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Connelly’s Top Ten: Hey Bruins…The Better Team Won

Bruins Lose Game 7

1. Misc:

* The better team won
* Bruins played at Washington’s pace and speed letting them dictate tempo and thus forcing their will upon the Bruins
* Bruins needed to make this series a street fight and instead they shot pucks into Capitals shin pads
* Ironic that a shot that was directed toward corner was blocked and led to a 2-on-1
* Never were desperate

2. Offense:

* Bruins had a power play to win it late in third period and threw up on Dean Wormer
* Just not enough firepower
* Chara is the third greatest defenseman in Bruins history and certainly top ten in NHL history – but over seven games you can’t get your shot blocked 100 times
* Why do they finally get the puck below faceoff circle and pass back to point?
* Tyler Seguin, when he is interested, is a superior player
* Seemed to lose every big faceoff – David Krejci lost 10 of 15 faceoffs

3. Defense:

* What a block by Siedenberg in the penalty kill with no stick
* Tim Thomas is so casual and uncomfortable with the puck behind the net
* Andrew Ferrence grade – F
* Thought Mottau was their third best defenseman, especially moving the puck

4. Washington:

* More talented / more desperate (as proven by shots blocked) / and who would have said this before the series – better goaltender
* Ovechkin time played in Game 7 – 16 minutes out of 63
* They are boring – NHL is not happy with big markets going home

5. Brad Marchand:

Last year’s post season vs. this season

* 2011 – 25 games – 11 goals and 8 assists
* 2012 – 7 games – 1 goal and 1 assist

6. Milan Lucic:

* Zero shots in 19 shifts in Game 7 – that’s zero
* Seven games – zero goals
* More giveaways than anyone in the league
* Loses 70% of the one-on-one battles (despite strength)
* Loses puck in his feet
* Puts more passes on other team’s tape than anyone in league

7. Management:

* Never addressed the power play infertility issues in the offseason
* They need to shake up this team – trade Krecji, Lucic and pick up a stud defensemen, a sniper
* Need to sit with Seguin and tell him being average with extrodinary gifts is not acceptable

8. Taxes:

After just finishing my taxes – Washington now has twice had a negative impact on my April

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Love the Goal album from the early 70’s Bruins

10. Randomocity:

* Jack Edwards great job at identifying every “Let’s Go Bruins” chant
* Actually a “boring” series considering the fact that every game was decided by 1 goal
* Too many random icings
* At least Peter Chirelli won’t have to take anymore of those crazy lefty high fives from Cam
* Hockey has to do something about the broken sticks
* Red Sox can’t hide anymore
* The final four teams from last year are not in the final eight – Boston, Vancouver, Tampa and San Jose

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One comment for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Hey Bruins…The Better Team Won”

  1. Your expectations for a 19 year old player are extraordinary. It seems that you are using Stamkos as a measuring stick for Seguin and no one else, which is unfair. Also, I believe trading Krejci and Lucic is a shortsighted view considering the impact they had in last years playoffs. Krejci did not play up to par this series, but was a point a game player last year in the playoffs. Even though Lucic was terrible last night, he still is a 25-30 goal scorer and an impactful player. Why “shake up” a team that is 1 year removed from a cup, especially considering the cap friendly deals of both Krejci and Lucic? Additionaly, you mentioned several top 10’s ago that you heard Seguin is known for having a bad attitude around the Garden and I think that is clouding your judgment of him. Perhaps in the next top 10 you could compare his production to other high draft picks at the same age?

    MPC – Appreciate your opinon – Seguin is 20 and Stamkos is 22 (close?) so lets go to Stamkos season when he was 20 – he scored 50 goals / Lucic was not good last year in the playoffs either. I will grant you that Krejci was good last years playoffs but underachieved this regular season also.

    Posted by Brian Colella | April 26, 2012, 1:16 pm

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