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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bobby V Carrying City on Back, Patriots Don’t Trade Down

Bill Belichick (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

1. Bruins:

(read my Bruins Top Ten recap)

How ironic that in 1998, Tim Taylor’s skate in the crease eliminated the Bruins against Washington Capitals and fourteen years later Tim Thomas was interfered in the crease and it wasn’t called…

2. Red Sox:

* As said by many Monday morning – rainout Sunday night might be the most critical moment of the whole year – that could have been the implosion
* No truth to the rumor that Bobby V didn’t know that Josh Beckett was righty
* Bobby V is conscious of the TV at all times when in the dugout
* Brady family was ready to annul the marriage to Youk… until the grand slam Thursday
* Salty (not spelling the whole name) – lets the hands fly as good as anyone at the plate
* Matt Stairs – hmmm not Charles Barkley

3. NFL Draft:

* Patriots actually move up – take two first round picks for the first time since 2004 – Vince Wilfork and Ben Watson
* First Syracuse player (Chandler Jones) drafted by the Patriots since Tebucky Jones in 1998
* Belichick takes another Nick Saban player (Dont’a Hightower) – Brandon Deaderick, Marquise Hill, Rohan Davy, Jarvis Green
* Only linebacker in first round drafted by Bill Belichick other than Jerod Mayo
* Despite Boston College trying to keep Luke Kuchely a secret, he goes in the top ten

4. College Playoff system:

Excited about a four-team playoff, but an eight- or sixteen-team format builds the momentum that March Madness has.

5. Fantasy Baseball:

Great time for fantasy baseball team owners to trade for the following players who will ultimately perform when the season finally unfolds:

* Albert Pujols – .224 / 0 HR
* Alex Gordon – .213 / 3 HR
* Nelson Cruz – .247 / 2 HR
* Nick Markakis – .254 / 2 HR
* Matt Holliday – .205 / 4 HR
* Carlos Gonzalez – .246 / 2 HR
* Jimmy Rollins – .229 / 0 HR
* Hanley Ramirez – .234 / 4 HR

6. Perfect Games:

Games after Perfect Games by the last seven pitchers-

  • Roy Halladay – Won 3-2 / 7 innings – 2 earned runs
  • Dallas Braden – Lost 4-0 / 8 innnings – 4 earned runs
  • Mark Buerhle – Lost 5-3 / 6.1 innings – 5 earned runs
  • Randy Johnson – Won 4-3 / 7 innings – 2 earned runs
  • David Cone – No Decision / 4 innings – 6 runs
  • David Wells – Win 12-3 / 7 innings – 3 earned runs
  • Kenny Rogers – Loss 6-2 / 5.1 innings – 5 runs

7. Amazing Stat:

In a two-month span in 1931, Babe Herman hit for the cycle twice (May 18 & July 24)

8. Old School:

Dallas Smith is third in Bruins PLUS / MINUS –> PLUS 366

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Boston athletes should watch videos of the following old school players to improve their game:

* Milan Lucic should watch Phil Esposito in the slot getting his stock on rebounds and his amazing release
* Rajon Rondo should watch Sherman Douglas runners in the paint
* Kevin Garnett (too late) Kevin McHale drop steps
* Tiquan Underwood watch Kid and Play dance:

* Bobby Valentine should watch post-game press conferences of Bill Parcells, Don Cherry and Pat Burns
* David Krejci should watch Rick Middleton / Adam Oates tape

10. Randomocity:

* If the Dodgers come down to the last game and the game doesn’t matter, would Ethier strike out in RBI situations if it meant the Triple Crown for Matt Kemp?
* Terry Francona’s daughter was appointed to the Naval Academy
* How about the month Chris Kreider is having – wins National championship with Boston College and then scores playoff goal for the NY Rangers
* Josh Reddick is only hittng .244 with Oakland
* Jason Bay, Fred Lynn, Jody Reed and Bruce Hurst shouldn’t have left Boston
* Where was Jody Reed at the 100th?

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5 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Bobby V Carrying City on Back, Patriots Don’t Trade Down”

  1. “Coach” Gene D should be ashamed. For all the whining and moaning they do about no love at BC, they had the BEST LB in the nation for 3 years and did nothing to promote him.

    Herzlich is and was a wnoderful story, but this kid has been nothing short of amazing since the day he showed up and they never once tried to hype him.

    REPLY – MPC – “Coach” D saw value in Herzlich in a marketing way – the other guy was just a great football player

    Posted by Curly | April 27, 2012, 7:29 am
  2. Any truth to the rumor that “Coach” Gene D heard there was a camera crew at the Kuchely house and dispatched a jet to attempt to get there in time to get on camera? The guy is a disingenuous self promoter and doesn’t have a sincere bone in his body.

    REPLY – MPC – Someone would have to point out who Kuchely is to the “coach” who never coached

    Posted by Pumpkin | April 27, 2012, 8:43 am
  3. Beautiful – including Kid n’ Play in the Top Ten is genius.

    I am so bummed the Bruins lost, but I would rather them allow the play to end the game the other night then dissallow a goal because of an inconsequential toe in the crease.

    Got a call from a guy from Charlotte this morning asking me about Keuchly – said he never heard of him. Such a shame – I filled him in. Now he’s psyched. Huge loss for BC.

    The interception by Keuchly against Miami is all they need to know about his will. I agree no call was the right call on Goalie interference

    Posted by David H | April 27, 2012, 9:54 am
  4. *He was great in 2010-11 but now is the time to trade Tim Thomas. He was outplayed by Brandon Holby. Thomas has 1-year left on his contract, but Rask is now a restricted free agent & is due for a bump. Thomas may not bring back as much as people think, but his departure would bring $5M in cap space. Call Chicago. They’re built to win now, but Crawford was a disaster in the playoffs. San Jose might be another potential landing spot.

    * I agree that Krejci was bad, but he was bad in the 1st round last year & ended up being the leading playoff scorer. Obviously, it cost them this year, but I wouldn’t trade him yet.

    * They survived it last year, but the lack of the powerplay was fatal this year. It probably had something to do with the faceoff, but late in the 1st period, Julien’s opening line for a PP was Pouliot-Rolston-Seguin. Having said that, the PP in the final 2-minutes of the 3rd period was beyond pathetic.
    * It will be interesting to see how they handle Dougie Hamilton. Potentially, he is exactly what they have been missing. He’s a fast skating, puck moving defenseman. He’s big, too – 6′-4″. However, he still doesn’t turn 19 until this June & tall defensemen usually take longer to develop.

    Posted by Bob T. | April 27, 2012, 6:03 pm
  5. Re: College football playoffs. Eight teams = seven games, four quarters, two semis, one final.
    First six = Rose, Cotton, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange, and pick one more for first six. Rotate the quarters and semis so everyone gets a piece of the action.
    Create one more bowl for the final, create huge bidding war. Or rotate the existing big five and let the them each have a turn hosting the final, maybe even better.
    Everyone wins. More money than everyone has ever made. Existing major bowls included. Real champion crowned. Who cares if No. 9 excluded, sorry.
    The fact that this has not happened yet is a testimony to the wrong palms being greased.
    By the way, I thought this solution up about five years ago in five minutes. And every other college football level has larger football playoffs that conclude in December. This is ridiculous.

    Posted by vermontk | April 27, 2012, 9:01 pm

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