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Super Bowl Media Hype: Felger Talks Spygate AGAIN, Brady’s “Trash Talk”

Mike Felger

The Super Bowl media hype really kicked into gear Sunday night with the arrival of the Boston sports media in Indianapolis. So, let’s start the insanity with our resident contrarian, Michael Felger. Felger began his “Sports Sunday” program with his “Reality Check.”

Felger on Spygate

Incidentally, Felger stole that segment from Bill O’Reilly, but regardless, his fourth check point was titled “Cheating.” Yes, Michael Felger went to the Spygate well…. again. I don’t want to rehash Spygate, as a sports story, it’s just red meat for the haters. I am amazed that Felger won’t let it go. Now, I don’t believe Felger thinks it was why the Patriots won three Super Bowls. He brings it up because he knows it’s an inflammatory topic that draws the ire of Patriots fans and Patriot haters. Felger continues to validate John Henry ‘s claim that he is just an “entertainer.”

Felger later had a segment with Steve Buckley and Bob Ryan where the topic was Spygate. Listen, I grew up reading Bob Ryan. He is, in my opinion, one of the five best sports writers this town has ever seen. However, Bob has lost his fastball. Bob wants everyone to like the Patriots and he just can’t get over Spygate. He goes on a lot of national shows and he constantly brings up the topic. He just can’t seem to accept that the Patriots are hated by the jealous masses especially in the media and because of that will never be forgiven for Spygate, the most overblown, ridiculous, sport media scandal in my life. Bob, stick to “Around the Horn” where you and Woody Paige can make funny faces to each other and continue to make us forget you were once accomplished “writers.”

It was pathetic for Felger to use that STUPID scoreboard controversy as a way to rehash Spygate talk. Felger then brought it up again Monday on his radio show in an interview with New England Patriots President Jonathan Kraft. Jonathan, who seems to lack his father’s media acumen, foolishly answered the question instead of telling Mike to put a sock in it, which is what his father did the last time it was brought up to him. It won’t be the last time Felger brings it up this week, unless someone up above at the Sports Hub tells him to give it rest and remind him that his station is the Patriots’ flagship network.

Other Local Media Members

Other comments over the last 48 hours featured Tony Massarotti continuing to say that this Super Bowl fell in the Patriots’ lap. Tony sure is right on this one: 13-3 record, a win over the 12-4 Ravens by a field goal…yep, it fell right in their lap.

Rodney Harrison made some news by saying Eli Manning is better right now than Tom Brady. Rodney could be right. Eli has had a phenomenal season especially clutch and late. I think this is another intriguing subplot in this week’s game. Michael Holley made a great point Monday on WEEI that while Eli might have had a better season than Tom this year, let’s not forget that Brady is playing in his fifth Super Bowl and Eli missed the playoffs the previous two seasons.

Chris Russo, one of my favorite sports talk show hosts of all-time, joined Felger and Mazz Monday to talk about the game. Chris was comparing the legacy of Lombardi and Belichick, and stated that Belichick can’t be mentioned in the same sentence with Lombardi if he loses a second Super Bowl. Chris, let me spare you the time, comparing two coaches who coached 45 years apart is an exercise in futility. Belichick, like Lombardi, will go down as the best in HIS time. How can you really tell who is better when the game is played so differently today?

Gary “He’s Gone” Tanguay might soon be adding another name to his prediction list. Monday night on Sports Tonight he dropped the bomb that a Patriot Insider told him: Belichick loves Julian Edelman and he wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots let Wes Welker walk at the end of the season. As much as I like to kid Gary about his over-the-top predictions, this one is interesting. Brandon Lloyd, who played for Josh McDaniels in Denver and St. Louis, is a free agent at the end of the season. Lloyd has already proclaimed how much he enjoys being part of Josh’s offense. If Welker is taken out of this game by the Giants defense, don’t be shocked if the Patriots go in a different direction in the offseason. Of course, they could sign Lloyd AND franchise Welker, but that’s a discussion for next week.

New York Media

Finally, the New York media didn’t disappoint. Wow, I thought the Boston media was childish. These guys and gals are behaving like a bunch of 10-year-old children. From Gary Myers’ “Fraidy Cat” reference to Flip Bondy’s column stating that Belichick needs this Super Bowl to save his legacy. Then Monday, came the headlines in the New York papers in response to Tom Brady using the word “hopefully” at the send off/Pep rally.

“Party of Jive”, “Tom’s Taunt” and “Tom Talkin Trash” were the headlines in the New York Tabloids on Monday. And I do mean tabloids, as those papers really can no longer be taken seriously. Steve Serby topped them all by saying the “Giants would make Brady pay for talking trash.” Steve, grow up. You’re a columnist, not some drunken fan at a bar.

Of course, this proves what I have been saying for years. There isn’t much difference between the media and the average fan. Talk to you tomorrow.

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2 comments for “Super Bowl Media Hype: Felger Talks Spygate AGAIN, Brady’s “Trash Talk””

  1. Tony sure is right on this one: 13-3 record, a win over the 12-4 Ravens by a field goal…yep, it fell right in their lap.
    Listen. I don’t have a team in this SB but anyone watching the Pats/Ravens game came away with the distinct impression the “dropped” pass in the end zone by Lee Evans should at the very least been reviewed.

    Once both feet are on the ground and the ball has crossed the plane of the end zone it is a touch down…period. The “two step” rule does not apply in plays in the end zone. Check the replay.

    Posted by Joe | January 31, 2012, 5:29 am
  2. Kraft is on record saying he wants Welker back. Not a smart idea if you take away Brady’s toy, Welker. Add Lloyd. Say good-bye to Branch and of course #85.

    Lloyd was a guy Charlie Weis questioned during the combine.

    Posted by Brian | January 31, 2012, 7:59 am

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