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If the Playoffs Started Today – NFL Week 13

Patriots vs Packers: Week 13's prediction for the Super Bowl

It’s just a month until the playoffs start, and the tension isn’t letting up. Houston is still winning despite being down to their third quarterback. New England is still having trouble playing 60 minutes. Even Green Bay is winning close games now. Both wildcard races are still very heated. And let’s not forget that it’s Tebow Time in Denver. With everything still so contested, and only two teams clinching playoff spots so far, let’s look at what would happen if the playoffs started as of Tuesday, December 6:


#1 Green Bay Packers

Green Bay may have allowed 35 points to the Giants and won by just a field goal, but they still showed how dangerous they can be if you give them enough time to do something.

#2 San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco once again showed how dominant they are, blanking the Rams at home. Baltimore may have gotten the better of them on Thanksgiving, but then and earlier in the season, San Fran showed they can beat just about any team.

#3 New Orleans Saints vs #6 Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta is a good team, but New Orleans has been running away with the division lately, on a four-game winning streak behind their extremely powerful offense. Add to that an unbeaten record in the Superdome and New Orleans should win.

#4 Dallas Cowboys vs #5 Chicago Bears

Chicago is on a slide ever since losing Jay Cutler, most recently managing just three points in a 10-3 home loss to Kansas City. Dallas still has Tony Romo and plenty of playmakers. The personnel issues and the home/away match-up favor Dallas in this one.


#1 New England Patriots

With Houston not facing a conference opponent, New England took the opportunity to reclaim the conference tiebreaker. However, they nearly let the useless Colts come back from a 31-3 hole in New England. If a game against a winless opponent gives the Pats such trouble, playoff opponents will be extremely difficult to defeat.

#2 Houston Texans

Houston managed to hold off Atlanta to hang onto a bye, and while their defense did stand up, Houston didn’t have the offensive outburst they’re used to. Houston is capable of playing a full game, but with Andre Johnson now out again, things became that much harder for Houston.

#3 Baltimore Ravens vs #6 Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati is struggling to maintain that last seed lately, while Baltimore has won three straight to keep pace for the AFC lead. Cincinnati has had struggles against good teams like Baltimore and Pittsburgh this season, which will only get worse once the sudden death pressure falls upon them.

#4 Denver Broncos vs #5 Pittsburgh Steelers

Tim Tebow has led the Broncos to five straight wins. However, Pittsburgh isn’t exactly known for giving up a lot of points. Pittsburgh can rush the passer effectively, especially once Troy Polamalu returns to form. In this game, Tebow will be forced to win with his passes, which doesn’t bode terribly well for Denver.

What Might Change Next Week:

  • With Chicago facing a stiff challenge in Denver, they could very well drop out of the playoff picture entirely.
  • If Cincinnati has any trouble at all against Houston, the Jets are in a good position to take over #6.

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  1. Why is the Patriots logo reversed? All NFL logos face right except for the Eagles’.

    Posted by Aryeh Rosenfield | December 8, 2011, 12:25 am

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