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Basketball AP Top 25 (Week 5): Kentucky Continues to Roll

Anthony Davis' block sealed the win for Kentucky. (AP)

1. Kentucky (47)
Did you see the Kentucky-UNC game?!?! It was ridiculous.

The amount of talent on the floor was absurd, and I was transfixed the entire time. I don’t think there’s anything I can say that’s not already been said, so I’ll leave it at this: this season I’m rooting for whatever will lead to a rematch in the tournament.

2. Ohio State (18)
What did the Buckeyes do this week? No big deal, just downed No. 7 Duke by 22. I did not see that coming, and I’m not really sure what to make of it.

I don’t think OSU is that much better than Duke, but it’s hard to argue that they aren’t really good. The talent level in OSU-Duke wasn’t anywhere near UK-UNC though, and that is worth keeping in mind.

3. Syracuse
I only saw portions of the No. 12 Florida game, but I was impressed with both teams. The Orange have a significant home court advantage because the Carrier Dome is so big and the sightlines are different (why is that such a problem?).

So, I’m crediting Syracuse’s agoraphobia with that win. It is also for that reason that I never pick them to go far in the tournament. Test yourself guys.

4. North Carolina
UNC lost and moved up in the rankings. That’s how good that game was.

5. Louisville
The Cardinals beat previously ranked Vanderbilt last week and have barely been tested all season. We’ll have a better sense of who they are in a few weeks after they’ve played No. 1 Kentucky and No. 21 Memphis. Until then, expect them to hang around here.

6. Baylor
7. Duke
8. Xavier
9. Connecticut
10. Missouri
This week’s marquee game is UCONN-Harvard, and I challenge you to prove me wrong.

11. Marquette
12. Florida
13. Kansas
14. Wisconsin
15. Pittsburgh
Kansas plays No. 2 Ohio State this week. Since their two losses this season were to No. 1 Kentucky and No. 7 Duke, I fully expect them to lose to the Buckeyes as well. It will be no consolation, but they very well could lead the country in quality losses.

16. Alabama
17. Mississippi State
18. Georgetown
19. Creighton
20. Michigan
Georgetown and Creighton were both unranked last week. While the Hoyas’ win over Alabama explains their hefty leap into the rankings, the Bluejays’ jump is harder to explain. They are undefeated and had wins last week over San Diego State and Nebraska, both of which are solid clubs.

Their jump has more to do with the teams around them though. Of the six ranked schools behind them, two had losses last week and two others were unranked last week. Texas A&M and Memphis, the two other schools, had wins over mediocre-to-terrible teams from the SWAC, OVC and Southland Conference. Not much test there.

21. Memphis
22. Texas A&M
23. Gonzaga
24. Illinois
25. Harvard
Crimson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it too late to trade in my BC season tickets for Harvard season tickets?

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