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Connelly’s Top Ten: Thursday Was Wicked Nice

Tim Tebow Jets Shirt (Image from

1. Red Sox thoughts:

* What will happen first – David Ortiz complains about a hit or error ruling / he runs hard to first / bunts for a single
* Does Bobby Valentine have his fake glasses, nose, & moustache in his locker?
* Has Larry Luchino ever gathered the staff to find out who ate the rest of the strawberries?
* Fenway is 100 years old, which is the last time they squeezed
* Kevin Youkilis should be doing those Dove commercials on sweating with John Thompson III
* Does Dustin Pedroia bring the cribbage board out before every game like the phantom limb?
* First pitch has to be Tim Wakefield to Jason Varitek (neither are done though)
* Wouldn’t it be cool to sign Pedro in July?

2. New Orleans Saints talk:

* Another Super Bowl (’09) tainted – Steelers 70’s steroids, 49ers salary cap abuse, Bronco’s salary cap circumvention
* Coach Gregg Williams will be banned for life
* Jonathan Vilma will get a five-game suspension
* Drew Brees is wishing they didn’t franchise him
* Sean Payton’s year suspension is a wake-up call for every manager of a sports team or business anywhere

3. Pats Mock Drafts:

* NFL – Don Banks SI – #27 Fletcher Cox – DT Miss State / #31 Dont’a Hightower – LB Bama
* NFL – Mel Kiper ESPN – #27 Kendall Reyes DT – U Conn/ #31 Janoris Jenkins CB – Florida (drugs – post Myra)
* – Celtics 17th Perry Jones out of Baylor / 24th Andrew Nicholson out of St. Bonnies

4. College Football National Titles:

Last time a team from a particular conference won the National Football Championship:

* SEC – Alabama – 2011
* Big 12 – Texas 2005
* Pac 10 – USC – 2004
* Big 10 – Ohio State – 2002
* Big East – Miami – 2001
* ACC – Florida State – 1999
* WAC – BYU – 1984
* Ivy – Cornell – 1922

5. Tim Tebow thoughts:

* No one is a bigger Tebow fan than me, but him being with the Jets is a problem
* Miami Dolphins not giving up a 3rd-round draft pick for a guy who won 8 games in the NFL is silly – that means they have lost out on Peyton Manning, Alex Smith, Matt Flynn and Tim Tebow – that means only one thing – they are going to give St. Louis two #1’s and a #2 for Robert Griffin III (they have no choice) – (EDITOR’S NOTE…The Redskins have already completed this exact trade for the No. 2 pick…so the Dolphins really are in trouble)
* Great front page in Newsday of Statue of Liberty doing a Tebow

6. Latest Odds To Win A Championship:

* Patriots: 7-1 (tied for second with Broncos / Green Bay first)
* Red Sox: 8-1 (tied for third with Angels and Rangers behind Yankees and Phillies)
* Bruins: 9-1 (sixth – Penguins first)
* Celtics: 35-1 (10th – Heat first)

7. Old School:

Dwight Gooden’s first three seasons (1984-1986): 58-19 with 2.28 ERA

8. Amazing stats:

Top Ten in NBA scoring, but never won a scoring title:

#2 Karl Malone
#7 Moses Malone
#9 Hakeem Olajuwon
#10 Elgin Baylor

9. Just a Little Bit Outside: Thursday’s weather

* I’m gonna say the most amazing weather day in Boston since 1978 Storm
* Line at Sullivan’s at Castle Island was insane
* Over 100 state troopers at Castle Island to ward off Boston School “skip day”
* Beaches at Scituate were packed
* Parking lot at Nantasket was 80% full
* I’ve never seen so many sunburns in my life

10. Randomocity:

* Bay Hill could be special this week in the PGA
* Great piece on HBO Real Sports on Seattle Mariner 28-year-old rookie Steve Delabar – every pitcher should watch his work out (could revolutionize the throwing arm)
* BJGE departure puts the ball in Steve Ridley’s hands (he’s fumbled more in one fumble that Lawfirm did in his career)
* Bentley College women’s hoop coach Barbara Stevens is the most under-rated in New England another Final Four for Falcons
* Does Jim Tressel ever feel bad about Maurice Clarett?
* I hope Rick Pitino doesn’t have another quick indiscretion in the Elite Eight

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6 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Thursday Was Wicked Nice”

  1. Didn’t Washington already give up their 2 #1’s and 2nd rounder for RG3 or am I missing something?

    REPLY – MPC – I was in the dark – but I’ll take credit for guessing the compensation correct – thanks good help

    Posted by Bob | March 23, 2012, 9:14 am
  2. This is shaping up to be possibly the most ethically challenged set of Final Four coaches in history. Boeheim, Calipari and Little Ricky. And Bill Raftery talks about Boeheim like he’s a martyr–“with all the distractions around him, all this man did was what he does best–coach kids.” The Fab Melo thing boggles the mind. Unless he got caught cheating at some point in Feb, there is no way he could be academically ineligible for a couple weeks in early january, become eligible for the next 5 weeks and then become ineligible again. How does Syracuse get away with not forfeiting all those games or at least ask the question.

    REPLY – MPC – Great comments – the world of NCAA – who is worse the inmates or the NCAA watching the inmates

    Posted by Curly | March 23, 2012, 9:39 am
  3. > Miami Dolphins…are going to give St. Louis two #1′s and a #2 for Robert Griffin III (they have no choice)

    AFAIK, the Rams already agreed to trade the second overall pick in the draft to the R******s, and the R******s are planning to use that pick for RGIII. So Miami doesn’t have that choice either.

    REPLY – MPC – Good help – Miami in trouble

    Posted by Alan | March 23, 2012, 9:50 am
  4. You forgot the Three Tainted super Bowls won by the *Patriots and Coach BeliCHEAT

    REPLY – MPC – Every team in baseball, football and basketball scout plays and signals so the fact that the camera was on them from the sideline instead of the press box or the stands provides limited value to the Patriots which is proven by their winning % since the Jets game 2007. And don’t tell me that they can’t win the Super Bowl now – I think AFC championship games are pretty big – do you agree?

    Posted by Glass House | March 23, 2012, 10:26 am
  5. I am guessing about 5% of your readers got the capt Qweeg reference.

    REPLY – MPC – Special treat for more learned readers

    Posted by El Presidente | March 23, 2012, 10:42 am
  6. I agree that your still in denial that the *Patriots cheated

    Posted by Glass House | March 23, 2012, 1:38 pm

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