh will he have officially ruined football forever? Goodell doesn’t seem to understand that football is a tough, contact sport. If he doesn’t like that then shouldn’t he quit and become the commissioner of badminton or something instead of ruining football?

Mister Gutsy is clearly a Lions fan. If you don’t suspend Suh for what he did, then what are you supposed to suspend players for? It just looks so dirty. Not quite as bad as when Albert Haynesworth stomped on Andre Gurode’s face a few years ago, but its close.

Well, I suppose that will do it for this week. Feel free to answer or respond to these topics in the comment section below, or send in your own questions to [email protected] or via twitter @TonyXypteras.

PS. Basketball!

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