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Connelly’s Top Ten: Same Attitude, Hot Dog Coach – Start Inevitable

Bobby Valentine (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)

1. Red Sox Disaster:

* Red Sox are on pace to lose 162 games this year
* By tomorrow afternoon – Daniel Bard will be closer and Aaron Cook will be with the big team
* Bobby Valentine had an amazing opportunity to fight for his team and have their back’s when Phil Coke threw behind Adrian Gonzalez’s head and then drilled him with the next pitch. He casually walked out to the home plate umpire trying to act cool and and then turned around befuddled as opposed to passionate. He should have got thrown out and threatened Jim Leyland (head shot was inexcusable)
* Lifting Vincente Padilla, because that’s what everyone does, shows limitations – gotta have that win – he went 4 innings and 51 easy pitches
* This is the brilliance of Josh Beckett and Clay Buchholz – get knocked out early and get to the chicken and beer quicker
* Speaking of Josh Beckett – when he came into camp without regret for last year – they should have traded him in March – now they have to move him right now! Give me Al Nipper over Josh Beckett any day
* Avila had a Bernie Carbo like foul ball right before his home run
* Tim Wakefield has a list of Red Sox pitchers on his fridge and is crossing them off as they get hurt – Bailey and two more and he’s back
* Interesting watching Josh Beckett in the dugout after getting knocked out – he was looking lost and disinterested
* Roy Oswalt was loving the outcome of this weekend’s results of the Sox
* Average game times so far 3:35

2. Masters:

* Good for golf that a colorful character like Bubba Watson won
* Greens were unfair – balls that landed on the green rolled back into the brooks
* Within 15 minutes a five-stroke swing – Louis Oosthulzen scored a double eagle and Phil Mickelson had a double bogey
* Great call by David Feherty on the double eagle – “come to Papa”

3. Boston College Hockey:

* Again I’ll say this – BC Hockey is the most under-appreciated program in Boston sports history – three NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in five years
* Amazing championship goal by Johnny Gaudreau
* What percentage of campus would go to a National Championship rally – SEC schools get 100,000 for their spring football games

4. Around the MLB:

* How has Justin Verlander ever lost
* ESPN stat – after 1,000 games, Prince Fielder has 232 home runs / after 1,000 games, Cecil Fielder had 232
* Theo has more wins than Red Sox – 1
* Yankees and Red Sox 0-6 / Mets and Orioles 6-0

5. Bruins vs. Capitals:

Best time of the sports year – NHL playoffs

* Washington during the regular season – the consumate underachiever
* Alex Ovechkin – Minus 8
* Washington 18-15-6 last 39 games
* 2 for last 24 on power play
* Jaff Halpern best face off guy at 58.4%
* Mark Hendricks – most penalties / best shoot out guy had 5 goals in 8 shootouts (only four the whole season non shoot out)

6. Celtics:

When Rondo has at least 14 assists (11-2)

7. Amazing Stat:

Josh Beckett’s last three starts: 0-3 / 17 innings / 18 runs (9.52 ERA)

8. Old School:

Tiger Woods kick of his club went as far as a Ken Walter punt – 211 punts averaged 38.6 yards for the Patriots

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Zillow Home Value Index of towns in which are top ten in girls lacrosse (Average in Massachusetts $272,500):

1. Lincoln Sudbury -$753,800
2. Westwood – $526,800
3. Andover – $476,900
4. Hingham (Notre Dame) – $556,500
5. Hopkinton – $444,000
6. Duxbury – $468,800
7. Winchester – $670,300
8. Needham – $614,000
9. Framingham – $273,000
10. Corcord Carlisle – $651,000
19. Wellsley – $839,900

10. Randomocity:

* Jeremy Lin had surgery on April 2nd and won’t be ready until mid May – don’t forget Joan Benoit qualified for the American Marathon team 21 days after surgery
* Not being insensitive, but found the trend worthy of mention – last three significant school shootings: Columbine, Virginia Tech and California all in April (could it be that the cumulative impact of perceived stress mounts through a school year and the chance to rectify a “wrong” is running out of time as school end approaches?)
* Warren Sapp owes child support and alimony and files bankruptcy (assets include 240 pairs of Air Jordan) and reported makes $116m a MONTH. The tradition of Miami football continues (Yahoo story)
* Josh Beckett’s career ERA with Red Sox: 4.08 / $17mm per??
* Celtics Sunday night shot 59% from the field / 84% from the line
* I know I’m a Tebow fanatic, but amazing piece on ESPN called Tim Tebow Everything In Between:

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4 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Same Attitude, Hot Dog Coach – Start Inevitable”

  1. Totally agree on BC. Watched NESN Daily on Sunday morning and the story came on 18 minutes into a 30 minute program…

    REPLY – MPC – Defillipo’s fault

    Posted by Pumpkin | April 9, 2012, 8:33 am
  2. I was really hoping for Ottawa to play the B’s. I think the B’s would have keyed on Karlson & shut them down. Capitals have a lot of offensive talent that missed a lot of regular season games that is now back – specifically, Nicklas Backstrom & Mike Green.

    A rookie goalie, Braden Holtby, is expected to start game-1 for Washington. Sometimes a rookie goalie can surprise in the playoffs & become a great goalie (Ken Dryden). In their history, the B’s have also lost to rookie goalies, who ended up being mediocre goalies (Steve Penney). The B’s had their own rookie goalie who won a playoff series but turned out to be a “1-hit wonder”(Mike Moffat). Rookie goalies are wild cards.

    B’s should still win, but I think Caps have a lot more ammunition at this point than Ottawa would to potentially pull an upset.

    REPLY – MPC – Good call in retrospect

    Posted by Bob T. | April 9, 2012, 12:39 pm
  3. Small edit, Warren Sapp makes 116K per month, not M.

    REPLY – MPC – both can be used but point taken

    Posted by Jeff Christenbury | April 9, 2012, 12:58 pm
  4. BC Hockey accomplishments are indeed impressive. But hockey is a niche not a mainstream sport, Boston is not a college sports town, and BC is a private school, not a big public institution. I’m not sure I am surprised at the level of attention it has gotten.

    REPLY – MPC – not even big on their campus

    Posted by TimU | April 11, 2012, 10:17 am

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