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Connelly’s Top Ten: Happy Patriots Day

Alex Ovechkin, Dennis Seidenberg (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

1. Bruins:

* Ovechkin was flying – 5 more hits (should be fined on stick to Dennis Seidenberg’s face)
* Defensemen negatively impacted both Capitals goals (doesn’t Tim Thomas carry a gun?)
* Patrice Bergeron has won 18 of 25 faceoffs
* Washington playing a little more desperate with hitting and blocking shots

2. Red Sox:

* Amazing when you look at the lineup for $170mm and you see names like Ross, Sweeney, Aviles, Shoppach, McDonald, Punto in the lineup
* What is the over-under of college baseball players that have more skills than Darnell McDonald – 500?
* Clay Buchholz has a 1.000% winning percentage with an ERA of 9.82
* Jon Lester has a 0.00% winning percentage with an ERA of 2.40

3. Top Assists per Game Marks in Celtics history:

Rondo 2012 – 11.5
Rondo 2011 – 11.1
Rondo 2010 – 9.80
Cousy 1960 – 9.53
Cousy 1956 – 8.92
Douglas 1994 – 8.76

4. Ozzie Guillen:

Ozzie is paid $2.5mm a year – he should donate his entire salary to a local hospital or medical care center that cares for Cuban refugees (he still has three years $7.5mm remaining on his contract)

5. BC Alum In NBA:

With Jared Dudley continuing a nice run with the Phoenix Suns – where does he stand on the list of most points by a Boston College player in the NBA:

  • Michael Adams: 9,621
  • Dana Barros: 8,901
  • John Bagley: 5,802
  • Howard Eisley: 5,116
  • Jared Dudley: 3,069

6. Marcus Camby:

Camby has made $119mm over his NBA career.

* 40th all time rebounding – 9,392
* 12th all time blocks – 2,314
* 1st – most free gold chains received in college with #23 on it

7. Amazing Stats:

Imagine running sub-5:00 miles for 26.2 miles…

8. Old School:

From Celtic broadcast the other night – top scorers per game vs the Boston Celtics in history:

  • Michael Jordan – 30.7
  • LeBron James – 30.2
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar – 28.7
  • Wilt Chamberlain – 28.7

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

With Boston Marathon to be run in heat – how about some other local sporting events impacted by the weather:

* 2002 Snow Bowl
* 1985 Kareem Oxgen mask game (1984)
* Run for the Hoses – 1976 Boston Marathon
* Fog game – Bruins vs. Oilers (5/24/88)
* Boston College vs. Alabama in 1983 at Foxboro during thunder/lightning

10. Randomocity:

* How long have I been talking about the need for more thorough cardiac testing for world class athletes who are team assets –> Italian soccer player dies
* Can’t believe Legal Sea Foods is going with the ad campaign of mocking the beauty of fish and killing them for their menu – “or we can cut up the crab and make crab cakes” – don’t people want to think about that part of the equation
* Great time of the year for the Sunday sports pages
* Is Jack Bicknell underappreciated in Boston sports history?
* John Henry’s Liverpool with a huge win Saturday to put them in the FA Cup Final
* David Krejci could have died the other night from the glass falling – those dopes banging the glass could be Steve Bartman
* Why don’t soccer leagues review dives after a game and apply yellow and red cards after a game
* John Wall of Washington is 3-38 from three point land

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