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2011-2012 NBA Expert Picks

It's always tough for the defending champs to repeat, but Dallas still has a very good team. (http://students.ou.edu)

After a lockout delay, the NBA season is finally underway. Several teams are disappointed so far, but the season is still less than a week old. That’s why Sports of Boston (colored red in the table) and New York (colored green) are here, to present our choices for how the final standings will turn out.

The Heat, Bulls, Thunder and Mavericks are leading the way, with Miami’s Big Three still garnering the most favorable attention despite last season’s disappointing end. As has been the case before, most of the East is agreed upon, while the West is more open. Of particular note is that with the Lakers’ slowing down, their sister team the Clippers, fresh off acquiring Chris Paul, are getting a lot of votes to seize the divisional throne from the Lakers.

As usual, when one of our writers correctly picks a team to make the playoffs, it gets them one point, or two points instead for a correct division winner. Correctly picking the #1 seed is worth eight points, the #2 seed is worth seven points, and so on. Picking which #1 seed will finish with the NBA’s best record is worth two points. In the event of a tie in points, we also made selections for which team will finish with the NBA’s worst record, then second worst, then third worst.

So now that the record keeping is out of the way, we can all get to the picks. You can check them out below, and be sure to come back in April to see who won.

Name Aryeh Gianpaolo John Josh S KC Matthew Nick Stephen
East #1 *Heat *Bulls *Heat *Heat *Heat *Heat *Heat *Heat
#2 *Bulls *Heat *Bulls *Bulls *Bulls *Bulls *Bulls *Bulls
#3 *Celtics *Knicks *Celtics *Celtics *Knicks *Celtics *Knicks Magic
#4 Knicks Magic Knicks Knicks Celtics Magic Pacers *Celtics
#5 Magic Pacers Magic Hawks Magic Knicks Magic Knicks
#6 Hawks Celtics Hawks Magic Pacers Hawks Celtics Pacers
#7 Wizards 76ers Pacers Pacers 76ers Pacers Hawks Bucks
#8 76ers Hawks 76ers 76ers Hawks Nets 76ers Nets
West #1 *Mavericks *Thunder *Mavericks *Thunder *Thunder *Thunder *Thunder *Thunder
#2 Spurs *Mavericks *Thunder *Mavericks *Mavericks *Lakers *Mavericks *Spurs
#3 *Thunder *Clippers Spurs Spurs *Clippers *Mavericks Grizzlies *Clippers
#4 *Clippers Trail Blazers *Lakers *Lakers Lakers Spurs *Clippers Grizzlies
#5 Lakers Lakers Nuggets Grizzlies Grizzlies Clippers Lakers Trail Blazers
#6 Suns Grizzlies Suns Trail Blazers Spurs Nuggets Nuggets Lakers
#7 Nuggets Spurs Clippers Clippers Nuggets Warriors Spurs Warriors
#8 Grizzlies Rockets Trail Blazers Suns Rockets Hornets Trail Blazers Mavericks
Best Team Heat Bulls Heat Heat Heat Heat Heat Heat
Tiebreaker Worst
Raptors Cavaliers Cavaliers Bobcats Cavaliers Jazz Suns Bobcats
2nd Worst
Kings Raptors Kings Raptors Hornets Wizards Bobcats Cavaliers
3rd Worst
Cavaliers Jazz Nets Cavaliers Bobcats Cavaliers Warriors Pistons

* = division winner

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