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So Long, J.D. Drew! Good Riddance

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After what seemed like 25 years in a Red Sox uniform, J.D Drew will not be in the Red Sox line-up next season. No, he didn’t hurt himself not caring about anything. His five-year paid vacation is finally up. He had teased retirement ever since he signed that five-year deal and now that it’s time to make a decision, he’s not too sure at what he really wants to do.

Drew’s agent Scot Boras told several sources that Drew signing with a team this winter pretty much depends on “locale and winning situation.” So, basically, the Angels. He didn’t say the Angels, but “locale and winning situation” doesn’t exactly describe Kansas City or Minnesota.

Wherever Drew ends up next season will certainly be far, far away from Red Sox nation. There’s a one percent of fans (female, mostly) who like Drew. Now, I’m going to spoil the article for you pink hats and refer right now that I really don’t have much respect for J.D. Drew the baseball player. You can send me as much hate mail that you want, but please do not call me a hater. When ever I hear that word, what I really hear is “you disagreed with me and since I’m not witty or original, this is the best I can come up with.” If your going to contact me to complain, please put a little more passion into it. I mean, it’s not like you’re J.D Drew or something, right?

Replacing Trot

The fact of the matter is, J.D. Drew didn’t¬†really connect with most fans in his time with Boston. He never really clicked with Red Sox nation. The timing wasn’t exactly ideal for him either as he replaced one of the all-time fan favorites: Trot “Christopher” Nixon. Nixon was the epitome of the hard work and heart. His passion and excitement for the game was unmatched and it was almost childlike in many ways. He was a true “dirt dog,” years before Jerry Remy coined the phrase and used the money to buy a planet. I don’t think I really ever met too many people who had an issue with Trot. He was always very hard to root against.

Then, he gets pushed aside for J.D Drew. And very quickly, we all learned exactly why the Philly fans throw batteries at people. All that passion and emotion that Trot wore on his sleeve day in and day out was gone. Instead, we were left with this Vulcan. Drew’s time in Boston statistically did not equal his worth in dollars and cents. At $70 million during the duration, he batted .264 and averaged around 16 home runs and about 57 RBI. Oh, yeah, he had one post season grand slam in 2007. So, for one inning, the man with the hamstrings and shoulders made of Legos was worth having around. But, really, what’s one good memory in a sea of millions of bad memories? Not much. In five years here in Boston, Mr. Drew, you managed to succeed very well in all the wrong things. Happy trails, J.D. Try not to break a rib on your way out.

Three Players Sox Should Consider and One to Stay Away from

Michael Cuddyer, Twins. The most amount of games that Drew has played during his Red Sox career (139) are the least amount of games Cuddyer has played in his career as a starter for Minnesota. He’s coming off his first All-Star selection in 2011 and he comes with the ability to also play infield positions as well.

Josh Willingham, Athletics.The Red Sox should really make an effort to pursue this very solid outfielder out of Oakland. He had an excellent offensive 2011 (29 homers and 98 RBIs) in that cavern of a ballpark. I should note that taking on Willingham as a right fielder will be a transition for him, as he played left for the A’s. Regardless, he should be able to make the adjustment and would be a great addition to the outfield.

Josh Reddick, Red Sox. The most obvious choice would be to just make Reddick a starter and not bother with the free agent market. Why not? Thanks to Drew’s injuries, he had 87 games to tryout for the spot. In those 87 games he hit .280 and had an OPS of .784. I’d feel perfectly time with the Sox giving the home-grown guy a chance at a full season. The team does have a pretty good track record when it comes to sticking with their farm guys.

Carlos Beltran, Giants. He’s the guy they should stay away from. He can certainly hit one hell of a baseball, but he’s also on the wrong side of 30 (34) and whatever contract he signs isn’t going to make him younger at the end of it. Plus, he’s been injury plagued for the past few years. He often comes off as apathetic towards his team’s success and failures. He strikes out looking, a lot. Didn’t we just go through this with someone else.

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