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Corey Trivino Arrested For Groping Student, Thrown Off BU Hockey Team

Corey Trivino (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images North America)

Boston University men’s hockey player Corey Trivino is one of the leading scorers in Hockey East, the team’s first-line center and maybe its most valuable player. He was so good so early that he was drafted in the second round by the NHL’s New York Islanders in 2008. Now, he’s off the BU team for good after what he’s alleged to have done this past weekend.

 “He is no longer associated with the BU hockey team,” said coach Jack Parker, who added that Trivino’s departure means the team has “a big hole to fill.”

Trivino allegedly forced his way into the room of a female student on 10 Buick Street and attempted to kiss and repeatedly grope her. He was arrested Sunday night and charged with three counts of indecent assault and battery, two counts of breaking and entering, and one count of assault with attempt to rape, according to BU Today.

According to reports, the student asked an intoxicated Trivino, who was outside her room in the hallway, to obey mandatory quiet hours. Trivino then allegedly forced his way into the victim’s room and repeatedly groped her. Police caught up with him outside of the building and placed him under arrest.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges. It’s important to remember that people are assumed innocent until proven guilty, but if true, these acts are absolutely egregious.

Trivino faces a judicial hearing with the school, and has a status check hearing on Jan. 18 in court. He has been ordered to stay away from the victim and from BU Dorms. The judge released the Toronto native without requiring bail, but did revoke his passport.


Credit Parker for getting out ahead of this despite the fact Trivino has only been alleged to have done these crimes (Parker later cited that Trivino has had some issues involving alcohol in the past, so that played into his decision). Well done Jack. Attempted rape is a horrendous act, and Parker did the absolute right thing in taking immediate action to permanently dump that slimeball Trivino from the team.

Credit also to BU (though I will admit I am biased as a BU alum) for actually addressing the allegations, and even reporting about it on their own website! Too often do we see college teams attempt to cover up crimes (See: The debacles at Penn State and Syracuse). While crimes against children, like those allegations involving Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine, are among the worst offenses possible, attempted rape is an alarming accusation and should not go unnoticed.

Also, I have a hunch that this happens FAR TOO often in college campuses across the country. I imagine girls and young women are too afraid of their attacker or of what the consequences might be if they actually report the crime. “Will anyone believe me? Will my attacker strike again? Was that really rape? Am I overreacting?” – Ladies, if it feels wrong, it probably is wrong. Please report these crimes! (Though, that’s easy for me to say as a 20-something guy with no history of abuse. I understand it must be extremely difficult for some.).

And guys, here’s my advice if you’re not sure what you’re doing constitutes indecent assault: if it feels wrong, if your conscience tries to get the best of you, and definitely if she’s saying “no” – it’s wrong. Use your head… and not the one between your legs.

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