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If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 2

Rangers vs Dodgers: Week 2's prediction for the World Series

Another week into the season and the injury bug is starting to bite into teams. The Yankees are without Brett Gardner and the Cardinals are without Lance Berkman, among others. Texas is still near unbeatable, while the Red Sox are terrible once more. Where have all these changes left everyone? Let’s look at what would happen if the playoffs started as of Friday, April 20 at 5:45pm:

National League

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles is continuing their roll, mainly because they’re the only NL team yet to lose at home. 4-3 on the road isn’t great, but it’s still one of three winning road records in the NL. If things continue well for the Dodgers, they’ll be able to make a deep run.

#2 Washington Nationals vs #3 St. Louis Cardinals

The Nationals have been on quite the run so far. Meanwhile, the Cardinals are out their top pitcher and first baseman. If they’re healthy at playoff time, the Cardinals will be stacked with talent. Otherwise, the Nationals have the oomph to take advantage.

#W1 Atlanta Braves vs #W2 New York Mets

The Mets have lost two in a row, while the Braves have won three straight. The Braves’ talent pool is getting back on the right track, while the Mets are starting to slide. They’ll have a tough time with Atlanta, for sure.

American League

#1 Texas Rangers

They have pitching. They have hitting. At this point, it’s tough to see anyone preventing the third time from being the charm for Texas.

#2 Detroit Tigers vs #3 Baltimore Orioles

Not too many people saw the Orioles doing anything of note. They swept the Twins, were swept by the Yankees and are 5-2 since. The Tigers are doing well in a weak division, but they would like to have an even better record. As we saw against the Yankees, the Orioles can have trouble against talented teams, and having been an afterthought for so long, the Orioles may have trouble adjusting to playing in October.

#W1 Cleveland Indians vs #W2 Tampa Bay Rays

The Indians are doing well enough, but it’s been five years since they were truly talented. The Rays are trying to recover from a rough stretch, and they’ve been able to do so thus far. The Indians are still trying to find themselves, while the Rays know exactly what to do, which could very well make all the difference.

What Might Change Next Week:

  • Assuming Toronto does well in Baltimore, they should be able to jump from 1.5 games out (fourth place) all they way ahead of Baltimore for the division.

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