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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Playoff Hockey is Back! Red Sox Pride Gone!

TIm Thomas (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

1. Bruins – Playoff Hockey Nothing Better:

* Love watching Shawn Thornton before a game rocking back and forth during national anthem
* Rene Rancourt is losing his fast ball
* Washington was crazy blocking shots
* Dennis Seidenberg and Alexander Ovechkin – will boil over before it’s all over
* I thought Benoit Pouliot was one of the best skaters Thursday night
* I’m back to suggesting that glass bangers get thrown out of the game
* Was Washington running Tim Thomas?
* Bruins fans should stand through a whole penalty kill
* Jack Edwards has informed the viewers of every “Lets go Bruins” chant
* Bruins needed a timeout halfway through third period – Washington was controlling early part of the period
* Like the way Lucic was skating
* David Krejci had zero shots on 24 shifts
* Back-to-back postseason shutouts for Tim Thomas

2. Red Sox Home Opening Day:

* Bobby V. is stealing Reche Caldwell’s deer in the headlight look whenever there is a questionable call
* I’m predicting if Josh Beckett gives up anything close to four runs in five innings, he will go on the DL after the game
* Don’t forget I predicted Wakefield first pitch throwing to Varitek
* If Beckett has a quality start – trade him after the game to Texas, pick up $5mm of his $17mm contract and take a legit prospect and then sign Roy Oswalt
* If Kevin Youklis goes 0-4 – he’ll be glad that boo sounds like Youkkkkk
* Bobby Valentine will be booed

3. Most beloved Boston coaches:

  1. Don Cherry
  2. Joe Morgan
  3. Pat Burns
  4. Terry Francona
  5. Terry O’Reilly
  6. Rom Heinsohn
  7. KC Jones
  8. Doc Rivers
  9. Bill Belichick
  10. Dave Cowens

4. Gretzky The Great One?

Wayne Gretzky as coach of Phoenix vs. after he left the Coyotes:

  • Gretzky – 143-161
  • After – 135-78

5. Size of Top Five Goalies by Goals Against:

  • Brian Elliot – Blues – 6’3″
  • Jonathan Quick – Kings – 6’1″
  • Cory Schneider – Vancouver – 6’2″
  • Jaroslav Halak – 5’11”
  • Henrik Lundqvist – Rangers – 6’1″

6. Worst Winning % for Championship team from Boston:

  • .585 – Celtics – 1969
  • .591 – Red Sox – 1916
  • .593 – Red Sox – 2007
  • .595 – Red Sox – 1918
  • .605 – Red Sox – 2004
  • .611 – Celtics – 1957
  • .651 – Bruins – 1970
  • .659 – Celtics – 1976

7. Amazing Stat:

Hershel Walker could have won three Heisman’s:

1980 Heisman – George Rogers 1,894 yards – 14 TD / Hershel Walker Freshman – 1,616 yards / 15 TD
1981 Heisman – Marcus Allen – 2,427 yards – 22 TD / Hershel Walker Sophomore – 1,891 yards / 18 TD
1982 Heismann – Hershel Walker 1,752 yards – 16 TD

8. Old School:

Voices I miss…

  • Keith Jackson
  • Ned Martin
  • Bob Wilson
  • Chris Schenkel
  • Gil Santos
  • Jim McKay
  • John Facenda – NFL Films

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

How about this from Will McDonough back in 2003 in the Boston Globe:

“Lucchino has a face for all occasions, but, unfortunately, very little knowledge of baseball. He was slotted into the Red Sox job by his good friend, Bud Selig, the commissioner of baseball, who wanted to ensure that he would have Boston’s vote in his pocket whenever he needed it. This came to pass when the Red Sox voted in favor of the new collective bargaining agreement, which they later acknowledged was especially odious for them. Lucchino was knighted as the baseball director of the Red Sox by Selig, even though Lucchino knows nothing about baseball personnel.”

10. Randomocity:

* Great story by Dan Shaughnessy about Terry Francona not showing up for 100th at Fenway
* Miami Heat 5-6 over the last eleven game
* Jordan’s Furniture Red Sox hitting the sign gig only good after July 16
* How haven’t more hockey players been injured by pucks?
* Cool Uniforms – Canada 1972 Summit Series
* Hershel Walker ran a 40 at 4.35 at age 48

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  1. I think Rene Rancourt lost his fastball in ’98.

    Great call on Keith Jackson. There was nothing better than a great fall afternoon when you could watch college gameday early,then watch a game in the afternoon called by Keith Jackson.

    REPLY – MPC – In the future they will take past highlights of a Jackson game and take every word and have him call games after his death

    Posted by David H | April 13, 2012, 5:07 pm
  2. This article will now likely become the only result to show up when someone types “Belichick & beloved” in the Google search bar.

    Posted by TimU | April 18, 2012, 8:52 am

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