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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Stay Alive, Bobby V Not So Much

Boston Bruins v Washington Capitals - Game Six

1. Bruins:

* About time Lucic and Seguin did something
* Crazy NHL scheduling a game on back-to-back days that included travel
* Where’s Harry Sinden when you need him? Claude Julien has to get up on the boards – the penalty on Benoit Pouliot on Saturday AND Sunday absurd (considering Ovechkin got nothing for crosscheck to Seidenberg’s face), the too many men on the ice they didn’t call, the interference on Marchand that didn’t get called
* Also there is a lot more Bruins bleeding than Caps
* Icing calls are so inconsistent
* Commentators didn’t have the guts to point out Bruins got jobbed by officials
* Who has more turnovers in a Boston uniform – Patrick Pass, Antoine Walker or Milan Lucic
* Why is Lucic dressed over Shawn Thornton?
* How many posts have the Bruins hit?
* Andrew Ferrence is getting beat on the outside
* Alexander Ovechkin has Bobby Schmautz disease
* Should Seguin be talking to the commentator during the game?

2. Red Sox:

* Sunday night was the most important rainout in Red Sox history (Sabathia, ESPN, Francona calling the game, etc.)
* Crazy how uncomfortable Bobby V. is during press conferences – he can’t stop touching his face
* I know being booed has to hurt, BUT the tip of the cap won’t help things
* In sort of a must-win – Felix Dubront is pulled at 99 pitches after six innings?
* Since last year’s All Star break – Adrian Gonzalez has 12 home runs in 325 at bats (one every 27 at bats)
* Why not Terry Francona? (he must be appreciated in that locker room now)
* I am begging someone to tell me how in the hell is Darnell McDonald in the pros?
* That wasn’t a twist: What Bobby V. was doing on his NESN show that was a rain dance – it could have got ugly Sunday night
* Going into this year, Kevin Youkilis has been hit by pitch 67 times the last five years
* Speaking of Youkilis – Will Middlebrooks (Pawtucket third baseman) on fire – .379 average / 7 home runs
* Clay Buchholz has gone to the Tim Wakefield school of post game comments: “I only made five mistakes Friday.”
* Red Sox pitchers have had 6 quality starts in 14 games

3. 100th Anniversary Last Friday:

* Explain to me how NESN (and Dr. Charles) couldn’t have lined up the old Red Sox five across by position or decade and have them walk out together with a graphic underneath with their name? Terrible.
* Players have a nerve clapping for Terry Francona after their play cost him his job and then never supporting him, leaving him in lonely exile
* Why not bring Pedro back to play in August?
* Jose Canseco makes Ben Johnson look like Don Knotts (I might take him in the death pool)

4. Bobby V:

First fourteen games to start a season by a new Red Sox Manager (Bobby V is 4-10):

* Dick Williams – 1967…… .8-6
* Eddie Kasko – 1970……….7-7
* Darrell Johnson – 1974……9-5
* John McNamara -1985….8-6
* Butch Hobson – 1992……..7-7
* Kevin Kennedy – 1995…….9-5
* Jimy Williams – 1997……..8-6
* Grady Little – 2002………..10-4
* Terry Francona – 2004…….9-5

5. Positions in Boston sports:

What positions have been tough to fill? What positions have been bountiful?

Tough To Fill

* Third base coach
* Shortstop
* Basketball Power forward (Just McHale, Silas, Heinsohn)
* Hockey center (Espo, Oates and Thornton)


* Ace
* Left field
* First base
* Quarterback
* Tight end
* Defenseman
* Scoring forward Celtics

6. Red Sox Salaries:

Salaries to go after this year for the Red Sox = $54mm:

* Kevin Youkilis – $12mm
* Dice K – $10mm
* Jacoby Ellsbury – $8mm
* Bobby Jenks – $6mm
* Andrew Bailey – $4mm
* Cody Ross – $3mm
* Jarrod Salt. – $2.5mm
* Ryan Sweeney $2mm
* Vincent Padilla – $1.5mm
* Kelly Shoppach – $1.3mm
* Alfredo Acceves – $1.2mm
* Mike Aviles – $1.2mm
* Matt Albers – $1mm
* Andrew Miller – $1mm

