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Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Streak, Celtics Close, Weather Great

Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

1. Celtics:

* Never seen the Celtics block so many shots
* Avery Bradley is the best Celtic shot blocker from the guard position since Dennis Johnson, who used to get it from behind
* When is the NBA going to force cameramen off the baseline? – players are rolling the ankles and in danger
* Should Dick Stockton be calling Chris Webber – C Webb?
* Mike Fratello hates the Celtics – get him off their games
* Trade Rondo quickly after the season

2. Red Sox:

* In early May – Will “Crampy” Middlebrooks has 13 home runs and 40 RBI’s between Pawtucket and Boston
* Josh Reddick is a on a pace for 38 HR / 91 RBI / .291 AVG with the Oakland A’s
* Josh Beckett sitting in the dugout, at best eating seeds and at worst drinking beer, does not consider this one of his 18 days off this season (he should go work in a coal mine for a day and see how tough he is)
* Orlando Hudson of the Padres has more triples than the Sox (5 – 4)
* Pawtucket is in first place / Portland in last place
* Right now, your staff order of effectivness is Dubront, Bard, Lester, Beckett, the Necklace wearer
* What’s the odds someone had to explain the purpose of the pink gear to Bobby V?

3. Tours Players stuff:

* PGA event not the same without Tiger or Phil
* Nice run by Davey Jones (oh, that was Fowler) – he rimmed out a putt on 18 for a 32 on back nine
* The 17th island hole was relatively tame with a 3.049 average (0 eagles / 84 birdies / 268 pars / 48 bogeys / 21 doubles)
* The longest drive of the day was 359 yards by Carl Petterson

4. Kemp/Hamilton:

Matt Kemp and Josh Hamilton could both win triple crown this year – how do their stats project for the season?

  • Kemp: 59 HRs, 133 RBI, .365 AVG
  • Hamilton: 86 HRs, 195 RBI, .402 AVG

5. Capitals:

Of the fourteen playoff game the Washington Capitals played in, 13 were decided by a one-goal differential.

6. Red Sox Prospects:

Cool site for Red Sox fans –

There top ten prospects right now:

1. Will “Crampy” Middlebrooks (3B) – Pawtucket / Red Sox
2. Xander Bogaerts (SS) – Salem
3. Anthony Ranaudo (P) – Salem
4. Matt Barnes (P) – Salem
5. Jose Iglesias (SS) – Pawtucket
6. Ryan Lavarnway (C) – Pawtucket
7. Ryan Kalish (OF) – Pawtucket
8. Jackie Bradley (OF) – Salem
9. Bryce Brentz (OF) – Portland
10. Brandon Jacobs (OF) – Portland

7. Amazing Stats:

Lebron won his third MVP. Of those who have won at least three, how many championships do they have?

Player MVPs Titles
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 6 6
Bill Russell 5 11
Michael Jordan 5 6
Magic Johnson 3 5
Larry Bird 3 3
Moses Malone 3 1
LeBron James 3 0

8. Old School:

As pointed out by reader Ben C. – the value of Paul Pierce is his ability to get to the line. With that said, of the top five Celtic scorers of all time, how many of their points were from the free throw line?

  • John Havlicek: 26,395 points, 5,369 from the line = 20.3%
  • Paul Pierce: 22,591 points, 6,101 from the line = 27.0%
  • Larry Bird: 21,791 points, 3,960 from the line = 18.1%
  • Robert Parish: 18,245 points, 3,279 from the line = 17.9%
  • Kevin McHale: 17,335 points, 3,634 from the line = 20.9%

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

In honor of Mother’s Day – how about some sports mothers:

* Lebron’s mother maybe dates teammate of LeBron Delonte “Wet Willie” West
* Steve McNair’s mother arrested for DUI with his kids going to his Monday night game
* Michael Phelps mother gets more air time than the swimmer
* Ray Allen’s mother in her diamond stud Ray shirt

10. Randomocity:

* The most compelling last day in league sports history as Manchester City scored TWO goals in extra time to win the title for the first time since 1968
* As reader Jerry M. pointed out – UMass Lacrosse was #1 in the country but got a 6th seed in the tournament and then was upset by Colgate – if you want to be a national powerhouse, then you need to challenge yourself during the regular season
* Tough off-season for Arkansas Football, who was a top 5 preseason rated team: Coach goes Evil Knevil with mistress on back / starting wide receiver and tight end arrested for stealing from dorms
* Reader Jerry M. went to Pawtucket Saturday night to escape crazy, drawn-out Major Leagues and got caught watching Dice K in a 3:30 game
* There is zero chance Ochocinco is back in Foxboro…
* Jeremy Lin ready yet?
* I say this once a month, I know, but Adam Sandler is the most overrated comedian in movies of all time
* It seems like months since the Bruins played
* After watching that elbow by World Peace – that should have been a 25-game suspension

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5 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Streak, Celtics Close, Weather Great”

  1. “Avery Bradley is the best Celtic shot blocker from the guard position since Dennis Johnson, who used to get it from behind”

    you might want to re-phrase that last part pal.

    REPLY – MPC – I knew I could sneak that past a hockey guy

    Posted by Bob | May 14, 2012, 8:29 am
  2. I think all of your basketball credibility goes out the window from you continuously saying they should trade Rondo. Not one celtics player or knowledgeable fan would agree with you.The team revolves around him and is a Top 3 point gaurd in the league. Makes no sense on any level

    Posted by Wally | May 14, 2012, 11:31 am
  3. Why are we trading Rondo?

    Posted by TimU | May 14, 2012, 11:56 am
  4. Another unusual Capitals’ stat: they ended up going 7-7 in their 14-playoff games. However, when they entered the 3rd period of game-7 vs the Rangers trailing 1-0, it was the only time in any of the 14-playoff games that the Caps were losing after 2-periods.

    Posted by Bob T. | May 14, 2012, 5:06 pm
  5. Who cares what Middlebrooks’ stats at Pawtucket were? Combined stats with no delineation between home runs/rbiat either place is meaningless.

    Posted by Mark Rosen | May 15, 2012, 2:25 pm

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