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BCS Top 25 (Week 14): YAWN! Virginia Tech Boring at No. 5

Yes, Virginia Tech is really No. 5 in the country. (AP Photo)

1. LSU
I’ve seen all I need to see from LSU. If the NCAA inexplicably decided to end the season today and crown LSU the champion, I would be completely in favor of it.

The SEC Championship and BCS Championship don’t even matter to me, because I am that sure LSU is the best team in the country. They’ve been dominant all season, and have come through in all of their big games.

They’ve won all three games they’ve played against teams in the top four, two of them overwhelmingly. They’ve beaten the best teams in the Pac-12 and Big East along with the best the SEC has to offer.

Once they beat Georgia in the SEC Championship, they will have done just about everything they can possibly do.

2. Alabama
Alabama is also good at football. Given my decision a couple weeks ago to join War Eagle in cheering for the Iron Bowl, I should be upset that Alabama won so soundly.

I’m not though, because that is what I would expect from this team.

3. Oklahoma State
Let me make the case for Oklahoma State playing in the BCS Championship. I understand that Alabama is better, but I don’t want to see them play LSU again.

The Cowboys have been really (really) good this year, and I want them to be another notch in LSU’s belt. I don’t think anyone can beat the Tigers, so why give them someone they’ve already beaten?

Let’s see how well the Big 12 can stand up to them. Thankfully, Bedlam is coming this weekend. A win there might vault OSU over the Crimson Tide.

4. Stanford
With Oregon likely going to the Rose Bowl, Stanford is likely to wind up as an at-large school in the Fiesta Bowl. For a team that’s made very few waves this year, that is a very nice destiny to be locked into.

5. Virginia Tech
Want proof the BCS doesn’t work? Virginia Tech is ranked No. 5 in the country. Have you seen them play? I have, there are a few handfuls of teams that are better.

6. Houston
7. Boise State
8. Arkansas
9. Oregon
10. Oklahoma
Since Boise State and Arkansas are going to be left out of the BCS picture, let’s have them play each other. That would be fun right? There would be overwhelming amounts of scoring and the Razorbacks are just about the best team the Broncos can play in a bowl at this point. It would be a nice way to send Kellen Moore off.

11. Kansas State
12. South Carolina
13. Michigan State
14. Georgia
15. Wisconsin
Michigan State won the Legends Division, while Wisconsin won the Leaders Division. They will play in the first ever Big Ten Championship this weekend. I’m sure it will be incredibly boring.

16. Michigan
17. Baylor
18. TCU
19. Nebraska
20. Clemson
Big win for Michigan! Between the Wolverines’ ascendancy this season and the Buckeyes’ hiring of Urban Meyer, The Game could quickly become the toughest rivalry in college football. I’m excited to see Brady Hoke fully install his system next season and I’m excited to see what Meyer can do with Braxton Miller.

21. Penn State
22. Texas
23. West Virginia
24. Southern Miss
25. Missouri
Even though Missouri has five losses, they completely belong in the Top 25. They’ve been good all year, with their losses coming (in mostly entirely competitive games) to the top four Big 12 schools and in overtime to Arizona State.

At no point have they been great , but they’ve been consistently good. I’m glad they got some credit.

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