7. Amazing Stats:

Some Perfect Game fun facts after Phil Humber’s gem on Saturday…

* The last strike call by home plate umpire was as generous as the one for Don Larsen
* Game time was 2:17 (at the same time, the Red Sox-Yankees game was 3:52)
* Randy Johnson threw his at age 40 / Catfish Hunter at age 22
* Sandy Koufax’s perfect game in 1965 took 1:43 to play
* Koufax had the most strikeouts in a perfect game with 14
* The attendance for Hunter’s in 1968 – 6,298

8. Old School:

Players it would have been nice to recognize Friday:

* Rick Burleson
* Denny Doyle
* Keith Foulke
* Pumpsie Green
* Dave Henderson
* Bruce Hurst
* Rick Miller
* Bill Monbouquette
* Joe Morgan
* Al Nipper
* Reggie Smith
* Rick Wise

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Why not to bet, reason number 6,012,463 and 6,012,464:

* On Friday, the Celtics spread went from 6.5 to 10.5 as word leaked who wouldn’t be playing – the first change came at 10:38 in the morning and changed five times (and then the Celtics covered)
* The Washington Wizards beat the Miami Heat

10. Randomocity:

* Can you legally have the name World Peace and try to kill people with an elbow?
* Huge soccer game next week between Manchester United and Manchester City could be for the league
* How come there is more concussions with helmets in the NHL than there wer without – old days?
* When things are going bad in Boston sports – Dan Shaughnessy is a must read
* With the most exciting young pitcher in baseball – Steve Strasburg pitching for the first place Washington at home on a beautiful Saturday its inexcuasble that there were 15,000 empty seats (sounds like Congress)

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4 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Stay Alive, Bobby V Not So Much”

  1. lucic can be irritating, but he gives you more than shawn thornton any day. sorry, that’s just crazy talk!

    bobby v had no clue what he was getting into, coming back to baseball in boston of all places. it’s going to be great when he really loses it this month…

    REPLY – MPC – Shawn Thornton has better hands than Lucic and less turnovers – Lucic is a 23 goal scorer (5 empty netters) – Lucic better yes but not by salary differential

    Posted by tronburger | April 23, 2012, 9:58 am
  2. “Basketball Power forward (Just McHale, Silas, Heinsohn”??!~!

    Excuse me? What about KG? He is a better player than any of those three, good though they were.

    REPLY – MPC – I agree he should be on that list but you are wrong about him being better than Heinsohn and McHale

    Posted by TimU | April 23, 2012, 10:51 am
  3. * I agree with tronburger. I love Thornton, too, but there is is no way that Lucic should sit before Thornton.

    * Marchand’s constant flopping in the series caused the non-call when he was elbowed in the face at the end of the 2nd period. Even on that play, he embellished it. I’m shocked that he’s still pulling that crap.

    *B’s miss Adam McQaid. You notice more traffic in front of Thomas without McQaid being on the ice (as opposed to Zannon, Mottau, or Corvo).

    * Holtby has trouble with the glove on some shockingly easy shots. A Bruin lobbed one in on Saturday from just past the red line, & it went right through Holtby’s glove but wide. Boychuk’s goal from the blue line had no screen. Other than the glove issue, he’s been great.

    * I would add “puck moving defenseman” for “Tough To Fill” for the Bruins. Since the trade of Ray Bourque, the B’s have unsuccessfully tried to fill the role with many, including: Jonathan Girard, Sergei Gonchar (he flopped in his 1-playoff series here), Dennis Wideman, Tomas Kaberle, & Joe Corvo. Shawn Thornton pointed out last week that that the B’s “puck moving defenseman” always ends up being the whipping boy here, but I think the unhappiness has been justified.

    REPLY – MPC – I agree McQuaid not being there hurt / Good point on puck moving defensemen / my point on Thornton was exaggerated for a point but in retrospect maybe not far fetched from what we got in production

    Posted by Bob T. | April 23, 2012, 2:41 pm
  4. Right on with Lucic! He plays more like a Sedin sister then a Big Bad Bruin. NOBODY glides more than Lucic.
    Again right on with NESN and the 100th anniversary. They could’ve thrown a Red Sox uniform on any homeless person and paraded him out there. Nobody would’ve known the difference.
    As for the Red Sox this is what $170M dollar bridge year looks like. A bridge to nowhere. Henry & Luchinno ARE the problem. Bobby V shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. Demarlo Hale should be the manager.

    REPLY – MPC – I wonder if the Sox did put a uniform on Kramer as he was a sit filler at the Tony’s one year on Seinfeld / The Bruins should send him video and try to calculate a stat for ice covered without arms and legs pumping

    Posted by NoBama | April 24, 2012, 2:35 pm

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