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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Streaking, Valentine Introduced, Ali Outlives Another

Bobby Valentine (Getty Images)

1. How can the Patriots win this weekend?

* Indy has allowed less yards than the Patriots: 4,283 to 4,508
* Colts have more sacks than Patriots: 23 to 20
* Colts have more takeaways than the Patriots: 21 to 15
* Indy has punted less than Patriots: 60 to 64 (net is better than Pats too: 42.9 to 39.3)
* Indy has more field goals than Patriots 18 to 15 (Indy has 2 of 50 yards or more – Pats 0)
* Indy has a better return game – Kickoffs (35.8 to 22.3) Punts (12.7 to 8.3)
* Oh ya – Colts and Jim Irsay stink!

2. Bobby Valentine:

His highs as a player:

* Home Runs – 3 in 1972 and 1974
* Average .367 in 1976 for Padres with 49 at bats
* Stolen Bases – 8 in 1974 but was caught 5
* Played in 1,909 games

3. College Football Preview:

* Southern Mississippi will upset Houston (underdogs by 17)
* Iowa State will upset Kansas State (underdogs by 12)
* Baylor will beat Texas by 14 plus (favored by 2.5)
* LSU will beat Georgia by at least 25 points (favored by 10)
* Virginal Tech will not only destroy Clemson by 17 points but will knock Sammy Watkins out for a month (V Tech favorites by 4.5)
* Best game – Bedlam – Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State – Cowboys win by at least 10 (favorites by 3)

4. Celtics History:

It’s interesting that of the Celtics top ten in career assists, only half are guards:

Guards – Bob Cousy, Jo Jo White, Dennis Johnson, KC Jones
Other – John Havlicek, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Paul Pierce, Dave Cowens

5. Bobby Valentine vs Terry Francona:

* Valentine was 5th pick in 1968 draft / Francona was 22nd pick in the 1980 draft
* Valentine’s winning % coming to Boston: .510 / Francona’s winning % coming to Boston: .440

6. Rajon Rondo:

I know Rondo can’t shoot, but look at the FG % of Celtics point guards

  • Rajon Rondo: 48.6%
  • Sherman Douglas: 48.4%
  • Tiny Archibald: 46.7%
  • Dennis Johnson: 44.5%
  • Bob Cousy: 37.5%

7. Amazing Stats:

Fun facts from the Larry Bird-Dominique Wilkins game on May 22, 1988:

* Kevin McHale always in the shadow – 33 points (10-14) / 13 rebounds / 4 blocked shots compared to Birds 34 / 4
* Celtics shot 61% from the field / Atlanta shot 57%
* DNP’s for Celtics – Artis Gilmore, Brad Lohaus, Dirk Minniefield
* Celtics shot 28 free throws (hit 25) / Atlanta shot 12 free throws (hit 11)
* Danny Ainge (GM) had 13 points / 6 assists and covered Doc Rivers (coach) 16 points / 18 assists
* Time to play game: 2:18
* The largest lead at the end of any one quarter was 2 points
* Both teams scored 34 points in the fourth quarter

8. Old School:

The last time the Bruins went undefeated in a month…

* They were 19-8-7 going into the month of January 1969
* They were 10-0-4 for the month
* Phil Esposito and Bobby Orr combined for a plus-121 that year
* The B’s lost in Semi Finals to Canadiens 4-2

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Of the 50 boxers Muhammad Ali fought – he has outlived 22 of them – below they are listed and the fight number of Ali’s 61 fights:

1. Tunney Hunsaker
2. Herb Siler
3. Tony Esperti
6. LaMar Clark
7. Duke Sabedong
10. Willie Besmanoff
11. Sonny Banks
15. Alejandro Lavorante
16. Archie Moore
19 / 24. Henry Cooper
20 / 21. Sonny Liston
22 / 40. Floyd Patterson
27. Cleveland Williams
29. Zora Folley
30 / 38. Jerry Quarry
31. Oscar Bonavena
32 / 46 / 51. Joe Frazier
34. Buster Mathis
36. Mac Foster
49. Ron Lyle
53. Jimmy Young
61. Trevor Berbick

10. Randomocity:

* Anyone see the catch by Aaron Dobson of Marshall? Great catch should he have been flagged for both throwing the ball and pushing the ref. Click here to watch the video.
* Super 8 was a strong movie: B+, well done
* Poor Ben Cherington – during the press conference he used the pronoun “We” to describe who picked Bobby Valentine and then quickly switched it to “I”
* Donovan McNabb, meet Drew Bledsoe
* I know Vegas knows everything, but Vikings are favored over Tim Tebow?

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5 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Streaking, Valentine Introduced, Ali Outlives Another”

  1. Baylor should crush Texas.

    “Big Game” Bob (Stoops) will lose by double digits, agree!

    If Houston loses (doubtful) they will lose more than a football game, they will lose millions of dollars.

    I say Georgia hangs around but will lose by 10-14.

    Why the hate on Sammy Watkins? Very exciting player. Clemson choking down the stretch, no surprise!

    Classy move by Bobby V.–asking Lowell if it is ok to wear #25. Wearing it for the late great Tony C.—Valentine’s one time teammate. I wonder what Jack Clark and Adam Hydzu think about it? lol…..

    REPLY – MPC – Late getting back – I’m a Sammy Watkins fans but that VT defense is always adding a little extra – but obviously wrong with my pick

    Posted by Brian | December 2, 2011, 10:28 am
  2. * It’s all about winning the World Series, & Francona won two of those. However, it’s odd to see that he only won one division title (2007) in his 8-years here. It feels like it should have been more.
    * Globally, all snakes cringe when they are compared to Larry Lucchino.
    * The B’s were great in November. Not to jinx it because I know it will end anyway, but they have been incredibly healthy through the first 23-games. I’m especially concerned about their depth on defense. Kampfer regressed as last year went on & has been shakey in limited play this year. Hopefully, he might improve as he plays more. In the 3-games he played this year, their 8th defenseman, Bartkowski, looked the same as he did last year when he had the puck on his stick: scared to death.
    * He has played much better in recent games, but Benoit Pouliot is a disappointment waiting to happen. It’s going to be Caron’s turn at some point.

    REPLY – MPC – I couldn’t believe looking at stats last night how many players have played in every game / Pouliot is showing up at times though – ie shootout / Yes on Lucchino

    Posted by Bob T. | December 2, 2011, 11:44 am
  3. Bob T, do you even watch the games, The Bruins have one the best defenses in the NHL. Barkowski has only played in three games this year the last one was over a month and a half ago. Kamfer was injured during the end of preseason and is now playing in Providence.

    Posted by Glass House | December 2, 2011, 2:52 pm
  4. Glass House: I do watch the games. I said I was concerned about the depth (emphasis on depth) of the B’s defense, meaning how will the defense fare when the inevitable injuries cause the Top-6 to miss significant time. When those injuries occur, Kampfer & Bartkowski would be expected to step in.

    I’m also aware that Kampfer & Caron were sent down to Providence yesterday, but this is only because they have not played in any games lately, & this will allow the to not get rusty. They’ll be back next week. If you don’t believe me, check out this link:

    Posted by Bob T. | December 2, 2011, 9:30 pm
  5. MC – hope you made some holiday spending cash with the stellar CFB picks! Save for VT, you pretty much nailed the weekend (So Miss outright paid almost 4:1!)

    REPLY – MPC – I’m usually not a good picker but felt good after wathing Southern Miss a couple of times / And I know this after the fact but I wanted to change the VT – Clemson pick because it was too obvious to go against Clemson because of their bad roll. I went with the crowd on that

    Posted by E | December 3, 2011, 11:17 pm

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