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If the Playoffs Started Today – MLB Week 7

Dodgers vs Orioles: Week 7's prediction for the World Series

May’s almost over, and interleague play’s first series is over and done. The Orioles are still contending for the AL crown. The Indians are starting to build some room in their division. The Dodgers continue to dominate the standings. There’s certainly plenty going on, so let’s look at what would happen if the playoffs started as of Thursday, May 24 at 1:00pm:

National League

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are the first team to make it to 30 wins. They’re still an impressive 19-4 at home, and have proven that they don’t need Matt Kemp to do well. So when he does come back, the Dodgers will be that much more scary.

#2 Washington Nationals vs #3 St. Louis Cardinals

Both teams have similar record, but the Cardinals have also won three straight. Both teams are barely clinging to division leads. The Nationals are good at home, but have had a so-so road season so far. The Cardinals now know they may very well be without Lance Berkman for the season, if not multiple months, but they have room to prepare. All in all, momentum favors the reigning champions.

#W1 Atlanta Braves vs #W2 Cincinnati Reds

The Braves have lost three in a row and the Reds have won five in a row, and both teams are still contending for their divisions. But those three Atlanta losses? They’re all to Cincinnati. The edge here clearly goes to the Reds.

American League

#1 Baltimore Orioles

Despite dropping two of three to the lowly Red Sox (now finally back at .500), the Orioles are still hanging in there nearly two months into the season. They’re only 13-11 at home, but a muscular 15-6 on the road. Even hosting the Orioles, teams won’t be safe.

#2 Texas Rangers vs #3 Cleveland Indians

Texas is running into issues lately, while Cleveland is getting better. They’re even on the verge of sweeping divisional rival Detroit. With Josh Hamilton, the Rangers always have a chance, but with things going the way they are, this will be the upset if there is one.

#W1 Tampa Bay Rays vs #W2 Toronto Blue Jays

The Rays have taken the past two of three against Toronto to stay in the hunt with Baltimore. In a series that could have seen Toronto surpass Tampa in the standings, the Rays came through and still have a solid team with which to make a run.

What Might Change Next Week:

  • St. Louis is busy with Philadelphia and Atlanta, so Cincinnati has an excellent chance to take over the division.
  • Any trouble against Toronto and Baltimore will find themselves behind Texas (and likely Tampa [which owns the tiebreaker over Texas] as well).

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